Organizing your fridge can seem daunting; however, with these easy fridge organization ideas, you’ll be able to maximize space and inventory to save money! 

I just moved into a new apartment! Right now I’m (slowly) unpacking all my things and putting them away; however, one thing that makes this moving process much easier is that I am organizing everything - my fridge included! In my tiny one-bedroom apartment, I want to make sure that I can maximize all the space, even in my fridge so that I can save money, be organized, and know exactly what I have. I know what you’re thinking - this is going to be so tedious, messy, and difficult, but it really isn’t! Organizing your fridge allows you to really know what you have/don’t have, and you can also give your fridge the thorough clean that it might need. Once you’ve decided that you want to organize your fridge, here are some simple and easy fridge organization ideas to get you started!

Fridge Organization using Fridge Place Mats with Different Styles and Patterns

Via A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

After quickly wiping the fridge down (or giving it a deep clean, whichever it needs), organize your fridge by purchasing placemats or fridge shelf liners to line the refrigerator shelves. You can find placemats at any general superstore or even some major grocery stores. Lining your fridge with placemats is super fun and a cool way to be creative. Also, it’s an easy way to keep your fridge clean. If something spills onto the placemat, you can easily just take the mat out and wipe it off instead of getting on your hands and knees and reaching deep inside your fridge to clean the mess up. So not only are you decorating your fridge with placemats, you’re using them for a practical purpose, too! Though lining your fridge doesn’t help maximize inventory, it does help your fridge look and stay clean.

Before you purchase any placemats, make sure you know if you’re going to line every shelf or just a few. Once you’ve decided, the fun part begins! You can buy a bunch of inexpensive placemats that are all the same style or you can mix it up as seen in the picture above. All you have to do is measure the fridge and placemats accordingly, place them where you want them to go, and that’s it! Your fridge has been lined!

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Fridge Organization using Organized Fridge Drawers for Both Fruit and Vegetables

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Next, fill the vegetable and fruit drawers so that these items are organized and safely stowed away. In some fridges, there are two drawers: one designed for low humidity and one designed for high humidity. Put your fruits in the low humidity drawer, and put your vegetables in the high humidity drawer. Fruits prefer low humidity because they tend to rot quicker. By placing them in the low humidity drawer, they shouldn’t rot as fast. Vegetables (especially ones that wilt) prefer high humidity because they are more sensitive to moisture loss (hence the wilting).

Now, if your fridge doesn’t have the high humidity and low humidity options, you can place labels on the drawers so that you know which items will go into which drawer (note the last fridge organization idea below!). Also, make sure that when you’re putting your items in the drawers that you put your heavier items, such as lemons and apples, on the bottom, and put lighter items, such as ripe avocados, on top. You don’t want your heavy foods to crush your soft foods! By placing your fruits and vegetables in the correct drawers, you can maximize space and inventory and even save money by making them last longer.

After stowing your fruits and vegetables away, you can now start to conquer the main sections of the fridge - the shelves! I’d recommend purchasing fridge containers of different sizes and shapes and similar refrigerator storage accessories. There are some fridge organizers that are pre-made for certain uses, such as the fridge soda can organizer seen above or a container for eggs. From here, you can organize your items based on your preferences!

For example, note the picture on the right. This bin contains various foods that are meant for healthy snacking! They’re all positioned in such a way that you know exactly what items you have, and the best part is that though it's an eclectic mix of foods, they're all healthy snacks. However, if you prefer to have foods that are classified in the same category (i.e. dairy items, such as yogurt, cream cheese, sour cream, etc.) organized together in one bin, that’s perfectly okay, too! Organize your fridge bins exactly how you’d like so that you can maximize fridge storage, inventory, and know exactly where your food is!

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In the main body of the fridge, make sure you put items, such as milk, so that they stay cool and fresh longer. While organizing your refrigerator containers and bins, place foods that are going to expire sooner closer to the front of the fridge so that you use them first. This will help you eliminate food waste and save money!

The key point is this - to maximize both space and inventory, come up with an idea of how you want your foods to be organized and buy the needed amount of bins and storage to execute your plan. You’ll drastically cut down on having food scattered randomly all throughout your fridge by designating a place for all your items.

Fridge Organization with Fridge Labels for Different Fridge Shelves

Via BuzzFeed

Once you’ve placed all your food items where you want them to go, the last thing to do to organize your fridge is to label. Labeling is an easy way to just keep track of everything and keep your food exactly where you want it. I’ve chosen a picture of the fridge door because (at least in my fridge) this is usually where all the miscellaneous and random items go. I usually put my salsas, jams/jellies, pickled foods, and other items that I usually just buy one of in the bottom shelf. If you’re like me, placing a simple label that says “misc.” on this shelf will help prevent you from just sticking a can of olives somewhere randomly in the fridge. Instead, it has a home in the miscellaneous section! Also, go ahead and label your fruit and vegetable drawers, all your bins, and the fridge shelves. By having fridge labels all over your fridge, you will know where everything is meant to go and will better maximize both space and inventory.

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Now that you have some ideas on how to organize your refrigerator, see which ones work best for you. Whether you’ve recently moved (like me!) or have decided it’s time to do a deep clean, organizing your fridge is all about maximizing space and saving money in the long run! So be creative with it, and have fun with these simple fridge organization techniques! Make sure that you share this post with your friends and comment to let me know how you organized your fridge (or plan to)!

**Featured image via Spoon University