There comes a time when everyone stops wanting material gifts for Christmas. If you want to change up your gift giving style, check out these holiday gifts!

Hello, lovely readers! The holiday season is fast approaching, and we all know how chaotic and stressful gift giving can be. I don’t know about you guys, but I hate buying gifts. I never know what to buy for others, and I usually end up getting it wrong. Lately at our family Christmas, we haven’t done the whole gift giving thing. Instead, we’ve done other things or made gifts for each other. I love that so much more than buying things for people. If you’re tired of buying holiday gifts for your friends and family, join me as we go over some awesome gift ideas that you can make or things you can do instead of buying gifts.

Holiday Gifts - DIY Mixes

Holiday Gifts DIY Mason Jar Hot Chocolate Mix Cocoa Sugar Chocolate Chips

I have always loved giving food. I mean, I love food and love baking, so I tend to give out a lot of cookies as Christmas gifts. You can totally give cookies (check out my cookie post here for more ideas on that) or you can give mixes. I love mixes! You give your friends and family everything they need to make something yummy. 

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Hot chocolate is always a good go-to. It looks so pretty layered in jars like this. You can experiment with different flavors too! White hot chocolate, cinnamon hot chocolate, or even chile mocha! Make a base recipe, and then add in special flavors for each person to customize the hot chocolate to their liking. Plus, this is cheap to make!

Holiday Gifts DIY Mason Jar Brownie Mix White Chocolate Chips Sugar Flour Cocoa Pecans

I love the idea of cake and brownie mixes too. Add the recipe on the jar for ease and load the jar up with all the dry ingredients. You could even do cookie recipes! I personally like the idea of homemade brownies. It’s not an easy one to make, but if you find a good recipe, you can share it with everyone and give them the jar of dry ingredients. Take the same steps as with the hot chocolate and customize each jar with different flavors for your relatives and friends. You can make blondies, spicy brownies, double chocolate, and many other flavors!

Holiday Gifts DIY Mason Jar Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Mix Bisquick Chocolate Chips Dried Bananas

Who says you can’t do breads? This would be a fun one and not one I have seen very often! This chocolate chip banana bread looks so cool in the jar. You can do a ton of different bread recipes too. Sweet breads, savory breads, any kind of bread! Just add in the dry ingredients and give the recipe so the gift recipient can make it when they get home. Plus, they have a bread recipe to continue to use. How awesome is that? It’s one of those cool Christmas gifts that keeps on giving!

Holiday Gifts - Mini Cocktails

Holiday Gifts DIY Mason Jar Cocktails Jack and Coke Baileys and Coffee Miniature Cocktail

If your friends and relatives aren’t bakers, why not do cocktails? These whip up really fast and you can make any cocktail out of it! You could do Big Red and coconut rum (one of my mom’s favorites), classic Jack and Coke, Baileys and coffee, orange juice and champagne, the sky is the limit. You could even go super fancy if you wanted and make more complicated drinks that have more than two ingredients. Plus, if you forget someone, you can run to the store and make this in like 5 minutes!

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Holiday Gifts DIY Infused Alcohols Navel Orange Vanilla Infused Bourbon

If you plan ahead, you can even infuse your own alcohols! You can infuse almost anything into an alcohol, from herbal teas to dried fruits and nuts. I made this awesome Earl Grey Bourbon by letting some leaves steep in a jar of bourbon for a few days. Oh man. It’s strong, but it makes a fantastic London Fog Latte. You can also infuse any kind of alcohol, from vodka to tequila. Check out some pretty rad recipes and ideas here! Maybe infuse some alcohol and make a cocktail set? Those would make some pretty unique holiday gifts for everyone!

Holiday Gifts - DIY Bath Salts, Scrubs, and Lotion Bars

Holiday Gifts DIY Homemade Rose Bath Salts Essential Oils Pink Salts

Making bath salts is super simple and they make great gifts. All you need is salt, an oil like coconut, olive, jojoba, etc., some essential oils, and maybe some herbs or flowers. And bam, you have bath salts. You can also up the amount of oil and make a salt scrub. They also just look so pretty in the jars, and you can whip up a ton of them super quick. For ideas on scent combos, check out my room scent blog posts for spring, summer, fall, and winter, and also my stress relief post!

Holiday Gifts DIY Homemade Soy Lotion Bar Gift Ideas Aromatherapy Holidays

I don’t make lotion bars very often, but they are mess-free and can be made into cute shapes. They take a little more planning, but you can make them and put them in cute little bags or tins and give them to friends and family. They’re super portable and are great for cold weather days so you don’t have to dig out a jar of lotion. Just rub the bar and go! You can use the same scents as above, or experiment and find something your friends and family will love!

Holiday Gifts - Family Vacation

Holiday Gifts Family Vacation Hanging out on a Beach Ocean Sand Holidays Destinations

For the last several years, my family has traveled for Christmas. One year we went to San Francisco to see my sister and then we went to Guatemala to visit her husband’s family. Now that was fun! No one bought Christmas presents, we all just chipped in to buy plane tickets and to sightsee at our final destination. 

Now this is the way I want to do Christmas for the rest of my life. Even if it’s as simple as going camping or staying at a cabin or house somewhere out in nature, or something as extravagant as traveling to another country, vacations are so much fun during Christmas. You get to enjoy experiences together, and then you can see new places and buy things there if you want something to remember the trip. Definitely my favorite thing to do!

Holiday Gifts - Volunteering

Holiday Gifts Volunteering Locally Giving Back Holiday Donations Christmas Cheer

This one is less about gifts for you and your family and friends, and more about giving back. If you really want to step away from all gift giving, see what everyone thinks about volunteering. Check out my post on giving back for great ideas on how to get involved during the holidays.

There you have it folks! Some great ideas on how to do the holidays without all the chaos of buying gifts. My family has done it for years and honestly I love it more than traditional gifts. Which idea is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below, and share this post with your peeps! And, as always, stay creative, my friends.

**Featured image via rawpixel at Unsplash