What home decor trends are going to be hot this year? There are a bunch of good ones, so let’s take a look and see what’s out there!

Hello, readers! It’s a new year, so I feel obligated to start talking about home decor trends that should be pretty hot in 2018. There are so many fun ones, and I think I even like a lot of them and may even see what I can manage to add into my current decor! Talking about trends is hard. You never really know if they’re going to catch on or not. After looking at these styles, though, I have a feeling some of these will definitely be the center of many home decorations. Let’s take a look!

Home Decor Trends Bubble Chandeliers Lighting Lamps Wall Art Cactus Dining Room Table

Bubble Chandeliers: I love bubble chandeliers. They look so cool! They always remind me of that scene in Willy Wonka with the champagne that makes you float. Sadly, I do not own one of these because every time I see one, I balk at the price. They are kind of awesome though, right? If you’re like me, and budgeting is something you have to do, you can always DIY this puppy! Yes, you can make your own trendy bubble chandelier with light bulbs, fishing line or wire, and clear ornaments. Check out this DIY here, and alter it to your tastes! I would so have lots of different sized ornaments hanging all around the light, not just one wired piece. But hey, it’s your DIY so do with it as you wish!

Home Decor Trends Typography Letter Art Wall Decor Dining Room Table with Pendant Lights

Typography Decor: Typography wall decor is still in! All of those awesome canvases, wall murals, and wooden cutouts of sayings, motivational phrases, names, or just letters are still popular interior design trends, and I like it. I love words (writer, here) and I love seeing words written or carved creatively. I’ve been on an embroidering kick for months now, and many of my creations have been some form of typography. Hey, maybe textile typography will be the next thing. I can dream, right?

Home Decor Trends Metallic Accent Living Room Metal Decor Crushed Velvet Couch

Via Brabbu

Metallic Accents: Metallic accents and decor have always been cool to me, and I love that they’re projected to trend in 2018! From metal wall decor to metallic painted accent walls, this decor style is all about the shimmer and shine. From gold and silver to copper and bronze, there’s not really a wrong way to add this decor into your home. You can go subtle, adding vases and tables made from shiny metal, or full on metallic with a room like this.

Home Decor Trends Warm Orange and Red Kitchen with Talavera Tiles

Warm Spaces: Big switch here in home trends! But, warm spaces are coming, folks. Rooms filled with rusts, beiges, oranges, and golds to create fiery, warming atmospheres. I think it would be perfect for a kitchen or living room, where you would want warmth to encourage the hustle and bustle of conversation and company. I bet you could add some gorgeous gold metallic accents in some warm orange or rusty red spaces and blend two trends together!

Home Decor Trends Iridescent Backsplash in Kitchen Cream Cabinets and Marble Island

Iridescent Accents: I had a feeling this one might be coming! With the newfound love of all things unicorn and mermaid, I knew iridescent decor wouldn’t be far behind. I mean, check out this backsplash! It looks like it was made from mother-of-pearl, and a mermaid probably cooks in this kitchen. Well, maybe not because it’s not under the sea, but it’s still pretty awesome. I bet this would also look super cool in bathrooms, living rooms, and even bedrooms, if you’re really into the shiny! Try accent walls, or even just using tiles to create cool murals or refinish the top of a dresser or night stand.

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Home Decor Trends Wabi Sabi Living Room with Textiles and Wooden Furniture

Wabi Sabi: I haven’t seen wabi sabi in a long time! Wabi sabi is the idea that we should find beauty in imperfection and asymmetry. Wabi sabi inspired interiors are usually filled with handcrafted items, since they are not mass-produced to perfection and every handmade item has some sort of flaw that makes it special. Check out this space here. I love the wonky table, the handmade chairs, and the natural elements. This would really help ground you if you need to chill out. Also, I love the basket the plant is sitting in. I so need one of those for my new fiddle leaf fig.

Home Decor Trends Modern Wabi Sabi Living Room with Textiles and Textures

You don’t have to go super far into the whole wabi sabi thing if it’s not you. Check out this space. It’s still totally wabi sabi, but it’s more modern. Look at the handmade textiles, the cushions, the giant rug, and the super awesome wooden home decor items everywhere. This is a great modern wabi sabi style space!

Home Decor Trends Earthen Living Room with Modern Elements and Plant Decor

Earthy Spaces and Wooden Elements: Oh, this is the decor that I have been waiting for. Bring on the natural, earthen spaces! So much wood, natural light, and plants galore! I love how this living room has a modern spin to it with the really cool floating shelves and the metal stairs. Almost industrial, yet super earthy.

Home Decor Trends Earthen Decor Wooden DIY Pallet Planter for Indoor Vertical Garden

To easily add some earthen and wooden decor to your space, why not add plants? A great pallet planter like this one would totally give you an added earthy element to your home decor. Plus, then you can grow some really cool plants or herbs if you want to make it your herb garden. I have always wanted one of these, and really hope to one day make one!

And there you have it, folks! A sneak peek at some of the trending styles in home decor this year. I’m so going to look at making a bubble chandelier, and I’m already pretty close to having an awesome earthen style with all my plants! Which of these design trends is your favorite? Are there any new home decor trends you want to add to your current decor? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your decor trend loving peeps! As always, stay creative, my friends!