Who doesn’t love to mix it up every now and then? Barn door decor is quickly becoming a sensation in the interior design world and everyone needs to know about it! Read on for more on this trend.

Hello! I hope all is good and well with y’all today! I’ve found myself in a rut lately. The rut I speak of is very confining and I feel like I don’t have room for anything. This rut is small. Like reallllll small. Another name for said ‘rut’ is ‘space.’ That’s right peeps, I’m talking about the one thing we all either have too much or too little of. Living with three other people has forced me into the latter category. I have to keep my stuff in a small house and by house I actually mean my bedroom and half of the bathroom. There’s very little common storage space available. Like I said, small space. But, I think I’ve found the solution to my problem: Barn Doors.

Let me break it down for you a little—traditional doors, like the ones we have in the house I’m in, all open inward, which makes it impossible to open certain drawers and cabinets in the bathroom. It’s so frustrating and therefore confining. If we had sliding door tracks and some good old barn doors in our bathroom, life would be instantly easier. One like the one below would be nice! Of course, it wouldn’t be covering a nursery, but I like that it’s a single door for something like a bathroom that doesn’t need a huge opening!

Barn Door Decor Baby Bedroom Nursery Giraffe Stuffed Animal Ampersand Marquee Letter Sliding Door Modern Contemporary Home Decor

Via Hunted Interior

I think I’ve proved my space point pretty well...so now let’s move on to the good stuff! Barn doors are great for the decor of a home. Any interior would be happy to showcase this amazing design trend. These sliding barn doors are inspired by—you guessed it—an actual barn! I only wish I was the one to get this train moving because it’s a beautiful look! Not to mention versatile! There are so many ways and places to install this type of door, all you need is a kit for barn door hardware to do it. Easy peasy.

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Another bonus of utilizing a barn door is that they come in all shapes and sizes and colors! Fun meets function with these suckers! I’m really into using them as a way to cover the washer and dryer as a laundry room door. This picture sums it up perfectly! It has shape, size, and color on its side. How awesome would it be to add a bright pop of color into a home with a cool door like this?

Barn Door Decor Orange Painted Door Laundry Room Washer and Dryer House Home Decor Interior Design Space Saver

Via Home Bunch

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Do you have an open space in your house that you love having there, but sometimes wish you could close off for a while? Interior barn doors are the answer to the problem you may not have known you had! Something like these tall and skinny gray doors will certainly do the trick when they act as a wall separator! Plus, even when they are open, they look awesome and add to the decor of the space.

Barn Door Decor Home Design Interiors Wall Separator Living Room Throw Pillows Dining Room Table Kitchen House

Via Better Homes and Gardens

If you don’t have a huge space you’re hoping to section off, you can always use barn doors as an alternative to French doors that give privacy to an office! That’s why this particular set is so great. From an aesthetic perspective, this option is much more pleasing to the eye than any other plain and simple door would be!

Barn Door Decor Pretty Rustic Sliding Doors Office Orange Chair Gray Color Home Decor Interior Design

Via Apartment Therapy

Before I leave you alone to ponder what your life would look like with barn doors in it, I have two more styles to show you! The first is actually amazing. And the second, well, the second is both funny and cool. To begin the end of this post, I want you to check this out! The perfect pantry door. Need I say more? Kitchen space is already in short supply so if you have a little wall space to spare, you’ll never have to kick people out of your way when you need to maneuver around in the kitchen! It would make cooking so much easier!

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Barn Door Decor Pantry Kitchen Subway Tiles Black and White Cool Kitchens Food Storage Snacks Home Decor Interior Design

Via The Kitchn

The very last concept I want to share comes straight out of a tiny house, mostly just because I thought it would be fun for y’all to see. This little house is only 400 square feet in total. It is quite literally a tiny house. But, with a teensy home comes great design responsibility and the owner of this abode took that very seriously. She implemented not one, but two barn doors in her house and it looks fantastic! Even the bathroom floor tells them they look good!

Barn Door Decor Barn Doors Bathroom You Look Good Primp Tiny House Home Design Interior Decorator Austin Texas Small Space

Via Lonny

The greatness of barn door styles only seems to get greater as time goes on. I don’t see this interior design trend going anywhere any time soon! Maybe they’ll become the new traditional type door. What do you think? Would you put barn door decor in your place? I want to hear all about it. Share and comment below and I’ll get back to you ASAP!

**Featured image via Life with Fingerprints