Sometimes you just need a home makeover. But, where do you start? We have tips and tricks from the best out there to help you with your home makeovers!

Good Morning! I’m excited today because we have a guest post from designer and stylist Chloe Taylor. She’s here to give us some advice on home makeovers. So, without further ado, here’s Chloe!

There’s no place like home, said Dorothy; and I have to agree one hundred percent.

Then there’s Poppy Delevingne, who describes her home as a person with split personalities; while there are rooms which are French antique, filled with Aubusson rugs, sandbag pillows and turquoise ceramic jugs; others are very Aztec, decorated with neon ikat fabric pillows and vintage bookshelves that go all the way up to the ceiling.

Then you look at your own house and notice it doesn’t quite suit any of your personalities. So, the question is – does it really feel like home? I think not. I believe you crave change.

For this reason, I’ve selected several home makeovers to highlight some of the most amazing transformations. I tried to cover different rooms to provide you with inspiration for every corner of your home.

Home Makeovers Two Story Home with Wooden Accents and Exposed Rafters

Via Andrew Franz Architect

If you’ve never heard of Andrew Franz before, after taking a peek at the Tribeca loft he designed, you’ll surely remember the name for a lifetime. What he managed with this house makeover was to completely transform an old, 1884 warehouse into a fully functional, modern loft.

Home Makeovers Two Story Home Exposed Rafters and Brick Walls Plants Stairways Dining Room

Via Andrew Franz Architect

He decided to keep the 19th-century ambiance by leaving the brick walls and high beamed ceilings. To add a spice of contemporary design, he included new steel and glass walls, as well as wooden flooring, creating a large, energy efficient space with a slight Scandinavian vibe. What sets this loft apart from others is the transition between the interior and exterior – Franz dared to design an inverted courtyard at the very center of the loft. The rectangular glass roof connects the living room with the garden, and provides the entire apartment with natural light. And by night, the terrace illuminates the loft and creates a romantic atmosphere.

Home Makeovers Patio Deck with Potted Plants and Trees Living Room with Large Area Rug and Wood Floors

Via Andrew Franz Architect

Inside, I have to highlight the living room as my favorite space; it is separated with two old wooden columns and located on a large red striped rug, which perfectly complements the enormous pine green couch and two simple chairs of the same color. The coffee table, as well, represents a true art piece, with its three mobile surfaces and a large, dark circular base.

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Although there was a time when you were all about the vintage look, if you’re keen on following trends, you might just want to upgrade your kitchen interior design with several modern pieces.

Home Makeovers Kitchen Remodel Black and White Color Scheme Laminate Flooring Chandelier Farmhouse Sink


Home Makeovers Kitchen Remodel Black and White Color Scheme Laminate Flooring Chandelier Farmhouse Sink


In the photos, you can see that the owners tried to keep some of the original details, while focusing on incorporating new, state-of-the-art appliances and fixing several plumbing issues. What they ended up with was a complete room makeover, changing the entire color scheme – instead of peachy walls, dark counter tops and plain white counters, they opted for light ivory tiles, clear white marble counter tops and dark, stainless steel appliances. Old floor tiles were exchanged for neutral laminate, which doesn’t draw too much attention, but contributes to creating a spotlessly clean look.

By deciding to go with glass counters and open shelves, in combination with white surfaces designed to reflect light, they managed to create a bigger space – visually, that is.

Home Makeovers Sophisticated Living Room with Jewel-Cut Chandelier and Olive Curtains


Home Makeovers Sophisticated Dining Room with Jewel-Cut Chandelier and Olive Curtains


Just outside the kitchen is a neglected little corner. At first, due to only a one-meter-long wall separating the kitchen from the dining room, everyone kind of lost interest when it came to proposing any home interior design ideas at all. Still, once the white walls opened up the kitchen, the solution was simple – by painting over the peachy shade of this cozy corner, a bit more visual space was added. With a dark oval table and elegant black and white chairs, the room got a touch of sophistication. After that, it was clear that the space lacked color, and that’s why it was important to incorporate olive chiffon curtains – to add a bit of warmth, and at the same time let in enough natural light. Like a cherry on top, a finishing touch – a jewel-cut chandelier, which highlights the cove ceiling.

As I believe the kitchen is the heart of your home, I’ve decided to provide you with one additional idea on how to transform your plain boring, all-white space into a room with a twist.

Home Makeovers Kitchen Remodel Before Wood Laminate Floors White Cabinets Ceiling Light


At first this kitchen was awkward; the counters were strangely-spaced, all in one line, and all the same color as the walls. Although we have to admit it did seem quite spacious and well illuminated, many are those who would describe it as extremely sterile. Then an interior designer came up with the perfect idea on how to change the interior decoration.

