The best part of the holidays is a tie between yummy cookies and gift giving. So, why not have a holiday cookie exchange party this year! 

Hello, everyone! This cool weather has gotten me in the mood for the holidays. For those who don’t know, I love the holidays. Why? So. Much. Food. I love food, but my weakness is really desserts. It’s a toss-up between cupcakes and cookies, but you really can’t go wrong with some well-made cookies! I came across the idea for a holiday cookie exchange party, and let me tell you, it’s a fantastic idea! I’m so excited, and may look into doing something like it during this holiday season. Today, I’m going to share some fantastic ideas on how to throw your own holiday cookie exchange party, from the invitations to the tablescapes, and of course the cookie containers! Let’s take a look!

Holiday Cookie Exchange Party Invitation Paper Invites Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree

Via CNS Designs

Great invitations are key to a good party. If you’re crafty and creative, you can make your own. Make sure everything on the cookie exchange invitation is clean, legible, and goes with the theme of your party. You don’t want to send out a classic holiday invitation if you’re going for a non-traditional, off-the-wall party theme! Also, make sure your guests know that it’s all about the cookies, and to bring their favorite holiday cookie recipes! Hopefully you know a bunch of people who can bake!

Holiday Cookie Exchange Party Cookie Tasting Squad Invitation Gingerbread Man Christmas Tree

Via CNS Designs

As a side note: keep in mind if any of your friends have food allergies, and try to mention in the invitation (or with the invitation) if certain foods should be avoided so all of your friends can enjoy the cookie exchange! These two cookie exchange invitations are made by one of my best friends, and you can buy her invitations here!

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Holiday Cookie Exchange Party Finger Food Olives Sandwiches Peanuts


Speaking of certain foods, you can’t expect to have a party without real food! Cookies are great and all, but you have to have other things so people don’t go into sugar comas or get all hangry. I wouldn’t go for an all-out feast, but have a mix of foods. If you can get away with finger foods, that’ll make cleanup super easy, and people will be more likely to save room for all the yummy cookies everyone brought!

Holiday Cookie Exchange Party Chalkboard Classic Tablescape Wine Glases Apple Pie Cookies

Via Decorating Files

Presentation is super important, whether it’s the table with food or cookies, you gotta have a pretty space. Think again about your theme and what you already have available in your home to use as decoration. I love the simplicity of this tablescape. I think it would work great with any decor, mainly because of the chalkboard table runner. What a great way to display and name the cookies everyone brings, or even the main food courses! I love decor that is simple, yet totally shows what you want. In this case, there is just enough “holiday” stuff like sprigs of various herbs and trees, and red dishes that totally make this a Christmas cookie party!

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Holiday Cookie Exchange Party Floral Holiday Tablescape Christmas Stockings Red Napkins Ball Ornaments Candles

Via Decoist

This is another gorgeous tablescape that looks classic, but has a twist. You can change the colors to go with your style of holiday decor ( I prefer jewel tones!) and the fresh flowers will help create a wonderful atmosphere. I love how they used cloth napkins to really sell the red and white Christmas theme. You can buy or make cloth napkins for a very low cost, and it totally upgrades your party! Cloth napkins are so classy, and all you have to do is toss them in the wash when you’re done with the Christmas cookie swap!

Holiday Cookie Exchange Party DIY Mason Jar Cookie Containers Chocolate Chip Cookies


And the main event: the Christmas cookie exchange! I would personally have all the Christmas cookies out on a table (like the one with the chalkboard runner) and let everyone try them. Then, you can have some great containers for people to fill with holiday cookies and take them home! I love mason jars, and thought, hey with a bit of pretty ribbon or burlap, these could make great cookie containers! You can have larger ones, or smaller ones for people to separate their cookies. If you’re going this route, I would suggest having some sort of holiday themed reusable bag for your guests to put their cookie jar (or jars) in to take home!

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Holiday Cookie Exchange Party DIY Chevron Cookie Box Chocolate Chip Cookies

Via It's Always Autumn

This DIY cookie box is also so cute, and easy to make. I really had a hard time between this one and the featured image, so I picked both! Either of these would be easy to make for your guests, and are quite cute. You can customize these Christmas cookie boxes with different patterns, colors, or even make them in styles that your friends will like. That would really personalize each cookie container!

Holiday Cookie Exchange Party Rich Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream

Via Easy Holiday Treats

Last but not least, with a cookie party, you have to have drinks! And what goes better with cookies than milk! Try some hot chocolate, peppermint hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, or even boozy mixes with Baileys or Amaretto. A nice, milky drink is the perfect way to end a holiday cookie exchange party. Plus, you can dip your cookies in them!

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There you have it, folks! A fool-proof way of creating your own fantastic and wonderful holiday cookie exchange party! Have you ever had a cookie exchange party? Tell us how it went in the comments below, and if you haven’t had one yet, let us know if you’re planning on it! Don’t forget to share this post with your family and friends, and as always, stay creative, my friends!

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