Everybody has to face ‘it’ one day or another. Just as every person is forced to grow up, we all, ultimately, need our home essentials to grow up with us. 

Friends, my day has been eventful to say the least. I could say it’s been busy, but that is a word I’ve been dreading lately. Adventurous? I like that word much better! Today, while driving to the good ol’ FurnishMyWay office, I realized that I am entering a new and exciting but unknown chapter in my life. I’m sure you might be able to relate to this in some way or another. You could be starting your own business or a new career path. Possibly graduating from high school, college, or even maybe, graduate school. You may be having your first child or second… maybe even third! Perhaps you’re like me and you’re getting married.

If you’re feeling any of the things above, then lemme tell ya… I’m in the same boat! New life chapters are exciting, but the unknowns can make them a little scary. Sometimes transitioning can feel like you’re about to run a marathon of sorts. Regardless of what life chapter transition you're about to face, we have to realize that we're bound to face them and we must accept changes and adjustments.

And, with a change in life comes a definite and necessary change in the things you have and don’t have. Whether you’re going off to a college dorm, moving into your own apartment, or moving in with your new spouse, necessary home essentials must be purchased! Today we’re talking about household essentials that every grownup (even those who are kids at heart) will definitely need to make their home, well… a home!

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Alright, before we move anywhere, I always like to evaluate what a general living room space is utilized for. For starters, it’s a place to entertain and relax. That’s a good starting point, right?

Here are the MAJOR things you’re going to need for your grown up living room home decor: seating, lighting, coffee tables, and other accessories. Let's start with seating!

Home Essentials Living Room with Hardwood Floors and Paper Chandeliers Yellow Couch Wall Gallery

Via Homesthetics

Alright, grownups out there, before we start talking about different types of couches, think about what kind of person you are and what couch might be right for you. Get ready for some old-fashioned introspection and application of the famous quote, “know thyself."

Home Essentials Industrial Living Room Indoor Plants Large Couch Wicker Accessories

Via A Merry Mishap

So really, do you know yourself well enough to know what kind of couch you need? Let’s start with your needs as an entertainer. Are you one of those people who just LOVE to entertain? Do you host a Super Bowl party at your house every year or hold a bi-weekly book club in your lovely home interior. Then consider getting a large couch or sectional that’s big enough to accommodate the amount of guests you often host.

Home Essentials Gray Living Room with Pink Settee and White Couch Area Rug Gray Paint

Via DIY Decor Today

If you’re often home alone and treasure your home as your secret get-away, then consider opting for something like a love seat and maybe two armchairs because really, what are you going to do with a super large couch all by your little lonesome (besides nap).

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Next up on the list of major needs is... lighting!

Home Essentials Contemporary Living Space Spanish Home Refurbishment Pendant Lighting Barn Doors

Via Adelto

Regardless of what kind of living room you have, you will always need lighting. Even if you have amazing natural light flowing into your living room during the day, good light at night is definitely needed. Seriously, how else are you going to read a book in your living room in the evening?

There are lots of different types of lighting you can get for your home. Floor lamps, ceiling pendants, sconces, table lamps, floor lanterns, the list goes on and on. Lighting is a home essential and when done right, it can make a home especially comfy and cozy.

Alright, now that we have lighting covered, shall we move on to the next topic of important grown up essentials for the home. Let’s talk about side tables, coffee tables, and ottomans.

Every living room needs a place to set your drinks, plates of food, and home decor accessories. That’s why coffee tables and really any four-legged surface are essential home decor!

Plus, how lovely are side tables and coffee tables? You can seriously dress them up so nicely for just about any home. Not going to lie, coffee table decorating is one of my favorite pastimes. It just makes me really happy!

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And now for the ultimate MUST for any grown up living room: essential home decor accessories!

Home Essentials Floating Shelves with Art Wall Mirror Gray Couch Glass Side Table Flowers


I’m talking pillows, throws, serving trays… you name it! If it’ll upgrade the look of your living room, it’ll instantly make your home furnishings feel more mature and well, grown up! Goodness gracious, this is my ABSOLUTE favorite part about decorating living rooms. Imagine seeing beautiful throw pillows, mirrors, art, flowers, and everything you can possibly think of that’ll make your living room lovely!

Do you have your home essentials covered? Check out our list of must-haves ASAP! #interiorstyling

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Sunday, October 30, 2016

I hope you enjoyed this post and have a few ideas as to what you need for your new grown up essentials home. Thanks for reading, friends! If you enjoyed this post, please comment below. I’d love to hear your thoughts! And, as always, don’t forget to share!

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