Home Makeovers Kitchen Remodel After with Stainless Appliaences Wooden Accents and Vaulted Ceiling


First off, the walls got covered with nude tiles that are a great complement to both the white countertops and steel appliances. Also, notice that behind the stove, you’ll find a dark olive, delicately tiled backsplash and a built-in pot filler – not only is this place stunningly beautiful, it’s highly practical, as well.

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Since the kitchen furniture now takes up a lot more space than before, the homeowners made a smart choice and went with glass counter tops and left the window drapes-free. To fill the middle of the room (which is not large enough to fit an entire dining room table, but still yearns for more kitchen elements), the owners set up a custom-designed bar, which is a terrific blend of modern marble and rustic wooden elements. With its high stools, it’s ideal for those looking to have a quick breakfast, or even for a small evening gathering, since it is designed with wine shelves on the side.

Are you struggling with a small bathroom which is supposed to carry the “master” epithet? Then pay close attention to the following bathroom interior design example. In the beginning, it was nothing more than a cheap-looking guest bathroom; it felt quite awkward, and with the shower and toilet in a separate section, it was disjointed.

Home Makeovers Master Bathroom Remodel Before Tile Floors Medicine Cabinet


So, they tore the back wall down, and instead of two claustrophobic spaces, you have one grand bathroom. The small tub was taken out and substituted for an entire room, reserved solely for the shower. However, the owners were smart about it – by putting a glass door instead of a wall (or, god forbid, an unattractive shower curtain), the homeowners still managed to keep the bathroom visually large. To add a bit of warmth to the space, as well as to contrast the gray and blue shower tiles, they opted for dark wood slats behind a white vanity and marble counter tops. Finally, by hanging two mirrors and installing two sinks, it was made perfect for His & Her morning routine.

Home Makeovers Master Bathroom Remodel After with Wooden Accents, Granite, and Enclosed Glass Shower


To prove to you that nothing is impossible, I have selected an elegant bedroom, which gathered elements from different cultures to become an oasis of peace for its hardworking owners. First, look at the picture – would you believe me if I told you this absolutely fabulous room was once an 18th-century horse stable?

Home Makeovers Master Bedroom Made from Horse Stable with Arched Doorway and Pops of Color


That’s right; it seems that with just a little bit of imagination and a pair of skilled hands, you can turn absolutely anything into your new dream house, and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. The wooden beams are the proof this was once a barn, but after repainting them with a fresh coat of dark brown color, no one would have guessed. In contrast, the walls are painted a light mocha shade up to the beams, and the rest of the ceiling was left completely white to open up the space.

Home Makeovers Master Bedroom with Wooden Accents, Black and White Decor, and Potted Indoor Plants

Via DezignGenie

In this bedroom makeover, the owners boldly chose to decorate their king size bed with Moroccan and Mexican influences, while keeping the now-so-popular dark timber antique nightstand, which is the embodiment of classic English design.

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Home Makeovers Master Walk-In Closet Remodel Before


Last, but certainly not least (especially for all the fashionistas out there) is an idea that will help you turn that old attic corner into a chic fashion corner. They didn’t even have to do much – the old, barn-like doors were simply painted over to get one big white surface to provide this gloomy room with a bit more light.

Home Makeovers Master Walk-In Closet Remodel After with White Walls, Exposed Beams, Blue Ceiling, and a Chandelier


Since the ceiling is quite high, they had the opportunity to play with color – by going with the dark blue, they managed to add a bit of warmth to the room. Since the middle part seemed a bit unused, they decided to put a fluffy rug and a stylish long taboret, which, in combination with an all-mirror cabinet, creates a boutique-like atmosphere. Overall, this room represents a perfect mixture of rustic elements and glamorous details.

Have I managed to spark your imagination yet? Even if you still don’t have a concrete vision of what you could change, I hope I managed to show you – nothing’s impossible. A dirty basement? Dusty attic? Or maybe even an old brick garage in your backyard? You’ve probably forgotten all about them, when in fact, they represent an ideal opportunity for you to let your creativity take over.

Come on - move the old boxes, and think outside of the box!

There are so many home remodeling ideas, and some of them are easier than you think! Which of these interior design ideas was your favorite idea? Would you use any of these tips in your home remodeling? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your home decor loving family and friends!

**Featured image via Naomi Hebert

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Chloe is a designer, stylist, and a contributor at Her biggest passions are photography, writing, and music. Chloe also enjoys researching, learning, and blogging about interiors, design trends, architecture, and various art related topics, since she is crazy about aesthetics. You can find Chloe on FB or Twitter.