We’ve reached 100 blog posts and we couldn’t be more thankful to all our followers - new and old. To say thanks, here are a few of our fave thank you ideas!

Guess what, friends? Seriously, guess! If you weren’t keeping up with the number of our blog posts, this post is our… drum roll please... 100th! 100 is a big number! Whenever I think of the number 100, I get a feeling of accomplishment because I think of “100s” on assignments or a percentage of completion. The fact that this is our 100th blog post definitely feels like a huge accomplishment for us! And, we just have to say that we would never have gotten to this point without you, our super-duper awesome readers!

So with you, our fabulous readers, in mind we found it entirely fitting to write an entire post on our favorite ways to say, “Thank You!” So here we go friends! We’re going on an adventure of thanks!

100 #blogposts in & we wanted to #thankyou for sticking w/ us all this #time! #appreciative

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Pun-ny Food Thank You

: Thank You Ideas Caramel Popcorn Thanks White Bowl

Via Etsy

Who doesn’t love saying thank you with puns and food? I think thank yous like this are super cute. This may just be my personal preference because I love cheesy puns and sweet treats but you have to admit, this ‘thank you’ is pretty fantastic, isn’t it? Plus an added perk is that it’s a very simple & quick DIY! Not a fan of popcorn? No worries! Why not use Chex Mix or Trail Mix instead? Here are some pun-ny ideas (because they just pop out of my brain naturally!) that you can use if you’re not a fan of popcorn.

  • For Trail Mix: “I trailed you just to say, Thank You!”
  • For Chex Mix: “Chex you out for being awesome! Thanks for being you!”

  • For Mixed Nuts: “I’d be nuts if I didn’t tell you, Thank You!”

Sweet Thank You

Thank You Ideas Sweet Thank You Cupcake


If you’re not the type of person who is a huge fan of puns, then why not keep it simple and just decorate a cupcake or another sweet treat in a special way. I love this cupcake and how it’s decorated. This would be the cutest way to say thank you to your guests at a spring dinner or summer barbeque. This is something that you can definitely get made at a bakery or you can try to decorate this cupcake yourself. Whether you dive into baking or hire someone, a delightful treat might be the perfect way to sweetly say thank you to someone you appreciate.

Gift Card Thank You

Thank You Ideas Latte Thanks Gift Card Starbucks Gift Card

Via giftmoo

I’m almost done with the pun-ny thank you ideas, friends! Promise! Who doesn’t love expensive coffee? (That’s totally a joke!) I’m a big Starbucks fan, but as a college student I don’t always like handing over the cash for an expensive cup of Joe. So whenever I get thank yous in the form of gift cards, I hugely appreciate it! I think this thank you is super adorable! “Thanks a latte for all you do.” That’s so cute! Whoever came up with this is a pun-ny genius! Let’s not forget super creative as well.

"Contained" Thank You

Thank You Ideas Thank You Cup Plastic Cups with Lids and Straws Iced Coffee Cup

Via Zensible Mama

There are some gifts in the world that people can always use! One of those gifts is water containers. Why? Well, in my short time on this planet, I’ve learned that there are useful items in life that can easily be lost, misplaced, and repurchased. One of those is definitely a water container. Water containers are awesome because they are good for the planet since they help cut down on the number of plastic bottles being thrown away.

Cinematographic Thank You

Thank You Ideas Camera Thanks Canon Camera


Here’s another unique idea that is definitely a fun way to say “Thank You.” If you love taking photos or recording videos, sometimes a sweet “Thank You” video or a “Thank You” photo card is a nice way to show someone you appreciate them. In a time and age that is so media based, this is an awesome way to voice your appreciation. If you don’t have an awesome DSLR camera, no worries, just use your iPhone or other smart phone.

There you go, friends! I hope you liked these thank you ideas! Just remember that regardless of how much a gift may show your appreciation, other forms of love and appreciation can be given as well. Whether it be acts of service or personal words of affirmation, there are tons of ways to say thank you!

Before closing this post, the FurnishMyWay blog team would like to personally thank you for being constant and active participants in our blog. We love that you are reading and enjoying our blog posts! Thank you for reading and going on daily blog-ventures with us. We appreciate you so much!

OK, you have officially read our 100th post! If you enjoyed this post, be sure to let us know in the comments below. Don’t hesitate to share this post either. Thanks for reading and for just being you! We can’t deny it, you’re pretty awesome!

**Featured image via Four Wet Feet