At first glance, they might appear on the heavier side of the textile spectrum, but subtle fur accents can add an airy, whimsical feel to your home. 

It comes in many forms, but furs and animal hides are definitely a favorite at the moment. I’ve been crushing on this fuzzy accent for a little while now. It’s soft and has a natural edge that brings a little bit of the wild indoors. You won’t find any other textile that looks and feels this luxurious, yet still feels relaxed. It’s comfy and gentle to the touch, perfect for cool or hot days.

There are two types of fur that are hot this year. They differ in appearance, but both have a cozy vibe. Faux and dyed versions are available for each, so they can fit any style, budget, or personal preference.

1. Cowhide - cow skin with intact fur (short and soft)

2. Sheepskin or Mongolian Fur - lamb hide or lamb fur (long and fluffy)

Fur Accents in Entryway with Animal Hide Cowhide Accent Bench Trunk

Via automatism

To get your toes wet, the hall or entry is a great place to incorporate this furry element. This involves the least commitment because other than walking through this area not much time is spent here. The cowhide trunk is part of an eclectic look and adds graphic interest to this western entryway!

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Fur Accents in Entryway Bench with Sheepskin Animal Hide Mongolian Throw

Via House of Hawkes

A shaggy, Mongolian throw atop a bench delivers additional comfort and that touch of drama that really finishes off this otherwise bare space. The stark contrast between the dark fur and the light walls is simply stunning! 

Fur Accents Living Room Sofa Couch with Faux Fur Animal Hide Accent Fur Throw Pillows

Via apartment therapy

When looking for ways to include furs, the living room offers a lot of choices. Both cowhide and sheepskin or Mongolian fur can be fashioned into different accessory pieces that will suit your interior needs. Luxurious cushions can act as striking accessories to energize your seating area. They can be paired with accent pillows in bold colors or patterns, or more basic throws for a subtler statement. It’s effortlessly chic.

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Fur Accents Living Room Sofa Couch with Cowhide Animal Hide Accent Fur Throw Pillows and Rug

Via decor pad

These fur pillows play well off of the black and white artwork, and the hide rug helps create a wonderful eye-catching line of black and white all the way from the ceiling to the floor. Wonderful placement!

Fur Accents Living Room with White Faux Animal Hide Accent Fur Ottomans

Via South Shore Decorating Blog

Another artful choice is to integrate these textiles into small furniture pieces, like foot stools or ottomans. They create an exciting visual, while still making use of form and function. These fluffy white ottomans are so cute and stylish. Plus, they add an air of whimsy too!

Fur Accents Living Room with Cowhide Animal Hide Round Ottoman

Via Dominique Decoratrice

This cowhide ottoman is totally awesome. The round ottoman reads wonderfully against the rectangular structure of the couch and pillows. The neutral shades of the hide also bring focus to the room.

Fur Accents Living Room with Pink Dyed Sheepskin Animal Hide Rug

Via Yasmin Chopin Interior Design

Animal hides and furs can be dyed. Natural animal prints are the most common, but bold colors are definitely available too. Don’t be afraid to step out of the box and brighten your living room with color, like with these bright pink fur rugs!

Fur Accents Living Room with Orange Dyed Cowhide Animal Hide Accent Fur Rug

Via Honey Badger Home

This vibrant orange rug totally adds character to this living room! I love how it pairs with the bright yellow chairs, the green pillows, and the red art on the wall! For a mostly neutral layout, like this one and the layout above, these types of rugs will make all the difference.

Fur Accents Dining Room Table with Dining Chair Animal Hide Throw

Via Apartment 34

Fur accents at the table are here to stay! A dark gray sheepskin throw will complement monochromatic elements. Plus, the shagginess of the fur really adds a bit of fun to the sleek decor!

Fur Accents Dining Room Table with White Sheepskin Animal Hide Bench Seating

Via decorpad

Paired with rich sapphire blue chairs, this shaggy piece looks lightweight and airy. I know where I would sit if I was having dinner here!

Fur Accents Dining Room with Cowhide Animal Hide Dining Chairs

Via House Crush 

These cowhide upholstered chairs make a fabulous duo, and add visual diversity to this sitting area. Dress up the table with florals for a little extra natural beauty, or mix and match with fun colored seating to really make the room pop. It’s a sure way to create a lively table setting.

Fur Accents Cafe Dining Table with Cowhide Animal Hide Rug

Via Avenue

This cowhide rug gives the same sort of vibe as the chairs above do, but instead of sitting on the cowhide, you can scrunch your toes into a furry rug as you eat or have pleasant dinner conversations with family and friends!

There’s no better place for a fur than the bedroom. A classic throw across the bed gives off a fashion forward attitude and provides instant warmth. The golden fur adds color variety to this mostly unembellished bedroom, while the cowhide plays up the sleek, modern motif.

Fur Accents Bedroom with Animal Hide Zebra Rug

Via decorpad

Sometimes the bedroom already has a lot of character on its own. The zebra print fur rug gives this Hollywood glam room an edgy side, while the gray cushions soften this artistic abode.

Fur Accents Bedroom with Animal Hide Throw Pillows on Bed

Via Table Tonic

These furry pillows are sure to help you have warm and fuzzy dreams all night long! They look so great on this orange bedspread. The artwork on the wall just adds to the eclectic decor, and boy is it awesome!

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I hope you enjoyed this post and now have some ideas for how you can incorporate fur accents into your home. If you have used or plan to use fur accents, share, comment, and let us know!

**Featured image via Shop Room Ideas