Say goodbye to heavy sweaters and hot, stuffy winter wear! Check out our take on what’s fresh and on trend for spring fashion 2015! 

Spring is here and the flowers are in bloom! I think it’s hard to be in a bad mood when the weather is sunny and bright. Am I right? I hope so. As spring comes rolling in, many new things come rolling in with it. One of those many fabulous things is new fashion trends for warmer weather. I sure hope you stop wearing your thick wool sweaters when the sun starts shining. Put those winter garments away and get ready for sunshine and smiles with these awesome spring fashion trends. Oh and great news, friends! I’m covering not only women’s fashion but men’s fashion as well. Shall we go on a fashion rendezvous?

Her Take

Let’s start with the ladies because as the saying goes, “”Ladies first!”

Womens Fashion Spring 2015 White Blouse with Black Mini Skit and Doc Martens Black Blazer over Shorts Sleeveless Spring Dress with Sandals

Via Lena Penteado

Alright ladies, being a girl myself, I personally love spring fashion! Generally, I prefer warm weather over cold. Why you may ask? Well, primarily because I am always cold for some reason. (I’ve been told that has to do with poor circulation or something along the lines of that?) So due to my body always been ‘cool-temperatured’ (I may have possibly made up that word), when it comes to winter-wear, I often opt to wear the warm and practical rather than warm and cute. So hooray for spring being here because I don't have to worry about not being warm anymore!

Sheer Midi Skirts & Feminine Touches

Spring Fashion 2015 Sheer Black Midi Skirt with Graphic Sleeveless Blouse and Strappy Sandals

Via Lena Penteado

I love this trend so much! I adore how feminine and sweet looking midi skirts are. I’ve seen sheer midi skirts on a lot of celebrities lately. As sweet as this trend is, it can also veer into the “sexier side of fashion.” I don’t have enough guts to wear a skirt like the one the women is wearing in the photo above; however, I can’t deny that she looks absolutely fabulous. I love how she paired a fitted metallic top with the skirt. I think the colors she chose look lovely. I mean, seriously friends, black goes great with every metallic color!

Spring Fashion 2015 White Spring Tulle Skirt with Plaid Flannel Shirt

Via Corilynn & Co

Here’s a more casual variation of the sheer midi skirt look. I love this because it’s rustic but still very girly because of the feminine white tulle skirt. I can’t emphasize enough that there is something just so classic and elegant about mid-length skirts! I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of tulle skirts lately. What I love about this feminine fashion piece is that it’s transitional and can be worn in all seasons - winter, spring, summer, and fall!

Fringe Factor

Spring Fashion 2015 Olivia Palermo Fringed Skirt Outfit with Sunglasses and Long Sleeve Shirt Rolled Up Sleeves

Via The Olivia Palermo Lookbook

Fringe is back ladies and it looks oh-so-fierce! Check out Olivia Palermo rocking that suede fringe skirt. Fringe is a fun and fresh way to add a little extra sass and pizzazz to your outfit. I think fringe is fun for the eyes and especially fun to wear. Have you ever twirled or even simply walked around in a fringe-y outfit? It’s so fun watch the fringe “dance."

Spring Fashion 2015 Fringed Sleeve Jacket over White Dress with Red Clutch

Via Fashion Tag

Can I just say that I’m loving the boho-chic feel that fringe adds to an outfit. I love this fun suede jacket. It’s different, unique, and definitely eye-catching. It’s interesting because fringe has been an on-again, off-again fashion trend throughout the years. From the 20s to the 70s and now today, fringe has been ever present throughout the history of fashion. I’m so glad it’s back!


Spring Fashion 2015 White Overalls with White Shirt Underneath and Silver Sandals Leopard Clutch

Via Glamour

Who knew overalls could look so chic! I love the look of this all white outfit. I like how she kept the colors very minimal and crisp. Seriously though, check out her toes! Even her pedicure is color coordinated with her outfit. How chic is she?! This outfit is super trendy and looks lovely with the minimal metallic accessories and animal print clutch.

Spring Fashion 2015 Brown Overalls with Graphic Print Shirt and Statement Necklace

Via Apartment 34

Here’s another fun and eclectic outfit. I’ve never seen leather overalls before. This look is definitely different and very bold. I love the classic blue and tangerine shirt she is wearing beneath her overalls. I would wear that shirt in a heartbeat! It’s stunning!

