Don’t have a lot of options for Halloween costumes? Make the most of what you have by taking your Halloween makeup to the next level this year!

Hello, lovely readers! My favorite holiday ever is slowly approaching. Halloween is my absolute favorite. All the lovely treats, skulls, and costumes just make me happy. And then you have the whole weather cooling down because it’s actually the middle of fall thing going on. Maybe. Sometimes south Texas still thinks it’s summertime, but regardless, I am happy because it’s time for Halloween! I love dressing up for Halloween, but I don’t always have a lot of items I can use for outfits. So, this year I found some cool Halloween makeup ideas for you guys (and me) that can be paired with neutral or easy to find outfits you may already own. Let’s get started!

Halloween Makeup Tim Burton Style Cheshire Cat with Hooded Scarf Blue Hair DIY Costumes

I am in love with this Cheshire Cat look! I loved the Tim Burton Alice in Wonderland, and the Cheshire Cat was just fantastic. This look would take a bit of practice to get the teeth right, but man would it be awesome! Some makeup, blue-gray or just gray clothes, and if you can get or manage to make some sort of headwear like this, you’ve got it made. Take your time painting on the mouth and teeth, give yourself some blue-gray eyebrows, and seriously go all in for those winged cat eyes. This may be my costume this year. I still haven’t decided!

Halloween Makeup Green Skinned Wood Nymph Woodland Fairy DIY Costumes

You can easily turn yourself into a woodland fairy, a wood nymph, or even Groot! All you need is clothes in creams, browns, or greens, and then some branches. Green or brown costume makeup to color your arms, and to add some color to your face. I would definitely play with smoky makeup in earth tones instead of going for any black lines or winged looks. A smoky eye feels more nymph to me, but hey if you want wings, go for it. Top it off with some big green lashes (if you have the ability and cash to do so) and you have yourself an easy to make costume!

Halloween Makeup Teal and Gold Siren Mermaid DIY Costumes

I have been in love with this Halloween makeup look since I first saw it about three years ago. I love this makeup trick! To make an epic siren or mermaid, all you need is a pair of fishnets. Place next to your skin and dust on your makeup. Then you have this awesome scale look without having to spend 5 days making each scale. Experiment with colors, metallics, designs, and even how you wear fake lashes. Pair with any mermaid like clothes you own (scale leggings, anyone?), or go as a newly turned siren who was dragged to the depths in normal clothes. You can’t go wrong!

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Halloween Makeup Turquoise Glitter Sugar Skull Flowers DIY Costumes

Halloween is always the perfect time to show off your love of skulls! This sugar skull would be easy to do, and you can pair it with any black clothing you own. The fun thing about sugar skulls is that there really is no ‘set’ look for them. As long as you have the basic skull look, you can add any colors, lines, flowers, jewels, whatever to it and make it your own. Plus, there are tons of images online you can look at for inspiration if you can’t decide. To top it all off, you can make a pretty cool crown out of flowers by buying fake flowers on sale or with coupons.

Halloween Makeup Full Face Skeleton Gray Hair DIY Costumes

You can go with intense skull and skeletal looks too! I have always wanted to do this one, and I might this year, if I have the time to practice. Definitely test this Halloween face makeup out so you have it down before the big day. This is probably the most complex one I have listed just because it’s a real skull. The fun thing is that you can play off of your own bone structure and really accent your own skeleton. Kind of morbid, in a way, but I think it’s awesome and unique.

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Pair this Halloween skeleton makeup with black clothes and you’re set! You can add a silvery wig and contacts if you want, but it isn’t necessary. You can literally wear anything with this makeup because honestly, if skeletons started walking, they would be wearing clothes of every era and have a rainbow of hair colors to choose from. So, have fun with it!

Halloween Makeup Half Face Skeleton DIY Costumes for Men

If a full skull is too much, go halfsies! This would look cool on anyone, but this dude here has a pretty great look going on. I do like how he is wearing one white contact to really make an almost yin and yang vibe, but again, it’s not necessary. You can pair this Halloween makeup with any clothes you want, but black is always a great bet! You can also do a diagonal line instead of down the midline, or you can do the top or bottom half of your face instead. Any of those would be cool!

Halloween Makeup Pretty Cracked and Broken Doll Blonde DIY Costumes

If you want to go with a super pretty look, put on your best makeup and clothes, then add cracks with black eyeliner and shadow to turn yourself into a cracked and broken doll. Pretty, creepy, and so easy to do! Pick a spot on your face for the main dent, and start to sketch cracks coming off of it. Then add soft black and brown eyeshadow to introduce some depth to the cracks. As for the rest of your makeup and outfit, you get to choose! Make yourself a Pretty Doll, or a Goth Doll, or anything and everything in between. Go as a doll version of yourself that has been smashed. Find a look you like, then add this on top. And please send pics if you do!

There you have it, folks! A crash course on some epic Halloween makeup ideas that you can add to outfits you already own to make the Halloween costume of your imagination. Which is your favorite? Is there a Halloween makeup look you like that you don’t see here? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. And, as always, stay creative, my friends!