Is your game room looking a little bland? Never fear, I have the perfect game room decor ideas just for you!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the design-oriented one in the family. Now that I’m older, it seems like all my friends and family come to me with questions about how to decorate their room or what color to paint their kitchen. I love being the one people come to for design help. The first time I remember actually wanting to decorate a room (aside from my own bedroom that is) was when my cousins moved to their brand new house. Maybe it was the fact that everything was builder’s beige. Maybe it was because they purchased a pool table just for the new house. Maybe it was the fact that during that first year I think all we did was play pool as a family. Whatever it was, I became fully aware of the fact that we spent a lot of time in a game room that was empty except for the pool table.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I hate white walls. Well, when you spend time in a brand new house, everything becomes a white wall. I still remember how much of a blank canvas that room was. Light colored carpet, light walls, white molding, and white cabinets that created a window bench. For Christmas that year, I think every member of the family purchased some piece of decor for that game room. We all wanted the room to look nice! After all, it was the game room we all spent a lot of time in! However, to this day the only piece of decor that got hung was the light switch face plate that I immediately put on after it was unwrapped. It’s covered in pool balls! Younger me was far too excited about the face plate I picked out to wait.

All that being said, I love game room decor. Since then (and it’s been quite a while, mind you), I’m always on the lookout for great game room decorating ideas. While looking up something totally unrelated, I stumbled across some cool game room ideas. So, naturally, that means I’m going to share them with you! Get excited!

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The featured image is a piece of art that I think just about everyone has seen. Or has at least seen a version of. Personally, I love it. I’m pretty certain that artwork is leaning up against a wall in my cousins’ house… just waiting to be hung.

Game Room Decor Joystick Light Switch Face Plate Old School Gizmo Arcade Switch Plate Gamer Gaming Button Red Decoration

Via OhGizmo!

Honestly, I’ve never been very good at arcade games. Don’t know what my problem is, but they’re just not my thing. Doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the glory of this light switch! This is perfect gamer decor - whether you’re an admitted gamer or not! You don’t even have to have an arcade room to use this switch. I think it’d be perfect for decorating a game room of any kind.

No, this is not the light switch face plate I purchased for my cousins’ game room. Though, now I’m wishing it was! How cool is this?!

Like I mentioned in my baseball decor post, anything looks better when you put it in a glass jar! I just adore the idea of decorating with stuff you already have. Storing your pool balls in a glass jar is such a stylish way to show them off when they’re not in use. Alternatively, you can purchase wooden varieties to showcase 24/7 (as seen in the photo on the right). Either way you’ve got perfectly themed game room accessories!

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Every room needs storage… there’s no doubt about that! Why not make it AWESOME?! These two storage furniture pieces could not be more perfect for a game room (or a video game room). The Tetris bookshelf has so many awesome qualities: 1) it’s a DIY project and 2) each piece is separate. Yes, you read that correctly! Each Tetris piece is separate, which means you can customize the bookshelf to whatever shape you need. Now that’s pretty fantastic. Thankfully though, the Rubik’s Cube storage table does not have to be solved! I’ve never been very good at solving the Rubik’s cube, so I’d hate to have to do so in order to get to all my board games!

Game Room Decor Giant Playing Card Art Poker Bridge Three of Clubs Hearts Spades Diamonds Black Red Framed Decoration Martha Stewart Wall Art

 Via Martha Stewart

My grandma loves to play Bridge. Right now, I think she’s in three different Bridge groups and plays at least once a week - sometimes two or three times a week! I bring that up because I think she’d love this art idea. After all, every room needs some art… so why not make art from what you play with? These oversized playing card prints are perfect for a game room - especially if your family loves to play Poker, Bridge, or even Go Fish!

Game Room Decor Game Board Wall Yahtzee Red’s Porch Austin Texas Operation Decoration Chinese Checkers Risk Restaurant Diner

Via Jennifer Perkins

Who needs a game table when you can have a game wall?! I’ve already shared with you the glory that is framed board games, but this takes it to a whole new level! This wall is at a restaurant called Red's Porch located in Austin, TX, and let me tell you, I now really want to go there! They’ve taken old board games that are no longer in use and covered a wall in them. How cool! I love the idea of upcycling unused games into an accent wall. A wall like this would make any room into the ultimate game room. Nothing cooler!

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Game Room Decor Chinese Checkers Stool Bar Stool Game Board Pitcher Flower Vase End Table Side Table Decoration

Via Jennifer Perkins

Who needs a normal bar stool when you can have one that has a Chinese Checkers top?! In the photo it is being used as a side table, but you can still easily play the game whenever the time is right! Love that this game room furniture piece pulls double duty!

Game Room Decor Scrabble Tiles Oversized Large Wall Art Family Decoration Media Center TV

Via Her Late Night Cravings

If you’re a family that loves Scrabble, then this is just for you! Why limit your scrabble tiles to the little board game when you can super-size them? Spell out anything you’d like: family, game room, let’s play, etc.! The sky is the limit! Just don’t use your actual game tiles - you wouldn’t want to lose those forever!

What’s a #GameRoom without a little playing card inspired decor?

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Game Room Decor Controller Pillows Nintendo NES Throw Pillow Fleece Decoration Old School Gaming Video Games

Via Popped Culture

Last (but certainly not least) are these nifty old school Nintendo controller throw pillows. No, the buttons won’t work for any gaming system, but they sure do look awesome! These would be a great addition to your game room - especially if it’s more of a gaming room. Get it? Because of video games? No? Ok, I’ll quit while I’m behind.

Writing this makes me miss my family a little bit. Next time I’m home, I’m going to have to convince my cousins to play pool! Nevertheless, I hope you’ve enjoyed these quirky game room ideas! Please be sure to comment and share!

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