Getting Back with Gingham

Spring Fashion 2015 Pale Blue Top and Bottom Gingham

Via I'm the It Girl

When I think of gingham, I think of picnics or Little House on the Prairie. Gingham being “high fashion” isn’t something that I would’ve expected; however, after seeing this little number on the runway, my perspective has changed entirely. I love how the skirt sheers out. I think the overall look of this crop top and skirt combo is very feminine and sweet, and perfect for springtime.

Spring Fashion 2015 Black and White Gingham Shirt Dress with Sandals and Purse


Here’s another look that features gingham and I think it’s super sweet. I love the casual look of this gingham shirt dress. Plus those shoes are super cute. Props to this young lady for color coordinating her shoes and her purse. That takes real dedication! I think this outfit would be great for a day out on the town, errand running, or even a lunch date.

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His Take

Spring Fashion 2015 Menswear

Via W Magazine

Ladies and gentlemen, now that we’ve finished up with the ladies, it’s time to move on over to men’s fashion. If I were to think of one word to describe men's fashion for spring 2015, I would probably use the word fresh. So whether you’re trying to find what’s on trend for yourself or for the special man in your life, look no further! After much research, I have found a few fashion trends and essentials that are totally in this season for men. Let’s go on a menswear adventure!

Classy Casual Blazers

Spring Fashion 2015 Classy Blazers for Men Blue Blazer Gray Blazer with Suit Printed Pants Ties

Via Parisian Gentleman

Nothing looks crisper or fresher than a good sports jacket or blazer! Check out this entourage of men all wearing blazers. They each look so fresh and stylish in their own unique way. What’s great about blazers is that they are versatile and can be worn all year long. Blazers are definitely a fashion staple for men’s (and women’s) closets. If you don’t have one, I’d highly suggest you get one and join the bandwagon of stylish, fresh blazer wearing men! My personal favorite in the photo above is the blue one farthest to the left. Although, they all look fantastic.

Spring Fashion 2015 Casual Menswear Blazer Blue Blazer with Sweater and Jeans

Via DressLikeA

Another great thing about blazers is that they can be dressed up or worn casually depending on the occasion. I love how this stud paired his blue blazer with a great pair of jeans for a cool but casual look. Also, check out those glasses. Top-notch fashion points go to this guy for his amazing fashion sense.

Rockin' Rolled Jeans

Spring Fashion 2015 Menswear Rolled Jeans with Casual White T-Shirt and Slip-ons Bike

Via Culture Drift

Here’s another trend that I’ve been seeing a lot lately not only during fashion week, but also everywhere I go—rolled jeans. This style, also known as cuffed jeans, is so on trend for spring. According to Live Creating Yourself, a cuffed jean “takes a man's look to a whole new level.” I couldn’t agree more! There’s something so cool looking about rolling jeans. Can anyone explain this phenomenon? I sure can’t. All I know is that cuffed jeans look great. The key to pulling off this trend is making sure you have a great pair of jeans to start with. I’m a fan of dark wash denim, but I’ve seen plenty of guys rock colored cuffed jeans as well!

The "Classic" Sky Blue Oxford

Spring Fashion 2015 Menswear Blue Oxford with Green Denim and Black Shoes

Via Fashion in Motion

Classic pieces never go out of style. Just like blazers, oxford shirts will never die! Wear a nice oxford with a great pair of jeans and cool shoes and you’ll be ready to tackle the day. I love how the guy in the photo above paired his clean oxford shirt with a colorful pair of sage green jeans. Colored jeans are a fun, trendy pairing with a classic piece like this crisp oxford button down.


Spring Fashion 2015 Menswear Man Purse Tan Satchel with White Shirt Scarf Black Pants and Shoes

Via Male Model Street Style

Ladies, watch out! We’re not the only ones toting bags around. Satchels for men or “man purses” are becoming more and more popular. I guess guys finally realized how handy it is to carry around a bag with all of your necessities. In contrast to a woman’s more feminine purse, men’s satchels generally lean towards a more androgynous style. Canvas and leather satchels with neutral colors and tones are what is most popular among bag carrying men!

Spring Fashion 2015 Menswear Backpacks


However, if you guys think that a satchel is far too feminine or not masculine enough to carry around, there are great sporty options. Check out these guys rocking their colorful backpacks.

Well, there you have it ladies and gents. I hope you’ve had your fill of spring 2015 fashion trends for both men and women. This season, let’s be persistent in our pursuit to look great. Take these trends and make them your own. Your personal style should express you. If you saw a trend you liked, you should definitely rock it this season!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this fashion post! Let us know in the comments below what you think about this season’s trends for guys and girls. Feel free to share this post with all your loved ones and family. Thanks for reading! ‘Til next time, friends!

**Featured image via Reveal