Want to know what our favorite tweets were this past month? You’re in luck. Check out our top 5 tweets from those we follow on Twitter!

Hello readers! We have another awesome new thing that we’re doing here at FurnishMyWay! We started out showing you what Pinterest pins you liked the most every month, and that has been fun! We loved it so much, we’re doing something a little similar, yet also a little different. Not only are we going to give you our most popular pins, but we’re going to show off our favorite tweets! Not tweets of ours, but our favorite tweets from some of the awesome people we follow on the good ol’ Twitter-sphere! So, why don’t we check out what tweets are our favorites, shall we?

This is simply gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree? The contrast within this photo, aptly named Black Gold is so amazing. From the deep color of her skin to the bright metallic gold makeup and accent jewelry, everything is stunning, perfect, and breathtaking. I really want to know what makeup (or is this just awesome Photoshop work?) they used to achieve that fantastic metallic shade. It’s just the perfect metallic gold lip color!

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We at FurnishMyWay do have a thing for great architecture, and this picture of the Chapter House at York is something we love! Not only are the stained glass windows mesmerizing with how they meet the ceiling to create this beautiful design, but the artistic capture of the photograph itself is absolutely stunning. Such a well thought out shot! It’s so brilliant that I just can't stop staring at it. Like I said, we love that sort of thing here!

There’s something about seeing a photograph like this that makes me believe in otherworlds and magic. How can you not? These canoers look like they are paddling across a vast sky, over trees and ground, because of how crystal clear the water is in this Italian lake. It really doesn’t look like they are on a lake at all! I so want to see this in person. It’s truly magical!

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This living room is styled to perfection. From the color palette with its soft creams, blushes, and tans to the golden accents within the furniture and chandelier, this home decor is chic, stylish, and so awesome. It also has plenty of seating for hosting get-togethers and having friends come over to visit! Plus, what better angle than this bird’s eye view to capture everything that is beautiful about this living room space?

Pictures like this mean the world to us. They can show us that no matter what your circumstances are and no matter how bad things might be, there is always something you can do to make things better. This dad is doing that for his kids. Look at how happy they are, playing in this tub in the middle of all the rubble. They’ll remember this day because their dad did everything he could to give them a little bit of carefree happiness in the middle of everything else. Truly inspirational and beautiful in a completely different way than we normally see.

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That’s it for today! Our top 5 favorite tweets of the month. What do you think? Is this something you want to see more of? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends! Ta for now!