Need more nerd garden ideas? Nerdify your garden with these ideas inspired from TV and movies! 

I’m back and it’s time for part 2 of my nerd garden series. If you missed part 1, I’m Heather and I’m a self-proclaimed nerd. Last time was all about how to add the Mario family of video games to your garden decor. This time, I’m on a slightly different path. This post is all about bringing your favorite movies and TV shows to life in your garden.

Sign posts are used frequently in yard design. I’ve seen them used for weddings and holiday decorations, so why not nerd garden decorations?! The image above is from Etsy and the signs indicate locations from the Harry Potter series. However, you could DIY a similar yard sign and have it point to all your favorite nerd locations like Mordor, Gallifrey, Jabba’s Palace, District 12… Your possibilities are endless. All you need is a few pieces of scrap wood, paint, nails, and a little creativity!

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Garden Ideas Nerd Garden Quidditch Hoops Goals Harry Potter Backyard Games Hogwarts Yard Art DIY Seeker Chaser Beater Keeper

Via The Home Depot Blog

Like I said last time, I am a huge Harry Potter fan (ahem, Potterhead). So naturally, I have to have something Potter related in my nerd garden. What Potterhead wouldn’t want a set of Quidditch goals in their backyard? Not only can you actually play Quidditch with them, the hoops also double as yard art - win!

This do it yourself landscaping idea is pretty straight forward. The hoops pictured are permanently placed in the ground and made from copper pipe, a copper tee, bent PEX pipe, and a little spray paint. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more transportable, you can find a great step-by-step tutorial here. Don’t forget to make your Quaffle, Golden Snitch, and Bludgers! And your broom! You can’t properly play Quidditch without a broom!

Garden Ideas Nerd Garden Game of Thrones Lawn Chair DIY Westeros Seven Kingdoms Lannisters Starks


Hugely popular right now is the HBO show Game of Thrones. Personally, I’ve never watched Game of Thrones, but I know that many of my friends can’t get enough of it. I know, I know. I called myself a nerd, but I’ve never watched Game of Thrones. I’m sorry! I don’t have HBO! But that doesn’t make this idea any less awesome… a lawn chair Iron Throne.

What Game of Thrones fan wouldn’t want their own throne? The beauty of this nerd garden idea is that it’s made from a plastic lawn chair and you can DIY your own! If a Game of Thrones Lawn chair is in your nerd garden plans, check out these wonderfully detailed instructions.

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Garden Ideas Nerd Garden Doctor Who Stepping Stones Gallifrey Gallifreyan Concrete Doctor Tardis

Via Our Nerd Home

No backyard landscape plans would be complete without some good hardscaping. Whovians (that’s, Doctor Who fans for the uninformed) - check out these fantastic DIY stepping stones! What makes these stepping stones so distinctly Whovian is the Circular Gallifreyan words etched into the top. With a little concrete and some circular-shaped objects, you can send the Doctor a message! Alternatively, send alien intruders a message. Either way, you’ll end up with some beautiful stones. Your non-nerd friends won’t even realize your stepping stones say anything… they’ll just think you’re so artsy with your handmade stepping stones! Check out the DIY tutorial here.

Garden Ideas Nerd Garden Tardis Doctor Who Secret Garden Private Garden Shed Tool Shed Police Box Doctor

Via Discover

Bow ties may be cool, but you know what’s even cooler? Your own personal TARDIS. Make all your Whovian friends jealous by having the Doctor land in your backyard. The raggedy man may not be inside, but rest assured that this TARDIS isn’t going to disappear and leave you sitting on a suitcase.

Building your own TARDIS is no easy feat. But with a little time and dedication, you can DIY your own. A non-functional (i.e., doors that don’t move) TARDIS of any size would make for a cool piece of yard art, but a TARDIS with a purpose is even better. The TARDIS pictured is technically a garden shed (which is awesome in its own right), but the idea that gets me going is using a TARDIS as an entrance to a private garden. That way, when you walk into the TARDIS, it really does seem bigger on the inside! If you’ve got a secluded area in your backyard garden, section it off and use your TARDIS as a gate. A secret garden will be even more private in a separate time and space!

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Alternatively, repurpose an old wardrobe and make your secret garden your own personal Narnia! Hopefully there’s no White Witch in your private garden, but you can always get a stone lion to protect your land like Aslan.

Garden Ideas Nerd Garden Death Star Fire Pit Star Wars Empire Force Darth Vader

Via bitsandboltsart

Don’t want to go the DIY route, but still want an awesome nerd garden? Bring out your backyard’s dark side with this Death Star fire pit. Star Wars fans - can you imagine roasting marshmallows over the Death Star? Unfortunately, these fire pits aren’t mass produced yet, but if you’ve got the money, you can have an artist custom make you your very own. And, honestly, does it really matter how much it adds on to your landscaping costs? LOOK AT IT. You’re not going to find anything cooler (hotter?) in the galaxy!

Garden Ideas Nerd Garden Harry Potter Whomping Willow Sign Hogwarts

Via Harry Potter Parties

Want to go a little subtler with your nerd garden? Do it with plants! Try planting some catnip in honor of Katniss from The Hunger Games. Or a weeping willow to represent the Whomping Willow from Harry Potter. You can always place a sign to make your homage more obvious.

Any other nerds out there taking their geeky selves outdoors? I hope I’ve planted the seeds for you to do so! I’d love to see how you bring your favorite shows and movies to life! Don’t forget to comment and share! Keep calm and nerd on.

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