Need a unique idea to make your decor shine? Add sparkle and a sense of adventure with these gorgeous gemstone home decor ideas! 

I’d like to say that at times I’m a free spirit or at least I have my moments when I just want to feel wild and free. Lately, I’ve been feeling really stressed and have desperately been wanting a way to release my stress in a creative way. So, what to do in the midst of my stress? Look for things that inspire me and search for beauty in the small things!

Let’s be real guys, it’s easy to get in the rut of being uninspired and frustrated. Once you’re in it though, it’s hard to snap out. So for that reason, I went on a journey to find things that inspire me. Now where did that journey lead? Here. Which is why I’m telling you all about it now. I’ve got a story for you, friends. Are you ready to listen?

During my daily internet perusing, I happened to come across this gorgeous gem (literally!):

Gemstone Home Decor Amethyst Candle Holder on Bedside Table Animal Skull Home Accessories

Via SoulMakes The Blog

Isn’t it beautiful? Come on. You have to admit that the whole set-up is super pretty and that amethyst candle holder is taking center stage. There’s something about the look of rough edged crystal gemstones that looks so luxurious, but also a little rural at the same time. I feel like if gemstone home decor pieces were to be featured in any type of person’s home, it’d be that of one with an adventurous spirit. Right? I could totally see someone who loves archaeology, travel, or adventure in general featuring these home decor gems in their living room or bedroom.

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Since seeing this gemstone piece, I’ve become obsessed with agate, geode stones, and various other gemstone home decor accessories. It’d be selfish of me to keep all these precious ideas in my head, so of course I had to share all this gorgeous rock decor inspiration with you guys!

Gemstone Home Decor Amethyst Candle Holder on Bedside Table Animal Skull Home Accessories

Via At Home In Love

These quartz gem candle holders are seriously so dreamy. They’d look perfect in a beach home or as decorative pieces in your home decor shelving. Just close your eyes and picture these gems in your home. You’re smiling right now, aren’t you? We love the idea too!

Gemstone Home Decor Book Ends Wall Art Books Desk Accessories Office Space

Via Decoist

I can literally feel y’all’s dreamy gazes on these gorgeous agate gem bookends. They’re stunning right? Gemstone home accents add such a pretty touch of luxury in homes. Imagine putting agate or amethyst bookends in your office space. Literally your desk area style would go from a 1 to a 10 instantly!

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Gemstone Home Decor Amethyst Home Accessories Tufted Ottoman Coffee Table Display

Via Matchbook

Imagine coming home, stepping into your living room, and seeing your coffee table with this gorgeous tablescape. Or even better, imagine inviting guests over and having them gawk in awe at your gorgeous, envy-worthy coffee table display. I love the mix of gemstones on this table and the look of luxury it adds to this simple, yet eclectic mix of decorative accessories.

Gemstone Home Decor Home Accessories Branches Contemporary Living Room Design

Via Brit+Co

Wouldn’t you love coming home to this stunning set-up? I love the contemporary mix of branches with the gemstones. The look is a little rustic, but still luxurious due to the unique gemstone accents. I love the subtle blue tones the gemstones add to the living room as well. Super chic, right?

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Gemstone Home Decor Decorative Coral and Geode Accessories Books At Home with Erin Fetherston

Via Matchbook

OK, before I overwhelm you guys with too many gorgeous gemstone home decor ideas, you need to check out this last and final inspo. Jaw-droppingly gorgeous, right? When mixing gemstones in your home decor, consider mixing them with things like antique books, coral, sea shells, and candles. Above all things, have fun when you add geodes, agate, and other gemstones in your home. Yes, these little treasures can be little but don’t doubt the impact that one stunning gemstone can have!

Did you like today’s post? If so, let us know in the comments below. Which idea was your favorite? Do you have gemstones or agate in your home? If so, let us know! Don’t hesitate to share this post with your friends, family, and loved ones. Thanks for reading!

**Featured image via Decoist