Want to know what our favorite tweets were this past month? You’re in luck. Check out our top 5 tweets from those we follow on Twitter! 

Hello readers! We have another awesome new thing that we’re doing here at FurnishMyWay! We started out showing you what Pinterest pins you liked the most every month, and that has been fun! We loved it so much, we’re doing something a little similar, yet also a little different. Not only are we going to give you our most popular pins, but we’re going to show off our favorite tweets! Not tweets of ours, but our favorite tweets from some of the awesome people we follow on the good ol’ Twitter-sphere! So, why don’t we check out what tweets are our favorites, shall we?

Perfect is right! This gorgeous magenta has me swooning. This would be the perfect color for an accent wall, accent furniture, or any statement piece in general. It’ll pair well with black, white, gray, taupe, and even bright colors like lime and teal! This color would definitely be a great place to start to bring some bright, fun colors to your interior design!

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On the other end of the spectrum, this pastel bedroom is total #goals! The soft dusty pink and chalk gray of this color scheme is perfect for catching some much needed ZZZs. That tapestry on the wall is also completely gorgeous. Honestly I just love this bedroom, and even though it’s not my typical color scheme, I could so see myself using this one day!

What could be cuter than a little kid? An adorable little kid surrounded by a huge, blooming hydrangea bush! Those blooms are as big as her head, and she looks just as cute as she can be. She really looks like a little Disney princess to me, just missing her animal sidekick! Gardening is something we can share with family, and Hayley is definitely doing that!

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I love when people use cutouts or shadows to create great pictures just like this one. Using the shadows from this chair to create a woman’s hair is awesome. It’s fun, clever, and just looks so cool! And the name “ Acapulco Chair Hair” is so great, and rolls off the tongue so well!

The final tweet is a picture of part of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Wow, I can’t believe how gorgeous it is! Sometimes you lose detail when you make a photo black and white, and sometimes you can see so much more. The latter is definitely present in this case as every gorgeous element of the exterior shines in black and white. It’s completely breathtaking!

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That’s it for today! Our top 5 favorite tweets of the month made by those we follow on Twitter. What do you think of them? Is this something you want to see more of? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends! Ta for now!