Making a Valentine’s Day card >> buying Valentine’s Day cards. These card ideas will make you say “Be mine.” 

Hello love birds! Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and because it falls not much more than a month after Christmas, I’m all about keeping costs down and the gifts personal. That means making my own cards. I don’t know about you, but where I live I’ve noticed that cards have taken a hike in price and decided to camp out on a tall mountain and not come down...basically what I’m saying is that they are expensive! I mean, WHOA! Eight dollars for a V-day card?! I could eat at Taco Bell like three times for that price...dolla (menu) make you holla! (Love T. Bell...judge me).

Here’s some free Valentine’s advice—these DIY cards are way better than anything you can buy because: 1) They come from the heart and 2) They’re pretty funny/creative. Okay, these aren't all strictly DIY, but you can use them as inspiration for making your very own Valentine's Day cards! Take a look!!

For the Star Wars lovers out there...appreciated it will be! Especially because the franchise is so huge right now! Side note: How many awards do you think The Force Awakens will win this award season?

Valentine’s Day Cards Yoda One For Me V-day Holiday Star Wars DIY Do It Yourself Green Love Heart

Via Huffington Post

This one is to be made only for the one you have eyes for, and it’s pretty darn clever. Eyed make a Valentine’s card like this...Haha get it? My lame jokes will never go away, sorry...

Valentine’s Day Cards I Only Have Eyes For You DIY Do It Yourself Brown Paper Cool Funny Clever Present Boyfriend Girlfriend

Via Lucy's Cards

I got you babe--these #DIY #ValentinesDay cards are begging to be given to your s/o!

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I couldn’t resist another clever “eye” card. How cute are these printable Valentine’s cards with eyeglasses and plastic googly eyes?

Valentine’s Day Cards DIY Printable Valentine’s Cards I Have My Eyes On You Valentine Inspiration

Via Rae Ann Kelly

This is probably one of the simplest Valentine's card to make, but it's so cute and sweet. All you really need is card stock, a heart-shaped stamp, a stamp pad or two, and a little creativity!

Valentine’s Day Cards Stamped Hearts DIY Valentine Card Inspiration Will You Be My Valentine

Via Neat and Tangled

I mean, this is just a good one. I’m always checking you out?! Heck ya! I’m down with this card and your sig other will be too because it’s a little confidence booster stuffed right into an envelope!

Valentine’s Day Cards I’m Always Checking You Out Checkout Line Restaurant Date Night DIY Do It Yourself Homemade

Via Etsy

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I absolutely love the colors and design of this charming Valentine’s card. Cupid’s arrow has never looked so good!!

Valentine’s Day Cards Cupid’s Arrow Be My Valentine DIY Valentines Cards Wedding Favors

Via The Perfect Palette

These next two are kind of quirky and maybe a little bit kiddie, but I like ‘em! Love bugs in jars? What’s not to love about that? And who wouldn’t love to receive an adorable googly-eyed robot card?

Valentine’s Day Cards DIY Valentine Cards Happy Valentine’s Day Love Bug Be Mine Valentine Inspiration

Via Dandee

Valentine’s Day Cards DIY Robot Valentines Colorful Hearts Valentine Inspiration

Via Lisa Storms

And last of all, and probably the easiest to make, is this one. Grab some paper, a marker, and some candles and get going on this Valentine's card for the person who lights up your life!!! Swoon. Thoughtful, isn’t it?

Valentine’s Day Cards Light Up My Life Candles Pink Birthday Candle Hearts Be My Valentine Romantic Present Red Roses

Via Real Simple

What card are you going to make for your valentine? Whichever road you take, I know for a fact that this route is much better than taking the toll road aka buying a card! Even if you lack creativity, it truly is the thought that counts. Comment below and tell me what V-day cards you’re going to make for that special person in your life! Thanks for reading, y’all!

**Featured image via Hative