Straight off the runway, this fashion favorite is making its way into interiors. These fringe decor schemes will help you dress up any living space.

It never fails! There’s always an innovative and creative way for the best fashion trends to make their way into interior spaces. Just the other day, I was browsing through some decorative resources because I recently moved and need a little inspiration for my home. As I was scrolling through some classic interior trends, I came across this jaw-dropping accent chair. Now, you’re probably wondering what was so eye-catching about this chair. Well, not only was it a sultry shade of black, but the back was covered in lavish fringe fabric! That’s right - fringe decor! Imagine those ultra-chic fashion pieces you see from time to time (sometimes in red, black, or blue). Not the kind you can wear every day, but that statement piece that totally transforms an outfit. Now, imagine having something like that in your home… I know, I know - absolutely brilliant! You’re in luck because I’m about to give you four fashionable examples of how YOU can rock this stylish trend in your home!

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I will be including fringe’s more conservative cousin tassel. The only difference is how these stylish strands are manufactured. Fringe fabric includes finely cut strands of fabric, while tassel entails uniform, almost braid-like bundles of thread. They’re almost identical in appearance, but distinct when it comes to the finer details.

1. Falling for Fringe? Have a Seat!

Let’s get this show on the road! This first example of fringe decor takes advantage of the larger furniture pieces that you can find in any and all interiors, unless you’re really intent on standing. Although it is quite an investment, you won’t regret furnishing your home with this trendy find.

Depending on the fabric and your personal style, each of these comfy seats is sure to enhance the overall design of a room. The off-white sofa above has thick tassel trim with a more vintage, almost bohemian, vibe that will suit any casual interior. The velvety, amber ottoman, on the other hand, is finished with a matching tassel trim, and adds a luxurious feel to this modern bathroom.

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2. Strands of Light

Fringe Decor Pink and Gold Chandelier White Ceiling Medallion

Via sfgirlbybay

If purchasing a large piece, like a sofa or accent chair isn’t within your budget or just doesn’t quite suit your style, then no worries. Fringe decor is available in many different forms that you can use to accent your home. You can always transform the ambiance of any room with a fringe trim or tassel trim lighting fixture. This luxurious fringe decor chandelier combines layers of fringe in a frayed, blush pink pattern for a tasteful look.

Tip: It’s perfectly suitable to downsize to a less permanent piece than this hanging light fixture. Embrace your creative freedom by choosing something a little more flexible, like a table lamp, fringe curtains, or a standing floor lamp.

3. Fringe with Benefits

Fringe Decor Rose Gold Metal Chain Wall Mirror Green Accent Chair

Via Urban Outfitters

If your style is a little more on the contemporary side, there are options for that too! For example, this rose gold fringe chain mirror. It has a sleek, yet bold, design that will draw attention to any living space without overwhelming the room. In my opinion, every home needs at least one statement mirror. Not only does it offer function, but it exudes your personal style in a tasteful and subtle manner. The beauty of using this sort of reflective fringe decor element is that it can be placed in nearly any area. It can go in your hallway, walk-in closet, or maybe even your office area.

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4. Lush and Leather

Fringe Decor Brown Leather Throw Pillows and Cushions in Living Room

Via N&L De Lima

For a more rustic take on this fashion favorite, you can take advantage of another fringe decor accessory piece. Throw pillows are another really convenient way to dress up your interior. Decorative pillows can be tossed on your bed, couch or loveseat, or even placed on an outdoor bench. This southern staple can be found in an array of fabulous colors.

Tip: If leather isn’t your style or you already have a leather couch and want to branch out, look for cushions with fringe edging but made with softer fabrics - like velvet and cotton. They have a more delicate appearance, which could help balance out an already rustic design scheme.

Whether you’re the type to brave making bold statements or you’d rather take a subtle stance with your interior decor, there’s a whole lot of fringe decor to go around. This is a style that can be enjoyed at any time of year! I’d love to know how you enjoy incorporating some of your favorite fringe pieces. Please share this post with your friends and comment with any beloved fringe finds!

**Featured image via Carla Moss Interiors