Most of the tile designs you see nowadays are square or rectangular, which can be awesome, no doubt, but have you seen hexagon tiles? Check them out!

Hello everyone! There are lots of different tile designs out there, from patchwork and subway tiles to Talavera and glass. But, they’re usually all square or rectangular. Sometimes we need something a little different in our lives, and boy do I have the tile for you. Who needs square tiles when you can have something awesome like a hexagon tile?! Surprisingly, they go together well and create some really pretty designs on your floor, walls, and backsplashes. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at some different designs and styles to show you why you need hexagon tiles in your life.

Hexagon Tiles in the Bathroom

Hexagon Tiles Large Grey Honeycomb Tile in Minimalist Bathroom Walls Freestanding Bathtub

Hexagon tiles of any size look awesome in the bathroom. Take a look at these large tiles for example. Man, they look great, and I love that shade of gray. I really like that there is some texture etched into the tiles so they aren’t flat and boring. Definitely a great idea to add that detail into this very minimalist and sleek bathroom! Plus, the scale of the tiles is perfect because any other sized tile would look out of proportion with the large tub and floor tiles.

Hexagon Tiles Large White Honeycomb Tile in Bathroom Plants Wall Mirror Modern Design

White hexagon tiles look so sleek! I love the look of white tiles in a bathroom and these tiles are perfect for this space. I am very partial to how the edges look. The tiles aren’t cut to make a perfect, straight line. The wavy look the hexagon tiles provide is pretty awesome in my book, and I would definitely add that in if I was to decorate with hexagon tiles right now. It adds in a fun element and a great statement piece without adding any extra decor. Such a great way to decorate if you’re looking for a minimalist style!

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Hexagon Tiles Black and White Patterned Honeycomb Tile in Bathroom Wood Panel Dark Walls

No one said you have to only use one color of tile! I love the design with these black and white hexagon wall tiles. I love black and white decor, and the styling of these tiles is brilliant. I love how it looks like the black tiles are dripping into the white tiles, like paint. There aren’t too many black tiles to make the space look too dark either - just enough of each color to create the perfect balance.

Hexagon Tiles Gray and Green Spilled Honeycomb Tile in Bathroom and Hallway Floor Tiling

This is probably one of my favorite multicolor honeycomb tile designs. I love how the green tiles have so much depth and color, and that they melt down the walls and across the flooring. Choosing mottled gray tiles to offset the green was the perfect neutral to have, as it keeps the natural look coming from the green tiles. It reminds me of how moss sometimes grows on walls, and I love how it’s replicated in this bathroom.

Hexagon Tiles Black Grey and White Ombre Honeycomb Tile Wall Yellow Accent Chair and Pendant Light

Ombré, anyone? The fantastic design of this wall mixes black, medium gray, light gray, and white hexagonal wall tiles to create an ombré paradise! I love that the colors blend and mix together instead of just being a straight line. It creates more interest in the wall design, and also looks really cool! This style would go well in many other colors as well, from browns to even brighter colors or rainbows. I really like the black to white look because you can have fun colors like this yellow pop in the rest of your decor.

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Hexagon Tiles in the Kitchen

Hexagon Tiles Mottled Blue Grey and Taupe Floor Honeycomb Tile Kitchen Island White Cabinets Blue Chandelier

Via Houzz

Even the kitchen flooring looks great when done in large hexagon tile! The mottled look this flooring has because of the multiple colors of tiles used is stunning and is definitely the statement piece of this kitchen. The neutral decor complements the bold style of the flooring, and I really love the pops of blue throughout the floor. I also think this would look great in blacks, grays, and whites!

Hexagon Tiles Large White Honeycomb Tile in Navy Kitchen Copper Pendant Lights Keurig Coffee Cups

I love this half wall done in large white hexagon tile. The unfinished look pops against the navy of the walls and cabinets. It adds a brightness to the space that wouldn’t look as cool if they had completed the whole wall this way. With hexagon shaped tiles, you can play with the shape of the design, and don’t have to finish everything off in a straight line. There’s no way to go wrong here!

Hexagon Tiles Teal Honeycomb Tile Backsplash with White Grout in Kitchen Farmhouse Sink Copper Fixtures

Tiled backsplashes are always gorgeous, especially when the tile is in pretty colors like this dark teal! I love the thick line of white grout between the tiles. It brightens up the backsplash without taking away from the color of the tile, and it looks so clean and sleek. This would be the perfect style to add into a kitchen decorated in a modern, farmhouse, or even eclectic theme. You can choose a more neutral color if that’s your thing, but don’t be afraid to play with the grout coloring too.

Hexagon Tiles Wood and White Honeycomb Tile Flooring Bench with Plants and Cacti

This is probably my favorite version of the hexagon floor tile! I had no idea how awesome this tile would look when paired with wooden flooring. It’s something I really need in my life. One day, I’m so adding these hexagon tiles into some wooden flooring like this because it looks wonderful. Just the perfect amount of statement in this flooring is all you need to make your home look even better. And, you can install it pretty easily yourself if you’re a big DIY-er!

There you have it, folks! My crash course on how awesome honeycomb tiles are and how fantastic they can look in your home. Which was your favorite? I love the tile and wood combo and the ones with many different shades of tile. Let me know your favorite in the comments below, and share this post with your home decor loving friends and family. And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via DigsDigs