Entryways are taken for granted way too often! Let’s give them some love by adopting these simple entryway decor ideas! 

Making a good first impression is one of those things that we learn early on and it sticks with us until the day we die. It’s common sense and happens to be one of the first rules in entertaining, decorating, and networking. I think we can all agree that we have made some snap judgments about people or things based upon a first impression that went awry and later realized whatever your initial thoughts might have been, you were very, very wrong. If you can’t think of a time that happened, then I’m hoping you have a bad memory and I’m not just a bad person because I find myself doing this way too often. You know how they say “don’t judge a book by its cover,” well the same goes for home decor (or in this case foyer decor). The outside of a home could be dismal and boring, but the second you cross that threshold your immediate thought could be “wow,”all depending on what you see first, i.e., the entryway decor.

I’ve become a little bit obsessed with decorating lately and what else would I do with all of this inspo but share it with all of our lovely readers? At first, I was like “ugh foyer design is so complex and could go wrong real fast,” but I began to realize that it’s not that hard...it doesn’t take much to spruce up a doorway! Let’s quit the dramatics and be real about it. After a little research, the basics are pretty basic. Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need for a beautiful entryway design.

Entryway Decor Interior Design Rule of Thumb Plants Books Lamp Artwork Mirror Focal Point Bench Doorway Statement Piece

Via ROOMS Blog

Okay, so that’s the super simplified version of what you’re going to want when you design your entryway. Depending on the size of your console table, you might want to have more or less going on. Personally, I prefer longer console tables or credenzas to line the wall, with an identical lamp on either side, a mirror or piece of art hung behind, and a vase of flowers in the center. But that’s just me! I know that everyone has a different style, and because I’m a smarty and know this, I’m going to show you several styles that might tickle your fancy!

Here are 5 “first impressions” that you might want to consider:

Entryway Decor Minimal Modern Mid Century Credenza Oriental Rug White Walls Lamp Home Decor

Via MyDomaine

I would love to walk into a home and see this. That credenza is cool, calm, and collected all at once. The structure of this look follows the guide I posted above pretty closely so now you have a better visual! Also, notice the rug. It’s placed beautifully, and really adds some life and fun to the otherwise neutral entryway.

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Entryway Decor Design Home Decor Interiors House Hat Hooks Throw Pillows Black and White Pictures White Shelving Cool Hanging Light

Via Holly Mathis Interiors

Lighting is one of those home decor things I gravitate toward and am rather fond of. When I was little, I would always make my mom walk me down the lighting aisle of Home Depot when we were there. Call me crazy, but I just think lights are a happy thing. They really do…brighten…up a place, right? Anyway, the best part of this entry, other than this great foyer lighting idea, is that there is a bench (!) and a place to set pictures on. You can sit and tie your shoes and then stand up and look at fun pics. I’m all about that!

Entryway Decor Black and White Home Decor Interior Design Mirror Light Shelves Coat Rack Black Bag and Boots Black Shag Rug

Via Lushome

I think this entryway decor setup is the perfect space saver. There’s a rack to hang coats and drawers for whatever random things you might want to store in there or have to quickly grab on the way out of the door! The best part of this is that it is black and white and chic all over! Definitely the entryway for the ultra-chic fashionista and business woman!

Entryway Decor Design Home Decor Gold and Black Accents Fur Carpet Bench Plant Gallery Wall Designer Shapes and Sizes

Via Bored Art

You can never go wrong with a gallery wall...that’s just common knowledge. They look great and take little effort. I love that there are two different styles of frames that this home entryway sticks to. And, as I mentioned before: LIGHTING! I love this accent light. I’m not sure how much it really does, but it looks pretty, which I’m all for.

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Entryway Decor Design Home Decor Credenza Console Table Gray Lamps Light Fixture Chandelier Flowers Dog

Via Decoholic

Last on the list is kind of the thing I would have going on. I would tweak the mirror a little and go with a different style, but the idea in itself is what I would want to have. Light fixtures or chandeliers are a great focal point to have dead center and I love the simplicity of this design. There isn’t much clutter, just a couple of lamps and some flowers. Tres chic, no?

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Entryways set the tone for the rest of the house, which, from a decor aspect, is important! As I said before, first impressions are everything so we might as well give it all we’ve got and make a good one! What foyer decorating ideas do you love? There are so many components to consider and I would love to hear from y’all! Share your thoughts below by commenting and don’t forget to share!

**Featured image via DigsDigs