Making a statement shouldn’t be any more difficult than hanging a bedroom chandelier. Chic up your space and see where bold moves can get you! 

Hello! How are y’all? Hopefully all is well in your world and you have been having a great week! To start off, I have a few thoughts/comments to share with you to get us moving toward our topic of conversation for today.

Here we go! I have determined many things throughout my time as an interior design blogger and have learned a lot about the design process. And, if I know one thing for certain, it is that there is no greater room than one with a statement piece of some kind. It doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as something in the room draws you in. My philosophy goes something along the lines of seeing the beauty in the details that we often overlook. That means putting fresh flowers in the house, using unusual chairs at the kitchen table, and in this particular case, hanging a bedroom chandelier.

Some of the most beautiful homes I have seen have stuck to the code of originality and bold moves. I think that sometimes it’s intimidating to cross the design line and run with it in our own lives. Think about all the things you’ve pinned in your “Future Home” or “SO DOING THIS ONE DAY” board on many of the those things will you actually do? Probably very few, if any, because that’s just how we all are. We have so many ideas, but don’t know how to implement them. Bad news: this sounds discouraging, but please don’t take it as that because the good news is that you can take all of the ideas you’ve been dreaming about and make them a reality.

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Let’s start with the bedroom. Just because we sleep in there doesn’t mean it can’t be pretty! In fact, I think that your personal space should be the prettiest in all of the house. If you don’t love your room how do you even sleep at night?! That being said...let’s make a bold statement together. The first move I beg you to make is to start researching the best, most appealing chandeliers to hang, which happens to be the topic of this blog post. Just look at how much the ante of this bedroom was upped with the simple installation of an amazing light fixture! Also, I totally love the bedposts. So simple, and goes great with the chandelier without taking any of the spotlight away. How perfect!

Bedroom Chandelier Grand Lighting Light Fixture Fancy Gold Crystals Art Portraits Gray Bedding Home Decor Interior Design


Without this grand chandelier, this room would be much less intriguing, don’t you think? I’m not saying that it’s the best choice in size for this space, but go big or go home, right? It’s a pretty bold yet awesome decor piece for this bedroom, and I love it. 

Bedroom Chandelier High Heels Chandeliers Grandiose Black Accent Walls Chic Master Bedroom Home Decor Interior Design One Room Challenge

Via Christine Dovey

Something in this general capacity is probably a little more suiting and it still makes an impact on the design of the room! (P.S. the bench at the end of the bed is killer too. We all need one.) This room below is just super glam and fabulous and it’s fantastic. See how the chandelier is still gorgeous and classic, but scaled down? That’s the sort of thing you can look at when getting your own chandelier! Think about the size and scale of the chandelier and how it will look in your room!

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Bedroom Chandelier Pink Orange Simple Light Fixtures Upholstered Headboard Bright Pops of Color Colorful Think Pink Throw Blanket Down Comforter


On the other hand, you could always make the choice to err on the side of simple and grab a chandelier like this one! The great thing about this bedroom is that it has several bright colors and doesn’t really need anything too grandiose. That’s why I love this fixture...because it doesn’t make too big of a fuss, but it’s also a statement piece. Without it the room wouldn’t be complete. 

The crystal look this chandelier has gives an air of sophistication that brings the brightness of the colors down, and keeps them from looking too bold. I just love this combination! Plus, it’s totally that type of chandelier that would go with anyone’s decor, because it’s not too bold, and doesn’t detract from the rest of the room!

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Chandeliers in the bedroom are perfect for any taste because you can pick out one from the millions of them out there! It’s easy to find one you like, if not several. You can find something really out there, or something that is a little more subtle. If you’re into the classic chandelier look, you can find those. If you have a more eclectic taste, you can find those too! Steampunk? Check. Rustic? You can find something for that, too! There is a chandelier out there for everyone’s different decor tastes! 

Bedroom Chandelier Kids Room Playroom Nursery Large Area Rug Black and White Whimsy Pink and Blue Children’s Bed Crib Home Decor

Via Apartment Therapy

Personally, I love the idea of hanging a small chandelier in a baby's nursery because it’s something that can age with them. Plus, they just look awesome! This child’s room is so whimsical and cute and that fun candelabra is just an added bonus! Don’t you love the way it looks? I would so do this for a nursery!

Be it an antique chandelier or a modern chandelier design—the bottom line is that you can make big, bold design calls without stressing that it won’t look good. Chances are, it will! Especially if you put one of these beauties in your bedroom! There are seriously so many kinds of cool light fixtures out there and they really do shed light on great interior design and home decor. They can take a simple room and make it super glam, or take an ultra chic room to the next level. There is pretty much no wrong way to use a chandelier in your bedroom! Plus, it’s something you get to look at every night and every morning. So, why not have an awesome chandelier just for you?

Take it from the pros, adding a #chandelier in your #bedroom will solve any #decor woes!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Would you put a chandelier in your bedroom? You know my thoughts on the subject, let me know yours. Comment and share below to tell me and your friends all about what you love! TTFN—ta ta for now!

**Featured image (from L to R) via Georgiana Design, This Ivy House, and Love Design Barbados