We’ve seen art created with different mediums like paint, coffee, and thread. But the explosive creativity of gunpowder artwork has sparked our interest! 

Hello, friends! Have I got a fun post for you today! I ran across a video a while back of someone who had sketched a bird and then lit the black part of the sketch on fire. The bird was not made of ink, nor graphite. Oh no, the artist used gunpowder to draw his bird. It went up in flames, and when the flames died down, the drawing was untouched, and the bird had been seared into the paper. I was floored. Who would have thought to create art with gunpowder? Well, I set out to find some answers, and found some wonderful gunpowder artists I would like to share with you today. Let’s start with Cai Guo-Qiang, who has been creating unique artwork since 2008.

Gunpowder Artwork Gallery by Cai Guo-Qiang Artist Unique Art Mediums Modern Gallery

c/o Cai Guo-Qiang

Cai Guo-Qiang creates his gunpowder artwork in an interesting way. He doesn’t use the gunpowder like some sort of ink or paint to draw designs with. He, for lack of a better term, tosses gunpowder almost haphazardly onto large sheets of canvas. When he is happy with the result, he lights it up. Sometimes, he adds more gunpowder to some sections afterwards, but he mostly lets the explosions speak for themselves. He does use the exploding gunpowder to form pictures, as you can see in this gallery here, but as I said, he doesn’t paint the gunpowder onto the canvas. You really need to check out this video and see how he does it. It’s pretty amazing to watch him create this unique art.

Via Motherboard

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Isn’t that tree he created beautiful? And, as I said, he really just tosses gunpowder around on the canvas until he likes what he sees. That takes a certain kind of artistic mind that is truly incredible.

Gunpowder Artwork Piece by Cai Guo-Qiang Modern Art Abstract

c/o Cai Guo-Qiang

Cai Guo-Qiang’s abstract artwork is certainly beautiful, but he is not the only artist out there. Let’s take a look at another really awesome gunpowder artist, Mark Kelly.

Gunpowder Artwork Gallery by Mark Kelly Artist Experiments with Fire Modern Art

c/o Mark Kelly

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Mark Kelly creates his art like I expected a gunpowder artist to: he sketches the drawing out with gunpowder and (very carefully) lights it on fire. His big thing is to create pictures of birds with his gunpowder drawings. These aren’t small works of art either. They’re wall art sized! They take a tedious amount of time to create, as you do not want to have gunpowder in the wrong place when you light it up.

Gunpowder Artwork by Mark Kelly Burning Process Modern Art Artist Experiments with Fire

c/o Mark Kelly

But, I mean, it kinda looks like fun, right? I would totally try it, if I had the space and knew I would not burn my apartment down by accident! I don’t think the management, my parents, or my dogs would appreciate that. Not the price I am willing to pay for unique wall art, but hey, maybe I can buy some that someone else did!

Gunpowder Artwork by Mark Kelly Phoebe Modern Art Artist Experiments with Fire

c/o Mark Kelly

This is one of my favorite works by Kelly, titled Phoebe. I think Phoebe here is an adorable little bird created from fire and tiny explosions. The expression you can see in the face and eye of this bird is really incredible. The attention to detail is pretty awesome too. And it’s all made with exploding gunpowder. Just extraordinary!

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The last artist I wanted to show you is Danny Shervin, also known online as Paint With Gunpowder. He posts a ton of videos of the burning aspect of his artwork here and on his YouTube channel, so you can watch his artworks come to life! I chose two of my favorites, one simplistic, and one intricate, to show you here and now. Wanna see? Well, keep reading, my friend!

Via Paint With Gunpowder

This is the first piece of exploding gunpowder art I saw. I love that there's some detail, but it isn’t too intricate and busy. You can tell this guy is really good at what he does! You should watch the video, if you have a few moments. If you don’t have time, just scroll down a bit and you’ll see the finished piece.

Gunpowder Artwork by Danny Shervin Magpie Paint With Gunpowder Modern Art

c/o Danny Shervin

Who knew you could create art with gunpowder!? Check out some cool gunpowder artwork here!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Friday, July 15, 2016

The last piece I want to show you is this buck. It just blew my mind. The detail is insane! Plus, it’s really fun to watch them light up. At least, I think it is. My dad always called me a little pyromaniac, so that could be a reason I love this form of art so much. But, I digress. Going back to the Buck here. It’s so intricate, and so many tiny little details are in it. I can’t believe it was made by burning gunpowder, but it was!

Gunpowder Artwork by Danny Shervin Buck Paint With Gunpowder Modern Art Medium

c/o Danny Shervin

Well, that’s all for today, folks! I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into this awesome form of art: gunpowder artwork. If you happen to make gunpowder art, or know someone who does, let us know! Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends, and also let me know which piece was your favorite! As always, stay creative, my friends! Just, don’t burn your house down trying to recreate some of these, okay? Cool.

**Featured image c/o Mark Kelly