Halloween is going to be freaky fun this year! I want to share my fall inspiration so that you can get in on the Halloween entertaining fun as well! 

I’m going to begin this post with something you may not know about me and that may, depending on your personal list of holiday rankings, disappoint you. Halloween is generally my least favorite holiday. I’m not sure what is it about it that drives me bonkers, but I just really don’t like it and can never get into it. I never know what to wear or who to be so I tend to dress as something funny to take away from the whole “showing legs” situation that I like to avoid.

To give you a few ideas on what to be this season, I’ll share a couple of costumes from my past. Both of these suggestions can be done in groups or as couples, which is a bonus. Last year, my boyfriend and I went to a Halloween party as characters from Wayne’s World. I was Wayne. He was the other guy. And, when I was a lot younger, my friend and I dressed up as Napoleon Dynamite and Pedro. I was Napoleon. “Vote for Pedro” shirt and all. Funny, I know. I joke when I’m uncomfortable and that’s exactly what Halloween does to me!

Tangent aside, I have turned my distaste for this celebrated day into an appreciation for fall and all things transitioning into autumn! That means serious decor transitioning and festive gatherings are on their way, along with Halloween decorating ideas and outdoor entertaining tips!

So, how did this idea pop into my head? Well the other day, I began to think about fall and Halloween when I was looking for stuffed bell pepper recipes and this popped up:

Halloween Entertaining Stuffed Bell Peppers Rice Grains Ground Turkey Pumpkin Lantern Boo Ghosts and Goblins Dinner Recipes

Via Citron Limette

It was then that I realized that frightening witches and goblins and scary things can all go away and I can like this holiday for the first time ever!! How can a carved stuffed pepper make me have all of these emotions, you ask? Because it means a celebration and gathering of all of my favorite people is about to happen, as well as fun party foods and an entertaining menu. (That also means lists...and lists of all the lists I’m going to have to make. It’s truly sad how much I like making them.)

#Halloween is right around the corner. #HomeDecor and #fall entertainment #ideas have arrived!

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I want to turn this trick or treat-ery into a full on shindig. And so, along with all of my boo-tiful peppers, I’ve rounded up food, fun, and festive decor for you to be inspired by and to adopt for your own party!

While we’re on the subject of food, bread is one carb I never want to pass up. It's always delicious, and this pumpkin shaped roll is no exception. It would be the perfect side Halloween recipe for those stuffed peppers I showed you earlier! You can find the recipe here.

Halloween Entertaining Pumpkin Shaped Dinner Rolls Sesame Seeds Pretzels Side Recipes Dinner Party

Via Denna's Ideas

What’s a party without a signature beverage? An un-party is what I would call it. Sangria is classic but what’s better is disguising this beverage as a festive favorite that’ll make its way onto the menu every year, and serve as one of the Halloween treats made just for adults. Mix it up so you can drink it up!

Halloween Entertaining Pumpkin Sangria Recipe Cocktails Orange Salted Rim Happy Hour Holiday Party Festive Fun

Via Food Network

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Now that I’ve got some menu ideas out there, let’s talk Halloween inspired decor. There are so many DIY pumpkin ideas floating around the internet these days that it’s hard to narrow them down. I think this is my favorite because it doesn’t require paint, a knife, or artistic ability whatsoever. Plus, it looks cool. All you need is a drill!

Halloween Entertaining Fall Porch Home Decor Pumpkin Lantern Tealight Pumpkin Patch Celebrate Festive

Via Strawberry Chic

I don’t know about you, but even though Halloween was never my fave, I’ve always enjoyed pumpkins and carving them. Growing up, it was always extra enjoyable because my mom would make the best pumpkin seeds around! They make the perfect salty snack. And hey, who doesn’t like salt?

While on the topic of door decs, I’m going to have to simply say “ribbon.” It works on, for, and with just about anything while instantly beautifying any boring ol’ spot. I am particularly fond of this mesh ribbon because it looks so full and like it took a lot of effort when in reality it was a simple DIY.

Halloween Entertaining Fall Decorating Mesh Ribbon Lantern Home Decor Black Light Black and Orange Festive Decorations DIY

Via Jennifer Decorates

I’m not going to trick you; I’m going to treat you. If I can recreate this, anyone can. My vision is to have my soiree outside so that we can easily access trick or treaters...or rather point them in this beaut’s direction.

Halloween Entertaining Trick or Treat Table Home Decor Its a Party Candy Bag Black and Orange

Via Lil' Luna

My imagination has run way past the normal Halloween essentials and I basically would just keep the skeleton of the table, i.e. the backdrop and the banner. Ideally, I see myself having premade candy “surprises” (really I would just do this so it’s easy and fair when kids go for the grab). I’d probably do something a little different as far as the decor on the table itself, but all of that is easily changeable!

In the end, I really want to stray away from the “scare” factor that is often attached to Halloween and turn the focus to something that is more happy and festive. Good clean fun is the goal...none of that haunted mansion shenanigans! I’m scared at how excited this post has made me and I hope you are too after these amazing Halloween party ideas! I’m ready for Halloweenie like it’s no one’s business!

Do y’all have any ideas for my trick or treat table? I want something bigger and more full! In this case, I think that more is better. Fill me in on your thoughts and what gets you going and excited for fall! As always, please comment below with any and all suggestions and show your love by sharing!

**Featured image via Saved by Love Creations