Discover your very own realm of relaxation. And romp around outside like you’re a kid again with these outdoor decor ideas. 

As our busy lives progress it’s no secret that we don’t get out much. We spend more time inside than we do in the outdoors. Today I’m going to talk about what would make your outdoor space more inviting to get you motivated to get yourself out there. For those of you who don't live in warm weather environs, it's not too late!!

Being a 90s kid, I spent the majority of my childhood outdoors. Back then, technology was not near as advanced as it is today. I could have spent sun up to sun down playing outside if my parents would have let me. The days felt so long and more fun-filled when I was not wasting my days cooped up inside. Nowadays you are bound to see 6-year-olds walking around with iPhones, talking about Instagram. My 9-year-old cousin already has a laptop! Seriously? What is the world coming to? I can only hope that when the time comes for me to have children, I can get them outside to enjoy it like I did.

There’s no doubt that technology has really advanced, especially over the last few decades, but that’s no reason we should forget the other things we love to do. I find myself these days struggling with this exact problem. All summer, I’ve been trying to read three books, all currently just hanging out in my night stand, and instead I’ve been binge watching different TV series on Netflix. I’ve been so caught up with working and my internship that I’ve been feeling completely unmotivated to spend time outdoors. Did I mention I live in the humidity capital of the world, south central Texas? It’s like any day I have off, or as soon as I get home, all I want to do is curl up in my sheets. Hopefully you’ve experienced what I’m talking about so I won’t feel quite so alone here. As I figure out how I’m going to overcome this struggle, I want to inspire you to do the same! 

So, how are you going to get motivated to get outdoors? Are you going to throw your cell phone away? Accidentally lock yourself outside your house? Go on a vacation? Start a garden in your backyard? Update your outdoor living space? Some of these options are obviously more realistic than others (everyone’s thinking, “yeah right I’ll never throw my phone away”), but my point is it feels like it would take something drastic to get motivated to get outside more often.

I just got back from vacationing in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where I stayed at the most beautiful river home with amazing outdoor decor. The fully restored home had a large wooden porch filled with a dining area alongside a more formal and a less formal seating area. The porch stretched as long as the house and offered two different entrances into the home. The yard had a large fire pit with different styles of loungers and a picnic table surrounding it. It was a fairly simple space, but the impact it had kept us outdoors late into the night. The great view of the river in the background didn’t hurt either! And, thus, my inspiration for this blog post.

I am going to give you some real outdoor space eye candy along with some more realistic residential outdoor spaces in the hopes of inspiring you (and myself) to get outside.

Outdoor Decor Ideas French Country Backyard Pool and Patio

Via Home Bunch

For starters, here’s the backyard of a beautiful French country-themed home. If this was my backyard, there’s no way I wouldn’t be outdoors. Coming from the South, I have a strong admiration for big porches. They make great entertaining spaces. The pergola with the vines is a great touch for this amazing porch. Maybe covered outdoor patio ideas like this in your backyard would be just the trick to get you outdoors! Or maybe it’s that bold, blue pool staring back at you that’s really got you thinking. Pools are a great way to get you and your family out in the sunlight; if you’re willing to handle the upkeep, of course.

Outdoor Decor Ideas Mexico Inspired Pool and Patio

Via Fresh Palace

Talk about amazing porch decor! If I lived here, I don’t think I would have any problems getting myself outdoors. This home is located in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. If you have time, go to Fresh Palace and check out the rest of this gorgeous home. This spectacular place is so worth taking time out of your day to gawk over. I can already picture myself lounging on that chair, sipping on a lime margarita. *perfection* Ahhh. It never hurts to dream. What’s your favorite part of this outdoor space?

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Outdoor Decor Ideas Exterior Colorful Enchanted Fairytale Bedroom Encased in Glass Surrounded by Nature

Via DigsDigs

Maybe a covered porch isn’t your style, but what about outdoor ideas like this gorgeous oasis? What’s not to love about this space? It would be so nice to curl up on that bed with a good book and cup of tea. Turn an old green house or shed into your own outdoor bedroom. There’s so much room for creativity with this idea. Check out DigsDigs for 25 other outdoor decoration ideas to fall in love with.

Outdoor Decor Ideas Patio Balcony with Hammock and Cozy Chairs and Tables

Via Leopard and lavender

What an inviting setting! This is a great way to decorate a small porch area. The color choices set the mood for this space, and also soften up the steel railing. The choice of patio decorations also enhance this relaxed setting. To me, the hammock is the real eye-catcher in this space. A relaxed state of mind would be one lounge away in this comfy hammock. If a small outdoor space is what you’re working with, consider mixing up your outdoor decorations to make it more homey instead of just throwing a few chairs out there.

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Outdoor Decor Ideas  Spacious Dining Area with Table and Chairs Under Trees

Via the Tao of Dana

Or maybe an outdoor eating area is the answer to your outdoor decorating needs. I love the intertwined branches that create the perfect canopy for this table. It really sets an intimate mood. Of course you don’t need a canopy for an immaculate outdoor table decoration, but it definitely wouldn’t hurt. I love the diversity of using a combination of chairs and a bench for the seating. It makes this dining area more casual and a perfect fit for outdoor living decor.

Outdoor Decor Ideas Wicker Porch Swing and Chair Hanging from Trees

Via The Style Files

Swing into your backyard with a piece like this. Don’t we all have that one piece of furniture in our homes that we just love more than the rest? What if it was a piece for your backyard? That would really get you motivated to get outdoors. A comfortable swinging chair like this could be just the ticket! The idea is simple, but it still creates a big impact on your outdoor space. Not only are pieces like this great places to swing and relax, they also serves as outside decorations. Doesn’t this one look so cozy? A very shady tree could provide a home for your new swing!

Outdoor Decor Ideas Patio Wet Bar and Kitchen in Coastal Themes

Via Decorating Files

Is adding a wet bar more your cup of tea when it comes to backyard patio ideas? This coastal-themed wet bar is to die for. I’m so in love with this glass tile backsplash and the complementary blue stools! The backsplash alone immediately draws you in! This is a great space to have for outdoor entertaining. Having a space like this would minimize trips to the kitchen, so guests can stay engaged in their conversations. Adding an island space in front for guests to sit or eat at would also be a nice touch!

Besides what you’ve just seen, there are many other great patio decorating ideas out there for you to think about! Whether you want to add in a peaceful fountain area, build a food prep/bar area, create a garden, build something for the kids to enjoy, play with lighting and paths in your backyard, or even build a fire pit for the whole family to enjoy, the possibilities are endless.

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I hope these images and ideas serve as inspiration for designing or improving your own outdoor space. Don’t let yourself get stuck within the walls of your home. There are a million good solutions out there for creating the ultimate outdoor space, so figure out what it would take to spice up your outdoor living space, and get yourself out there!

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**Featured image via Houzz