Podcasts are still going strong. Great podcasts can be super motivational and inspirational, and you can listen to them while working towards your goals!

Hello, hello! As I sit here at my desk writing this blog post, trying to think of what to write, it dawns on me. I listen to great podcasts a lot, and I’m listening to one right now. I’ve already talked about some of my favorite free podcasts, the ones that got me into them in the first place, but I missed something important. Podcasts can help motivate you and even help you feel more productive because you can listen to them while commuting to work or while at work like me! So today, I thought I would talk about my favorite motivational podcasts to listen to. Because, yeah, Julie listens to a lot of podcasts.

I had a lot of good podcasts recommended to me on Quora and I’ve been sifting through them slowly. I sit at a desk at work, at school, at home, and then there’s my commute! So much time spent sitting when I could be doing something else. I found that these cool podcasts totally help me feel more productive because I’m learning something new about history, a productive lifestyle, or even meditating! And, all of these are available on any free podcast app. Cool, right? Let’s check out my top free podcasts for motivation.

Great Podcasts The Minimalists Joshua Fields Millburn Ryan Nicodemus Motivational Podcast

The Minimalists, a free podcast, has been one of my favorites lately. Minimalism is interesting and not depriving at all. I love listening to Joshua and Ryan talk about minimalism, their lives, and how you too can add these values to your life. I enjoy listening to these guys talk. They’re sarcastic, snarky, but they provide really good information and are all-around great. They answer questions from real people on the podcast in every episode, and you get so much information. They’re great to listen to while at work! Though, be aware that they do tend to use swear words (a lot), and it may not be for you if you don’t like that kind of thing.

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Great Podcasts Philosophize This Stephen West Motivational Podcast Philosophy

So I had the brilliant idea of taking a philosophy class and let me tell you, philosophy is fascinating, but I quite literally felt like a deer in headlights every class. The other graduate students were spouting these beautiful theories and talking about philosophers I have never heard of, and their best works I should probably know and don’t. I was very intimidated, until I found this audio podcast. Philosophize This! is basically philosophy for people who can’t do that super abstract thinking and need a little more grounded logic. It’s wonderful and has really helped me do better in my class. Anyone who is interested in philosophy or just broadening their mind, should totally try this podcast feed out!

Great Podcasts  Stuff You Should Know Chuck Bryant Josh Clark Educational Podcast Educate

Stuff You Should Know is great for anyone who is inspired by learning new things. These guys have several shows in their podcast network you can check out (Stuff You Learned in History Class, Stuff Mom Never Told You, Car Stuff, Stuff of Genius, Brain Stuff, Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know, Stuff to Blow Your Mind), but this one is the one I really like. It goes over things you should know and teaches you about them. Super cool, and you learn so much from it. It’s another favorite of mine because I love learning new things.

Great Podcasts Forward Thinking Jonathan Strickland Lauren Vogelbaum Joe McCormick Green Tech Sustainability Podcast

FW:Thinking is done by the same people who do Stuff You Should Know, but I felt it was classified a little differently so I wanted to talk about it by itself. This web podcast is no longer producing more episodes, but you can still find all of them and listen. Basically, they look to the future of just about everything. They look at a lot of technology, pros and cons to it, and I love listening to it because I learn so much about technology. I’m not all that great or knowledgeable when it comes to tech, but with tech podcasts like this one, I’ve learned a lot!

Great Podcasts Being Boss Emily Thompson Kathleen Shannon Small Business Podcast

Being Boss is an amazing podcast show for budding creative entrepreneurs! It’s also a pretty inspiring podcast for me as a creative woman. This is one of those business podcasts, yes, but I don’t find it boring in the slightest. I love hearing from these women about their businesses and how they became successful doing what they love. I think this would be inspiring to anyone!

Great Podcasts From Maker to Manufacturing Sarah Cooley Simply Curated Podcast Handmade Business

From Maker to Manufacturing is another business podcast radio for creative people that I find fascinating. Sarah goes over creative businesses from the beginning of the journey to actually selling. It’s kind of awesome and great for anyone who wants to start or who already has a small business. You can never learn too much when it comes to making your passions work for you! It is one that I listen to a lot!

Great Podcasts Zen Habits Leo Babauta Father and Son Team Podcast

As someone who has gotten into yoga and meditation, I cannot recommend Zen Habits Radio more. Sometimes we all need to let go and give ourselves a break. This podcast definitely helps with that. It goes over how to add Zen to your life to help you become a more mindful, more relaxed person. And when you are more relaxed and mindful, you tend to be more inspired and motivated. What could be better than that? This is definitely the best podcast for that!

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Great Podcasts The Meditation Podcast Jesse Jeane Stern Audio Meditation

If you want to get into meditation, this is the radio podcast for you. I love listening to The Meditation Podcast while I work because it helps me focus on my research. Then, when I need a break, I just sit there and meditate with the podcast. Then, I’m relaxed and motivated to continue working. It’s kind of wonderful when you get the hang of it. I always find that after a few minutes of meditation, I am so much more ready to work hard because my mind is rested. It’s never ‘cleared’, but I’m motivated! For meditation tips, check out my meditation blog post from a while back!

There you have it! Some new popular podcasts for you to listen to that will inspire and motivate you! Do you have any other free audio podcasts that you listen to that are inspiring? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family! Stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image c/o Juja Han on Unsplash