Cutting-edge yet subtle, wire frame accents have an industrial feel and minimalistic approach that won’t take away from your existing decor. 

What’s sleek, chic, and all the rage? Wire frame accents and decor of course! You’re probably wondering, “Why on earth anyone would want a transparent table or vase?” Well, it’s pretty simple, and I’m not just talking about the actual design. It’s like a geometry project for your home, with planar lines and amazing graphic presentation. Wire frame accents and furnishings have a futuristic vibe that looks great in almost any space. The clean lines are like a bare skeleton without all the excessive detailing.

From light fixtures and tables to planter pots and artwork, wire accent pieces are popping up all over the place. They are available in a number of finishes, so they easily blend in with a lot of different patterns and styles. Whether you’re looking to create a new focal point in your living room or incorporate a pop of color in your bedroom, there's a little bit of something for everyone. Wire home accents are usually lightweight and create the illusion of open space. These mesh-like creations are definitely winning me over, so sit back, relax, and take a look.

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Wire Frame Accents Bathroom with Wire Frame Chandelier Clawfoot Tub Fireplace

Via Monarch Home and Garden

Things are looking up with the help of this wire frame chandelier! It adds visual interest and personality to the room without overwhelming the space. It’s like a hanging centerpiece, and I could stare at it all day! The wire frame fixture in this bathroom almost looks like the skeleton of a traditional crystal chandelier or what I imagine its graphic print to resemble. The curvy silhouette has clearly outlined tiers and dangling crystals. It is unique in appearance and has a regal form that complements this sophisticated room.

Wire Frame Accents Living Room with Wire Frame Pendant Lighting Fixture


On the other hand, the contemporary ceiling light in this living room takes on a very transitional role. It has a basic shape that fits in well with the modern, eclectic layout. When I first saw it, I instantly thought of something that belonged in a cabana—but this works too!

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The last two images I showed you are less common than what I have coming your way! I’m sure you’ve seen a mesh wire chair like this one before, but, if not, then here you have it. Living room accents can be overwhelming at times, but this one is something I like to call the “barely there chair.” It serves a purpose and doesn’t overcrowd the room!

Wire Frame Accents Black Wire Frame Bowl Chair Seating in Living Area

Via My Paradissi

Same thing goes for this feminine spot. I love the shape and structure of this one! It seems more stable and comfy with the help of the faux fur throw! Wire frame chairs can be a little tricky when considering comfort and adding cushions or throws to soften the metal surface is a good idea. Also, you can easily change out pillows or throws (like accessories) to match the occasion.

Wire Frame Accents Black Wire Frame Swivel Rocking Recliner Accent Chair with Throw Pillow and Blanket in Living Room Area Reading Nook

Via Old Brand New

I've been seeing a lot of homes with wire chairs at the kitchen table. A major bonus is the versatility factor. They can be dressed up or used for a more casual dining area—the choice is yours! Don’t you just love the design of these chair legs? I know I do!

Wire Frame Accents White Wire Frame Dining Chairs Eating Area

Via Simplifying Fabulous

Another positive: wire accent furniture is outdoor friendly. Most styles are weather-proof and you won’t have to worry about sitting on wet fabric. You can use them for regular family dinners, and then turn around and use them for outdoor festivities. Tres chic, no?

Wire Frame Accents White Wire Frame Dining Table Chairs Set on Outdoor Patio Balcony

Via plastolux

If seating seems like a bit of a stretch, there are plenty of other options for using wire frame accents. This wire accented round coffee table has an earthy vibe, with the wooden top and bottom. The natural tones add a little more warmth to this living room but maintain the contemporary feel!

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Wire Frame Accents Wire Frame Wood Coffee Accent Table for Living Room

Via Bobby Berk Home

Wire frame shelving can take the role of your dining room storage buffet or act as a console table in the hallway. I even think it would be a great item to put in an office! It’s a stylish way to stay organized if you ask me!

Wire Frame Accents Wire Frame Cubby Hole Shelf

Via My Paradissi

Without fun accents all you have is a house not a home! Don’t worry I didn’t forget to mention the smaller home accessories, too. This bright pink wire bedside table really flatters the floral motif throughout the bedroom. The room has a lot of white, but the pop of color is a great final touch.

Wire Frame Accents Pink Wire Frame Bedside Table for Bedroom

Via Retro to Go

Similar in form, this gold side table delivers a little sparkle and shine. It’s more subtle than it is over-the-top which I love! It still blends with the overall setting and absolutely draws the eye. I am loving both of these end tables!

Wire Frame Accents Gold Wire Frame Side Table for Living Room

Via The Everygirl

In addition to small furnishings, there are some pretty neat wire frame sculptures and art pieces out there. For instance, this structurally sound mount has the same look as a real trophy head, and it's definitely a great option to consider for animal lovers!

Wire Frame Accents Black Wire Frame Wall Decor Mounted Animal Trophy Head

Via Safari Fusion

What do you think about wire furniture and accents in your home? Would you go subtle or go big? Share, comment, and let us know!

**Featured image via desire to inspire