Spoiling your pet is no easy feat! Here are 4 ideas on how to spoil your dog that will benefit both man and man’s best friend! 

Back home my family has five dogs in one house. Even though they are all small, no one makes them feel that way. In fact, the mantra of my house is “ask not what your dog can do for you, but what you can do for your dog.” Needless to say, they are spoiled beyond belief! Even if you might not want to spoil your dogs as much as my family and I do, here are a few things that will make any pet and pet owner extremely happy. A lot of these are rather obvious, but there are some that I came across that made the “why didn’t I think of that?” light bulb flash in my head! You’ll know which ones I’m talking about!

#1 Dog Shower: How to pamper your dog when they hate it? Hmm...well, I think dogs hate getting baths just as much as pet owners hate giving them. It’s a constant struggle that all parties involved don’t want to be part of, but it’s a must-do, and so it goes. Pictured below are an outside shower and an inside shower that will perhaps make it all a little more fun for everyone. I really like both options and I can’t decide which one is more practical. The one inside is more aesthetically pleasing from a design perspective. This would make things so much easier—if not for the bathee, at least for the bather! It will totally help keep your fur babies from freaking out and darting from the bathroom, still covered in suds, and cowering in your bed. Yeah, it’s better for everyone if you have great shower options like these!

How to Spoil Your Dog Indoor Dog Washing Station Dog Shower Pet Bath Clean Dog Bowls Laundry Room

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#2 Dog Mail: How to make your dog feel like the king or queen they truly are? Picture this: on a warm, sunny afternoon the mailman strolls to the door to deliver a very impressive package, a BarkBox. Think Birchbox but instead of being intended for humans, it has a dog toy or two and dog snacks/pet treats that only your pet would love! Online pet shops are pretty funny to me, but convenient nonetheless. You can have a box customized for your dog, since they have different boxes for pups of all sizes. And, every month you get a box of goodies for your dogs to enjoy, without having to go to the pet store yourself! This is great for dog moms and dads who are busy bees!

How to Spoil Your Dog BarkBox Dog Toys Treats Package Woof

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Spoil your dog with toys and treats that come straight to your doorstep and it’ll have your doggies feelin’ like:

How to Spoil Your Dog Bark Box Happy Dog Toys Mail Order Online Internet Treats Corgis

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#3 Dog’s House: How to create the palace that your dog deserves? And just when you thought you couldn’t love them more, you’ll find yourself creating their very own luxury entrance to your home and a special space for them to lounge. I can’t get over how awesome these doggy doors are. How wonderful would these be to have? Not only are they super convenient for you, it’ll make your dogs really feel like they own the place. Then, you have these super cool mudroom-turned-dog-room spaces. How cool! Not only are all of these ideas here convenient for you and your pooch, they also are pretty stylish and sleek. Great ways to spoil your dog, and great home decor. Two birds, one stone. At this point, this isn’t your house anymore...this is their house; you’re just paying for it!

#4 Dog Bar: Innovation like this is hard to beat! It is the simplest concept ever. A faucet above their dog bowls for easy filling…that light bulb I was telling you about earlier is flashing like crazy right now! Kind of like the shower, this type of dog stuff makes owners’ lives easier. I can’t tell you how often the dogs’ water bowls at my house get spilled and knocked over. Or, when going back and forth from the kitchen to fill up said bowl, one of us trips over a dog and water goes everywhere. Talk about a huge mess to clean up, then still having to go refill the bowl again, and hopefully not repeat the process. This would easily eliminate those issues because they have a place that they belong. I also really like the red doggy door under the ladder! Such a great and cute way to give your dog access to the backyard and patio! And I’m curious as to where that ladder leads. Maybe to a loft office or somewhere else you wouldn’t want your dog getting into or making messes. Who knows?

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How to Spoil Your Dog Built In Water Faucet Dog Bowls Picture Frames Hung Up Hanging Red Door Doggy Door Patio Black Dog Jeans Ladder


Essentially, loving your dog is easy and in return your pet will love you no matter what because that’s their nature! I will say that spoiling your pups is not just good for them; it’s good for you too. They don’t call ‘em man’s best friend for nothin’! What do you do to spoil your pet? Let me hear all the dog-hairy details by commenting below! And, don’t forget to share with all your dog-loving friends!!

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