I took a chance on china patterns and discovered they may be worth my while, thanks to Typhanie Peterson of Breakfast at Typhanie's!

Hi, howdy, hey! I’m coming at you with fresh feelings in regards to fine china. The luxury dinnerware, not the country. Although, I would totally take some Chinese food on a plate way too fancy for fried rice. Anywayzeee, I have always had mixed feelings about this dinnerware option. My mom has hers from her wedding forever ago and has NEVER used it. The set sits in its cushioned cabinet and if I’m being honest, I think the plates are really sad about it.

I decided long ago that china would not be on my wedding registry. But, one summer day about a year ago, I was in my hometown with a friend from high school and we made dinner together. As one thing led to another we busted out her mom’s china, set the table for two, and enjoyed our rigatoni made with jarred sauce, over a glass of vino.

My mind slowly began to change. I had always thought, “why have something take up space and not use it?” Not realistic for me. I would rather not have it, than have it and not use it. I realized that night that china is fun! It does no one any good sitting in a china cabinet collecting dust! It’s the best way to revamp a tablescape and can turn something ordinary into something special. For some reason, it has a tendency to indicate a special occasion, but shouldn’t every day be a special occasion? Well, maybe not every day, but it is quite the pick me up!

Yesterday, I came across this blog post from Breakfast at Typhanie’s on presidential china and immediately all of my feelings on the subject were confirmed. Inspired by the 4th of July, Typhanie Peterson (blog writer, interior decorator, and textile designer extraordinaire) decided that all the paper plates should stay at the store, because this year was the year of eating hot dogs off porcelain china. I was extremely okay with the idea of having a laid-back party while pulling out the pretty plates. Sure, something could break, but the chances of that happening are really not likely. And replacing one dish is not the end of the world!

In her post, Typhanie features eight of her favorite sets and includes a description of each, as well as identifying which presidential term they went with. Here's a sneak peek at what you’ll see there:

China Patterns Presidential China White House Plates Dinnerware Cereal Bowls Fancy Tablescapes

Via Breakfast at Typhanie's

Perfect for all of the 4th of Julys to come, yes? The only frustrating part would be the cleaning up, but if a small gathering was in the works I would happily get to hand washing! As I dug a little deeper on Typhanie’s site, I came across another post on a fabulous set of china that I’m extremely fond of! It's the Stetson 22 KT Greek Gold China Set and it’s amazing.

China Patterns Gold Plated China Stetson 22 Karat Gold Greek China Fun Fancy Dishware Plates Dishes Gold Silverware Orange Floral Tablecloth

Via Breakfast at Typhanie's

China Patterns Gold Plated China Set Stetson 22 Karat Gold Greek China Side View Dinner Plate Gold Silverware Orange Floral Tablecloth

Via Breakfast at Typhanie's

Typhanie encourages pattern play with your tableware. Mixing patterns is never a bad idea, especially in recent years. Design is much less strict and much more laid-back. Stripes and polka dots? Go for it. Have two different bracelets you want to wear? One gold and one silver? Pair them. It’s all about confidence and how you put it all together—both in fashion and in home decor. I know you can rock it!

Break your paper plate streak & break out the china! Life is only as grand as you make it! #ChinaPatterns

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After seeing how rad something so traditional can be, I concluded it was time to do some perusing via the internet. The gold number above is a true favorite of mine, but I came across another that is absolutely divine.

China Patterns Cool Turquoise China Something Blue Gold Plated Dishware Dinnerware Serving Dish

Via The Blue House

I’m going to call this turquoise and gold set of dishes bold and beautiful. It makes a statement that might be too much rock for one table (that was a spin on a Stick It quote...if you haven’t seen it then just take it for what it is or ignore me). I can’t decide which I love more, the color of the dinner plates or the china pattern, but it all just works for me.

If you know me then you know I’m a true believer in mixing it up. Have you come across a couple patterns of china that are so similar it’s hard to decide which to purchase or register for? Blend and mingle them together! Incorporating separate styles and fusing them together seems to work really well. A combo of several traditional styles like these is well-liked by me!

China Patterns Blue China Traditional Plates Dinnerware Dishware Dishes Tablescape Mix and Match Mix It Up Entertain

Via Freutcake

Aren’t those great? Bonus—these are perfect for the collector. If that’s you, then relish in the fact that you can easily find pieces like these if you put in a little effort! Replacement china pieces are always easier to find if the set isn’t really a set!

As a true china convert, I can say without a doubt in my mind that I am a pretty big fan now. Of course, paper plates and regular dishware are a must in my home, but a little use of some pretty plates is never a bad thing. In fact, I would even venture to say it’s a luxury that can turn your day around! What do you think about china and what are your favorite patterns? LMK, y’all! Comment it up, share it around, and break out the china for dinner!

**Special thanks to Typhanie Peterson from Breakfast at Typhanie's for inspiring this post. Featured image via Freutcake