Still looking for more nerd garden design ideas? Nerdify your garden with these ideas inspired by books and comics! 

I’m back! It’s time for part 3 of my nerd garden series. If you missed the first two posts (shame on you!), go back and read part 1 and part 2. This time I’ll be focusing on books and comics. Now, some of you may argue that many of these could have been put in the last post about TV and movies or some of those ideas could’ve been in this post… But, the bottom line is you can never have enough nerd garden design ideas, right?

The featured image above is one of my favorite ways to bring some literary elements into your garden. Repurpose some old bricks by painting them to look like your favorite books. They can be used as door stops, garden decoration, or anything your heart desires!

Garden Design Ideas Book Bench Cat Literature Quote Painted Cat in the Hat Dr. Seuss

Via Artshaman

Every book lover needs a nice place to sit and read. What better place than a bench with book spines as its back? This particular bench is a custom design, but if you’re a relatively well-skilled DIY-er, you can make one yourself! To start, you can purchase a bench with wide enough slats to paint book spines on, or you can completely start from scratch and build your own bench. Regardless, once you have a bench, paint the slats to match your favorite books! You can also add your favorite quote to the seat like this bench. Once painted and properly sealed, your bench is ready to be given a home in your nerd garden! Plant it in a shady spot under a tree and you’ll have the perfect place to spend hours reading.

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Garden Design Ideas Book Planter Succulents DIY Old Books Pot Reuse Upcycle

Via Apartment Therapy

If you don’t want fake books, try using the real thing! DIY a book planter! These planters are made from real books. You can check out the full tutorial on Apartment Therapy, but basically all you need is a book you don’t intend on reading again, a utility knife, some plastic, a little dirt, and some tiny plants (succulents would work great!). Once you’ve gathered all your supplies, cut a hole in your book, line the hole with plastic, plop in your plants, and ta-da! An adorable book planter for your nerd garden!

It can be a bit scary to cut into a book (after all, if you’re a book lover, you’re destroying the very thing you love), but pick books that you’ll never use again. Or if you’re too afraid to cut up one of your own, head to a thrift store and pick up a couple of books there.

A little gardening advice: since these are made from real books, I would suggest not leaving them out in the rain. A covered spot on your patio would be a great home for these little fellas!

Garden Design Ideas Winnie the Pooh Hunny Pot Honey Hundred Acre Wood Paint Terracotta Pot Clay Pot DIY Cartoon Children Books Christopher Robin Winnie-the-Pooh


Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh? Whether it be Winnie the Pooh books or cartoons, he’s just such a lovable character! Pooh already lives in the woods, so why not bring him to your garden? You can DIY these Pooh and Hunny pot planters simply by painting a couple terracotta pots!

These planters, unlike the last ones I mentioned, can handle being left out in the rain. Once painted and sealed, your Pooh and Hunny gardening pots can go anywhere your heart desires - including the Hundred Acre Wood! Just be sure to plant something to attract bees. That way Pooh can have some honey!

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Garden Design Ideas Comic Book Planter Pot Terracotta Pot Clay Pot Saucer Marvel DC Avengers Mod Podge Collage DIY Cartoon Superhero Villain Hero

Via Plucking Daisies

Another fun way to spice up your standard terracotta pot is with decoupage! Spray paint a terracotta pot black, cut up some comic book or book pages, and with a lot of Mod Podge you can DIY a planter just like this one! Follow the full instructions here.

Garden Design Ideas Shield Captain America Cap Civil War Winter Soldier Trampoline Cover Vibranium Avengers Superhero Hero


If you have a trampoline, you should really take a look at this trampoline cover. Trampoline covers prolong the life of your trampoline by protecting them from weather and debris. What’s better at protecting than Captain America’s shield?! This one may not be made of Vibranium, but it’ll keep your trampoline safe!

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Garden Design Ideas Landscape Flag Flower Bed Backyard Front Yard Beds Old Glory Hero

Via Human Flower Project

Don’t have a trampoline, but still want Captain America’s shield in your garden? This image shows a flower bed being planted to resemble the American Flag (which Cap would approve of!), but you can plant your flowers in any arrangement you’d like! Arrange your flower bed to look like Cap’s shield, the Avenger’s A, Batman or Superman’s logos, a giant spider web for Spider-Man, an X for the X-Men, or even something not comic related, like red flowers in the shape of an A for the Scarlet Letter. You’re the gardener! Your landscape design is all up to you and the possibilities are endless. Just be aware that this would not be a low maintenance garden - you’ll probably have to keep a close watch on these plants to keep your intended design!

For a slightly different take on the idea, you can throw a bunch of plants haphazardly into your flower bed and put up a sign that reads “Hulk was here.” Leave large openings shaped like footprints in your garden layout and it’ll be even more believable!

Garden Design Ideas Gnome Gnomes Captain America Superman Batman Yard Art Marvel DC Comic Superhero Hero

Via ParodyGnomes

And last, but certainly not least, is the good ole garden gnome. Why have a normal garden gnome hang out in your yard when you can have a Super Gnome protect your yard? These garden gnomes are inspired by your favorite superheroes. But make no mistake, that’s not Captain America, Superman, and Batman; it’s Captain Gnomerica, Super Gnome, and Bat Gnome. They won’t be very pleased if you call them by the wrong names!

Do you love literature? How about gardening? Combine the 2 with these nerd garden ideas!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Saturday, August 6, 2016

Have I planted enough nerd garden seeds yet? Please tell me there are some other nerds who garden out there! I’d love to see how you incorporate your favorite books and comics into your landscape! Don’t forget to comment and share! If nothing else, take your books or comics outside and enjoy the sun!

**Featured image via HomeJelly