The roaring twenties were bursting with style in both home decor and fashion. Check out these modern day translations of 1920s fashion!

The roaring twenties were characterized by high fashion, ultra-glam home decor, and luxurious parties. In part one of my Going Gatsby series, I told you all about 1920s home decor. Today, I’m going to give you my take on 1920s women's fashion! This iconic fashion era is super chic, and easy to replicate. So, if you're looking to upgrade your wardrobe with some fab fashion, you’re in the right place! Ready for a 1920s inspired adventure friends? Let’s hit it!

1920s Fashion Vintage Sequin Gown Black and White Portrait Flapper Dress with Hand Fan

Via Retro Petite

The fashion in the 1920s was just as luxe as the home decor. Take a look at this stunning vintage photograph of a gorgeous lady rocking a slinky black sequin gown. Talk about glam! What could be more chic than a dark sequined flapper dress? I wouldn’t be surprised to see a celebrity wearing something like this on the red carpet one day. This dress is definitely sultry, but still classy and glamorous.

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1920s Fashion Silver Mini dress with Blue Heels Street Style New Years Eve Dress

Via All Women Stalk

I love this modern day translation of the black vintage 1920s gown from above! This would be a perfect dress to wear for a night out on the town with the girls or on a fun date somewhere super fancy. I love the metallic silver of the dress combined with the bright classic blue of the heels. This outfit is fun and classy, and a little bit sassy. I think the mixture of the sequins and bright blue heels adds spunk to this ensemble. The colored heels definitely add a modern flair, and take this outfit to a whole new level of awesome! Take note friends, this young lady’s makeup is neutral and not overly dark so that her entire look is balanced. Though, you could take a note from the flapper handbook and rock those red lips, if you like!

1920s Fashion Black and White Photograph Woman with Floral Dress Heels and Hat Dropped Waist Dress

Via Pinterest

Here’s some 1920s attire that would be perfect for a stroll in the park or a relaxing get-together with your gal pals. Something that was very common in 1920s fashion for women was the drop waist. This dress is a perfect example of that ever-so-popular trend! Bold prints were also very popular, and this dress definitely has that! Let’s not forget the importance of accessories in the roaring 20s as well. This outfit would not be complete without that gorgeous sun hat and the stunning double strand of pearls.

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1920s Fashion Burgundy Drop Waist Sleeveless Dress with Modern Pattern and Collar

Via Gap

Here’s a modern day take on the 1920s drop waist dress from above. I love the tiny pattern of this dress and the collar as well. It’s still got a somewhat bold look to it, while still keeping a subtle modernity. Nowadays we tend to leave the super bold floral prints to maxi dresses, not drop waist dresses, so we’ll stick to the more modern drop waist form of ‘bold’ here. The sleeveless touch really modernizes the drop waist and keeps it from looking dowdy. This type of dress here would be great any time of year, and you can totally do a throwback and wear a double strand of pearls with it. Pair it with some cute round toe shoes and you’re golden!

1920s Fashion Ruffle Neck Dress Black and White Photograph


Talk about a gorgeous portrait! I love the use of texture and ruffles. This flapper style is a little different than most I’ve seen. We’re all used to the fringe dress that pops up around Halloween, so we don’t always think that there were other types of dresses and textures they used back then. In all honesty, I could see someone wearing a gown like this today. The light and airy look of the neckline is timeless. However, for the sake of consistency, let’s take a look at a modernized version of this gown.

1920s Fashion White Dress with Ruffles at Collar Silver Bracelet V-Neck Pearl Earrings and Ring

Via Clarabelle

I love this dress so much. Everything about this dress is so chic. The ruffles at the collar are much more toned down in comparison to the vintage version. It has a more modern take on the airy quality too, with more stability and body instead of pure flow. I would love to wear this dress to a party! I think the amount of ruffles and the pleating are very elegant and refined. Very modern and chic!

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1920s Fashion Wide Legged Womens Trousers with Jackets and Ties

Via Vintage Gal

The 1920s was also the era where women began to wear trousers, paving the way for our modern day love for jeans. Wide legged trousers like these were very popular. High waisted with huge pockets and some pretty fabulous jackets made these outfits iconic and awesome. These ladies here look amazing, chic, and ready to tackle whatever the day ahead holds!

1920s Fashion Modern Wide Legged Trousers with Sleeveless High Necked Ruffled Blouse


This is a wonderful way to modernize the wide legged trouser look. Instead of going with a suit jacket, which would have been popular in the 1920s, go for a more sleek and fitted blouse with some texture. It’ll help balance out the full look of the trousers, and you’ll be able to rock this look without being overwhelmed by so much fabric. The ruffled texture on the blouse also pays homage to the ruffled necklines spoken of above, and gives a feminine look to this outfit.

The 1920s were roaring for a reason. The fashion was definitely high style, high quality, and super luxe. If you’re feeling inspired by the 20s, I’d definitely suggest exploring different cuts, materials, and accessories in your fashion choices. For example, the drop waist dress was super prevalent at this time, in anything from formal attire to casual wear, so keep that in mind when searching for ways to add these looks to your wardrobe. Most importantly, have fun trying out the fashion of the 1920s!

I hope you enjoyed my series on 1920s fashion and home decor. If so, let me know by commenting below. If you’re in love with 1920s fashion trends, please spread the love by sharing this post. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time!

**Featured image via The Book Haven