We all have that one awkward hallway that we don’t know how to decorate and it sticks out like a sore thumb. We’re gonna change that with these fun hallway decor ideas!

Hello! So I don’t know about you guys, but I love fun and interesting decor. I love normally bare spaces that are decorated to look like they are a room of their own. And so, we come to the inspiration for this post. Hallways are a necessary part of home design, yet there are so many that are hard to decorate. And thus, they end up being left bare. Not today! In this post, I’m going to share some awesome and wonderfully fun hallway decor ideas that are sure to spark your imagination and get you decorating that bare and boring hallway! Are you ready to have your mind blown? Let’s look at some hallway decorating ideas that are so pretty, they could be a room of their own!

Hallway Decor Polka Dot Themed Space with Hall Rug Rain Boots Jackets and Coats Umbrella

Via Ideal Home

Isn’t this hall design just fantastic? I love polka dots! I cannot get over all the awesome polka dot items in this picture (and that cute pooch!). But real talk here. How easy would it be to upgrade that drab hallway of yours with a print theme, like these polka dots here? A simple rug, a couple other items, and maybe a piece of art, and you have a great looking space! I think stripes would make a fantastic hall decoration as well. Or even busier prints like check, houndstooth, or even floral designs! I would find a rug that you like, and add in your decor from there. Unless you have an abundance of one particular print in your home already, then go with that.

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Hallway Decor Country Themed Cushioned Mudroom Storage Bench Wallpaper Jug of Flowers

Via Ideal Home

I can’t figure out which part of this space is my favorite. The wallpaper is gorgeous, the shelf is exquisite, and that bench is just plain awesome. I love the storage under the bench, like what you would see in a mudroom. I think this hallway furniture would be great near the door, so you have a nice place to set your bags and kick off your shoes when you walk in, and also to sit and put your shoes on as you leave. I really love the large pillows on the bench as well. It makes this space feel so homey, so relaxed and comfortable. It’s definitely going to set the mood for the rest of the house if this is the first thing you see!

Hallway Decor Green Walls with Floor to Ceiling Wall Gallery Artwork Pop Art Prints

Via House & Garden

This has got to be one of the most awkwardly shaped hallways I have ever seen. However, it is decorated flawlessly! I love the bright green hallway paint, which definitely separates it from the other walls in the home. And floor to ceiling gallery walls? Oh, that’s just wonderful. This so reminded me of the dining area in my sister’s old house where her and her husband kept all their paintings, pictures, and art, and I think their wall was green too. Maybe it was yellow. I don’t remember. Think of this idea as a great way to experiment with color in your home. And, if you have kids, how great would this idea be for a place to house their artwork? The fridge will run out of room very quickly, but floor to ceiling hallway wall art like this provides way more space!

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Hallway Decor with Wooden Log Pieces Arched Door Backyard Pool Lanterns

Via House & Garden

Wood-n’t you like to have this decor in your hallway? How cool is this? I love all the different slices of wood, and all the different shapes, colors, and angles. This has a tactile look to it and I really want to touch every piece of wood on those walls. This would be wonderful for any type of cottage, rustic, or country style hallway design ideas. Or, if you are a tactile person like me and just want to touch the walls because of the wood blocks that are on them. Beware of splinters, though!

Hallway Decor Boho Painted Motifs on Pink Walls with Runner Covered Table

Via House & Garden

This would be a fun and easy way to upgrade your hall decor! I love the motifs here; they really pop against the pale pink walls. This reminded me of the wall decor in my bedroom in high school. I had metallic, sheer silver stars painted onto blue walls, and they looked awesome. How great would that be in a hallway? You can totally do something similar. What’s the decor like throughout your house? Maybe you have a lot of floral decor in your home. You could definitely paint large flowers on your walls, or even go with a floral mandala like here. Flowers not your thing? Maybe you like The Avengers. Who says you can’t paint the symbols of all the heroes on your hallway walls? If you do that, please, please, please send me photos!

Hallway Decor Neon Script Artwork in Heart Shape Console Table with Flowers

Via House & Garden

Hello, Neon! I have always loved neon lights. Maybe it’s because both my grandfather and my dad had large collections of those gaudy beer signs when I was growing up. Who knows? But neon lights are fun, and they are just awesome in home decor! You could totally recreate this as part of your hallway wall decor with one of your favorite sayings, or a cool design like the heart shape here. You can always go with what you can find premade too. But, I think you could mimic this look with some rope lights, don’t you agree?

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Hallway Decor DIY Dark Teal Statement Flowers White Panels on Walls Stairway


I saved my favorite for last. This has got to be one of the coolest hallway wall decor ideas I have found. I love the simple wooden table with flowers, books, and those cute wooden fruits, but I especially love those large teal flowers. Whoa. I kind of want those in my life. I found a couple of awesome tutorials on how to make felt flowers that look like these, too, which you can find here and here.

All you would have to do is pick a color, like this dark teal, or even colors like purple, pink, maroon, yellow, whatever you like, and make the flowers as large as you want! There’s even a cute tutorial for felt creations that look like succulents, and I’m all about that! You can also make these out of paper, like these here and here! But, I’m pretty sure you can use either material, or even tissue paper, for any of these tutorials. In the world of hallway art ideas, these giant flowers are my fave!

Is your #hallway decor in need of an upgrade? Check out these awesome and fun ideas!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

There you have it, folks! Some wonderful photos that I hope inspire you to take another look at that bare hallway in your home and add in some fun decor! Which hallway ideas were your favorite? Personally, I love the neon lights and the statement flowers! Let me know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends, and as always, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via Ideal Home