Hygge is a new decor style that’s popping up all over. It’s a Danish trend full of warm and cozy interiors designed to make people happy! Let’s take a look!

Hello, everyone! Even though it’s May, it’s been pretty dreary here (raining constantly) so I was looking around at some new ways to get cozy and add a little bit of happiness to my decor, and I ran across a new decor trend I just had to share with you guys. Hygge (hoo-ga) has taken the decor world by storm, sweeping everyone away with cozy textiles and warm, relaxing atmospheres. Just what we all need on a cold and dreary day! Today, I’m going to go over this style with you all, and then give some tips on how to easily and cheaply add some elements into your current decor. We all need some hygge ideas in our lives, don’t you agree? Let’s take a look!

Hygge Lifestyle Living Danish Happiness Cozy Tea Relaxation Candles Knitting Pillows


Hygge is a decor style I can seriously get behind. The entire purpose of hygge, which we can thank the Danish for, is to remove things that don’t make you happy and to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Um, yeah sign me up for that! This applies to decor and to your life as well. It’s kind of like minimalism in that aspect, it’s more than just a style. It’s a lifestyle. And this one has all the makings of a great one! 

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To start setting up your space for hygge life, I would look around and see what you love, and what you don’t love. If you don’t love it, donate it. This is all about taking your space from something you are in to something you love to be in. Simple, right? If you don’t love it, if it doesn’t relax you and make you happy, don’t have it in your space. Easy peasy!

Hygge Lifestyle Living Danish Happiness Cozy Throws Blankets Tea Relaxation Fireplace Knit Socks

Via National Design Academy

Every time I look at images of hygge interior design, this is what I see. A cozy fireside spot to relax and curl up by. Normally, there are fluffy blankets, throws, or furs, and also some fun knit socks. And, last but not least, there always seems to be a warm cup of tea or coffee. Sometimes a book. 

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Since hygge was created to battle the dreary cold months, it makes perfect sense that all the versions of comfort have the same elements. After all, it’s pretty much the Danish word for cozy! So, before we go taking a look at these elements, I say we grab a nice cup of tea or coffee, whichever makes you happy, and get into the spirit of hygge living. Are you ready? Let’s look at how to bring some hygge elements into your space!

Hygge Lifestyle Living Danish Happiness Cozy Candles in Gold Vases Relaxation

Via Nordique

Candlelight and candles. Oh yeah. Talk about relaxing and cozy! I love having candles around the house (though all of mine are unscented!) because I love the warm glow, and the way the flame flickers, and how you can smell the warmth. That is totally my idea of relaxing. If I want scent, I add in some essential oils, but to you people who aren’t allergic to scented candles, you can have them! The purpose of hygge is to find what makes you happy. If that’s scented candles, then go get some scented candles and light those puppies up!

Hygge Lifestyle Living Danish Happiness Cozy Throws Blankets Pillows Firewood Candles Wood Furniture Relaxation

Via Amara

Cozy blankets are also a must for hygge design! Whether you like chunky knit blankets, plush throws, or even furs, the more you have in your space, the cozier it is. And, if that’s what you love, then bam, you have added more hygge to your home! This is so simple and easy, right? I love cozy blankets. I have lots around my apartment that I have crocheted over the years, and I’m thinking I need to make a few of those arm knit ones to add to my space. That would help make a great hygge living room! Throw pillows are also another item to have a lot of. You gotta have pillows to get cozy! You can have as many as you want; I mean check out how many are on this cozy little couch.

Hygge Lifestyle Living Danish Happiness Cozy Throws Blankets Pillows Fireplace Candles Wood Furniture Relaxation Tea

Via Room For Tuesday

The challenging part for many will be the fireside location. If you are a lucky person who has a fireplace, congrats! You are perfectly set to create more hygge in your home! Sadly, I don’t have access to a fireplace, and you don’t see many of those in this part of Texas. But, I would totally swap out the fireplace idea for a bunch of candles! Yes, I already went over candles, but since I don’t have access to a fireplace, I’ll just have to make do. Also, as a warning, if you’re going to make a fake fireplace like me out of a lot of candles (or if you want to recreate this in your fireplace!), be careful. I’ll be putting mine in votives and terra cotta trays so they are safer and won’t accidentally burn the place down. Be smart and be safe, friends!

Hygge Lifestyle Living Danish Happiness Cozy Throws Blankets Pillows Wood Furniture Relaxation Indoor Trees Plants Plant Decor Green

Via Nyde

Textures and colors are also key. You can bring in textures through the different kinds of blankets and throws, and even in different furniture. Wooden furniture seems to be well liked because it also brings in an aspect of nature. Top it off by adding some plant life to your hygge interiors! That tree is awesome, right? So green and vibrant. That brings me to the color aspect. Since nature is so loved by those following hygge, adding in some pops of green will have an even greater hygge impact on your space! How cool is that? Plus, I’m totally digging the fact that the more I look at this hygge bedroom, the more green items I find!

There you have it, folks! A breakdown on this awesome Danish concept to help you make your home and life as happy and cozy as you like! What’s your favorite part of hygge? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family. As always, stay creative (and cozy!), my friends!

**Featured image via sheerluxe.com