Interested in home decorating, but don’t know where to start or can’t afford an interior designer? Check out these great tips on how to furnish your home, your way!

No matter how simple it seems, furnishing your own place can be quite hard, especially if you wish to do it properly! Of course, you can always hire an interior designer, but, while these experts will certainly make your job much easier and turn your place into a palace in no time, what if you can’t afford them? Since their services are professional, it’s no surprise they value their time and effort and often charge up to thousands of dollars for home decorating. That’s why it may be necessary to take matters into your own hands and learn how to decorate on your own. There is tons of inspiration out there. All you need to do is dedicate some time to learning the basics of home decor and letting your imagination do the rest. Here are some of the best ways to learn to furnish your way.

Home Decorating Tip #1: Watch the News

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You’d be surprised how many house decorating ideas you can find on your local news if only you paid more attention to it. There are always extraordinary individuals in your neighborhood who bring new innovations into the field of interior design and these people are the favorites of local and national media. Due to their coverage, you can see how a layperson can be successful with at home decorating tips without even trying too hard, and you can get a ton of inspiration this way.

Home Decorating Tip #2: Consult the TV Guide

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If you’re about to redecorate or renovate your home, be sure to leave some time to prepare for it by watching some of the best home decorating shows. There are different types of shows you can opt for and they focus on various aspects of interior decorating: house flipping, unusual decorations, DIY projects, listing redesigned properties, and even destroying everything and starting from scratch. Some of these shows will teach you how to pick the right wall color for your living room, others how to do everything as quickly as possible, while still others focus on repurposing and refurbishing your existing furniture. Together, these TV shows will turn you into a decorating expert and help to make sure you’re ready to tackle an entire project on your own.

Home Decorating Tip #3: TV Comedy and Drama

All those fans of television are certainly familiar with their favorite TV characters’ homes and have maybe even tried to copy some of the interior decoration found in them. Some of the shows that feature hidden gems for decorating enthusiasts are Mad Men, Sex and the City, and Gilmore Girls. You can’t even imagine how much inspiration you can get by binge-watching these shows!

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Depending on your budget and lifestyle, you can focus on the high-end office space used by Don Draper, down-to-earth bachelorette apartment occupied by Carrie Bradshaw, or Lorelai and Rory’s seemingly chaotic house packed with unnecessary decorations that all look quite fabulous. Of course, you may not have the money to include all of these elements in your own living room or bedroom, but lots of the ideas featured on these and other shows are affordable and just waiting for you at your local home decorating store.

Home Decorating Tip #4: Ask the Clerk

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Speaking of decorating stores, does anyone still shop there? Back in the day, you could simply walk into one of these without even knowing what you were looking for and come out with dozens of shopping bags full of amazing decorations and items that will brighten up your home. Nowadays, your brick and mortar options are limited, not because there are few things you can afford, but due to a much smaller number of these stores everywhere in the world. But, if you’re a fan of shopping, you can probably still find a spot near you and ask the clerk for a recommendation. This way, you’ll end up with an unexpected idea or a few decorations that suit your style and your home design perfectly.

Home Decorating Tip #5: Go Online

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And if you can’t seem to find a suitable store in your neighborhood, you can do the same online. Just go to one of the many home decor websites or Amazon, or other similar ecommerce sites and you’ll quickly come across a wide variety of home decor ideas and trends that can work for your home. You can even limit your search and explore only the items within your price range – some of these can look quite expensive and elegant, too! By focusing on details instead of the bigger picture for a minute, you can find remarkable decorations that will inspire you to continue the search. Ultimately, you’ll be able to decorate your entire home on a budget and without spending a fortune.

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Home Decorating Tip #6: Read Magazines...

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There are a great many home decorating magazines all around the world that can offer you incredible insight into the world of interior designers. They feature new ideas and top design styles for the current season, as well as a selection of trends that are never out of style. This is precisely the reason why home decorating magazines are the best source material for aspiring interior designers and home renovators who wish to learn everything: from ultra-modern trends that combine technology and decor to ways of modernizing the style of the 1920s or 1930s. Just like the aforementioned home decorating TV shows, these magazines focus on various stages of home furnishing, so you can not only find the precise information you’re looking for, but also learn a bit more about different phases of the process. Keeping them close-by is a good idea that enables you to reach for them whenever you have a decorating dilemma you need to address.

Home Decorating Tip #7: ...and Books

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And if magazines aren’t enough, you can always search for interior design books that give you the same type of info, but are much more thorough and detailed. Some of these titles will teach you how to bring just one room into the new century, while others will do the same for your entire home – and all of them will inspire you to refresh your home. With a number of illustrations, plans, blueprints and photographs, these books will keep you occupied for hours and prove to be irreplaceable during every stage of the home decorating process.

Home Decorating Tip #8: Talk to an Expert

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You may not be able to afford a professional interior decorator, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a lesson or two in this field. With a number of professionals ready to share their knowledge with decorating aficionados, not getting involved in these types of classes would be a huge mistake. You can learn a lot about professional interior designer services and furnishing your home on a budget, as well as find out about combining certain colors, textures, and materials. Taking lessons from educated and well-informed people ready to pass on their knowledge, share their stories, and discuss their experiences is more valuable than you can imagine.

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Home Decorating Tip #9: Talk to Your Grandparents

While this may sound strange at first, you’d be surprised how informative your elders can be when it comes to furnishing your place. Since they come from a different era, they’re accustomed to different types of decorations, which is why they can tell you something nobody else can – how to decorate with antiques and why these pieces work so well with modern decorating trends. Sticking to a certain decorating style is quite all right, but don’t forget about the old-school tendencies that will teach you how to make your home and decor more elegant, stylish, and timeless!

Home Decorating Tip #10: Listen to Your Kids

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Why not listen to your kids’ input as well? When designing their own room, kids have a tendency to be highly creative and find extraordinary solutions their parents ignore or don’t think are good enough. However, when working on a room your children are going to grow up in, be sure to take their ideas into consideration because they’ll be the ones occupying this space, not you. If you work together, you can end up with a room that will forever remain their own personal kingdom and one of their most loved childhood memories. Moreover, designing and decorating children’s rooms with them will turn you into a child for a moment as well, so you can achieve a more meaningful connection with your little ones.

Home Decorating Tip #11: Finally - A Little Help From Your Friends

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If you’re still unsure how to handle your home furnishing project, ask a few friends for help. They surely have some experience and can tell you what to do and what to avoid. Ultimately, they might even step in and lend a hand, which is something all of us can use. In the end, you’ll be able to spice up your home without having to break the bank and learn a new set of skills that will keep your place fresh and interesting in the decades to come.

Who would have thought it could be that easy to get information about home decorating? Never underestimate the power of just talking with those you know! Do any of you need help with home decorating? You can always ask us as well! We’ll help in any way we can. Share your thoughts below, and happy decorating, everyone!

**This is a guest post from Emma Joyce. Featured image via Dezeen