These are no ordinary holes in the ground. These hobbit homes can be custom built, and look like they were shipped directly from the Shire!

Okay, so you all know by now that I am a mega super nerd, and you probably thought there was no way I could get any nerdier. Well, you were wrong. I stumbled upon these epic homes a few years ago, and let me tell you, I will have a hobbit hole when I am done with school. It was always a joke in the family that I’m part hobbit, since I am rather tiny and I eat like a hobbit (second breakfast, anyone?). So, it will be no shock to my family that I actually want a hobbit hole house. Today, I’m going to show you this pretty rad style of home, and show you that you too can have a very ecofriendly and green hobbit house yourself. Plus, they’re super affordable. And, you can make them any size you need! You’re probably thinking, “Okay, Julie, if these houses are so cool, why don’t you just show us already” and before you can think that again, let’s talk about the awesomeness of super ecofriendly, green, and affordable hobbit homes!

Hobbit Homes Under Construction Installation Single Unit House Ecofriendly Green Houses

Via Bored Panda

This is one of the single unit hobbit house plans. They’re about 400 square feet, so quite literally a tiny home with bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen areas and you can add multiple together to create chains to make a bigger home if you like. They are completely customizable, or you can pick from one of the existing floor plans, which has everything from tiny homes to 3 bedroom homes with garages. I may have spent a lot of time drooling over some of these hobbit house designs.

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I love that, if you look at the floor plans on the Green Magic Homes website here, you can actually see multiple ways people have changed the layout. So they aren’t cookie cutter houses, which I was afraid of at first. Nope, completely customizable, even the already made floor plans can be altered. They’re pretty affordable homes, too, in the grand scheme of custom home building. These puppies can be distributed and sent all over the world, and it doesn’t matter what climate you are in either! Some people even bury these homes in the sides of hills. The homes are built for it!

Hobbit Home Under Construction Installation 5 Unit House Ecofriendly Green Houses

Via Inhabitat

Check it out! Look at how awesomely these pieces are going together! Did I mention you can have the pieces shipped to you! I did, didn’t I? Well, it’s exciting to me. All you would have to do is put it together. And do you want to know the best part? Other than Green Magic Homes shipping you all the pieces? The entire home can be put together in about 3 days. Add that to the 4-8 week shipping time, and you can quite literally move into a real hobbit hole in around 2 months. Um, sign me up please! This home here is one I would like. Look at all that space! You can definitely see the different sections and how they go together. And I did tell you that they can be put together in 3 days, right? It’s like IKEA furniture - you get all the pieces packed in a nice box (shipping truck) and you can easily put it together. How awesome is that?

Hobbit Homes Construction Installation 3 Unit House Ecofriendly Green Houses

Via Inhabitat

You can have as many doors and windows as you want, too. I’m not gonna lie, the only hesitation I have about living in a hobbit hole is the potential lack of windows and outdoor light. I was afraid the structure may not be able to handle a lot of windows and doors, but it can! You can have several window and door openings like these here. They are huge, too! I am a big lover of natural light, and if I’m going to get a hobbit home, it’s going to become an actual hole. And now that I know I can have lots of windows, this is so happening, and my hobbit hole will be under a hill. Because I am a huge nerd. Plus, that also helps with heating and cooling. These structures were built to be covered in dirt, sand, soil, or even snow, and be perfectly fine. I told you these hobbit home designs are awesome!

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Hobbit Homes Exterior with Freshly Installed Grass Ecofriendly Green Tiny Houses

Via Inhabitat

See? Look at how cute this is! After construction, you just need to decorate the interior and exterior! You can just have grass (or sand, snow, whatever is in the climate you are in) or you can even grow your own crops on your home. Talk about super green and ecofriendly! Green Magic Homes, the maker of these hobbit style house plans, actually encourages you to grow your own crops on your home, and even has layouts to show you some pretty efficient ways of doing so. I absolutely love ecofriendly and sustainable homes, and this definitely fits the bill. The reason they cover the homes in plant life is to help with heating and cooling, and they do. Think about it. The earth around cellars insulates the cellar, so why not use that same technique on your home? I wonder if you had a home stabilized in the ground, if it could double as a hurricane or tornado shelter?They are attached to a slab, so who knows? That’s something to think about.

Hobbit Homes Interior Under Construction Ecofriendly Houses Tiny Home

Via Bored Panda

After you finish construction, and set up your lovely garden exterior, it’s time to go inside! I love the interior look of these. Rounded rooms make me happy for some reason. Plus, that round window is to die for! You can see, even from this angle, that the inside of these little hobbit homes is actually huge! There’s a lot more room in here than it looks like because of the rounded, dome design. I love how you can see the way they are decorating the interior, since a lot of the pieces are still waiting to be installed. I love that they’re going very natural with the wooden accents. It reminds me of Bilbo’s home, which is totally what I would model my hobbit style house after. If you need decorating ideas, you should totally check out our Hobbit Home Decor post. It’s about as awesome as these homes, and has great examples you can implement into your own hobbit home!

Hobbit Homes Exterior Under a Hill with Concrete Stairway Ecofriendly Houses Green Magic Homes

Via Bored Panda

Remember that I said it doesn’t matter what type of terrain you have? Look at this one. First, I want to point out that door. Okay, I am done fawning over the door for now. Back to the home. This one is built into and under a hill. So the hobbits that own this home must be part of the Underhill clan. Maybe? No? Okay, that was bad. But I digress. This home perfectly fits into the land around it, and I just love the steps that lead up to the roof. I wonder what’s up there. Maybe lush gardens full of vegetables, a small chicken coop, or both. Flat lands, hills, or even mountains: it does not matter what type of land or terrain you have. These hobbit style homes can fit anywhere. What’s not to love?

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Hobbit Homes with Bricked Entryway and Lush Grass Flat Pack House Ecofriendly

Via Metro News

Here’s another beautiful example of the hobbit home fitting into the land. I love the bricked entrance and walkway. This picture really shows how well the outside of the home holds onto grass and other plant life. Like I said before, they’re built for this exact purpose. I would have loved to run up and roll down the side of this home when I was a kid. Who am I kidding; I would still do it now! This home really shows off how large and gorgeous the entranceway can be. I just love the windows and doors in these homes! Honestly, I just love everything about hobbit homes!

Well, there you have it, folks! A sneak peek into my completely nerdy side as I geek out over real hobbit homes that you can actually buy. Still trying to convince my family to help me purchase one of these (and I will totally pay them back!), but I may have to wait until after I am done with school. Would you live in a hobbit home? What’s your favorite part of these homes? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends! Until next time, stay nerdy, my friends!

**Featured image via Inhabitat