Everyone should experiment with wallpaper at least once! From modest graphics to dramatic stripes and colors, there are wallpaper designs out there for everyone. 

Anytime I think of wallpaper, I remember my grandmother’s bathroom. It was that old school, floral print that was pretty popular back in the day. Long gone are the days of drab walls. The past is the past. Wallpaper designs are not what they used to be and I’ve seen quite a few jaw-dropping examples lately. They are perfectly executed with complementary furnishings and decor.

It doesn’t matter if your interior is large or small; just make sure you choose a pattern that is scaled to your space. You don’t want anything too overwhelming. I’ve noticed that areas with minimal decor can pull off dramatic prints really well. Don’t be afraid to play with bright colors either. Mix it up with vibrant colors and neutrals for a nice balance.

Going Global

A large map print aims to please with added vibrant color and visual interest that’s truly perfect for any interior. This powder room features a statement gold mirror and minimal white sink that provide a little shine without clashing with the topographical map wallpaper. The cool thing about wallpaper is that you don’t have to stop there—hanging a large mirror like this one breaks up the space, makes the room appear larger, and doesn’t look too busy!

Aside from going green, I’m loving this take on the traditional map and how this dining room is styled. The violet table and wooden chairs in this absolutely gorgeous siting area are a perfect match with the light purple wallpaper hue. While the map is a focal point, the purple table really pops and is the perfect accent! All in all, there is a natural feel present here and it seems so effortless while looking SO chic!

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Let Your Stripes Show

If mapping it out isn’t your game, striping the walls might be! This Scandinavian bedroom has a relaxed theme that resides on the corner where minimal and rustic meet. The white and ecru striped wallpaper is extremely light and airy so there are a lot of potential directions to go when it comes to decorating. If this were my room, I would add accent pillows and a canvas or piece of artwork above the bed to give the space some added flair!

A more dramatic variation of the basic stripe style, this bright pink wallpaper is definitely more on the vibrant side. Although in the past I’ve been a lover of more muted tones, I’m starting to really love what bright color does to an interior—especially on the walls! It’s a great trick for those who don’t like to spend much time or money on home decor. Throwing some fun wallpaper up can go a long way!

Wallpaper is back & better than ever! No more paint swatches—this is where it’s at!

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Geometry is Just Plain Fun

Geometry was never my forte in school, but when it comes to interior design it’s a whole different ballgame! Take this dining area for instance. A black and white geometric pattern really grabs your attention. There’s nothing more chic than pairing B&W and in this case it has taken the cake as the focal point! Instead of playing with bold colors, the polished wood floor and golden picture frames provide an elegant contrast that piques interest. So many styles have merged together here and that could have all gone to an entirely different place sans wallpaper!

First impressions are everything” is what this entryway says to me. This home makes a pretty good one, too! Vibrant colors and basic shapes form this geometric masterpiece. It’s a basic concept with a stunning visual impact. The even cooler thing about wallpapering an entry is that if your home works like this one, where the stairs are at the front door, the stairwell is simultaneously transformed, as well.

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Carrying on the Tradition

Tradition has a way of evolving over time, while sticking to its roots. As you can see, the traditional damask wallpaper pattern has been upgraded big time. It still has a classic look, but the use of more lively color combos is something totally different. This hallway features a teal wallpaper pattern that is classic chic. It might seem a little risky, but subtle pops of color here and there are the key to decorating.

Wallpaper Designs Entry Hall with Turquoise Teal Blue Damask Pattern Wallpaper and Black End Table

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On a softer note, the coral/pink version may seem less bold because of the less dense pattern. The impact factor is still there, but the lighter, wider design provides balance and prevents it from looking like a coral blob is taking over the bathroom. It’s less eccentric and more feminine. There really is a wallpaper pattern for everyone out there.

In Full Bloom

Floral wallpaper tends to look the most traditional, even though there are quite a few modern alternatives. These 2 prints are very different; one is more classic and the other is more of a contemporary wallpaper, but both make use of the contrast between white and darker tones. They appear light and airy, and the deep colors are quite visually striking.

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Spot On

These rooms are right on the money with their polka dot wallpaper designs. From simply stylish to bold and colorful, this classic pattern is a fashion favorite. The yellow pattern is modest and easy to work with. It provides a bit of color, but doesn’t overwhelm or take away from the gorgeous purple couch!

This one has to be one of my favorites. Seriously, what a perfect accent for a small wall—like in a bathroom! Navy and gold is always a great match and each metallic dot dresses up the dark hue. Swoon!!

The Finishing Touch

Add depth and dimension to your walls with textured or embossed wallpaper. It comes in so many colors and styles. This is a great alternative if your walls can’t handle the extra clutter of wall art and other decorative pieces. This gorgeous entryway is all about glitz and glamour with its gold mirror and shiny gray wallpaper. There are even textured wallpapers that can be painted to suit your color preferences, so your interior will have a more custom feel.

When it comes to wallpaper, there are a lot of options and new designs are being created every day. Stay on the lookout for new trend-setting patterns.

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