In a world with ever evolving fashion, sometimes it’s nice to appreciate the classics. Check out these iconic fashion looks that are sure to inspire! 

Hey, friends! I’ve been really into spring cleaning lately. And, when I mean spring cleaning, I mean deep-get-rid-of-half-of-my-wardrobe-and-junk kind of spring cleaning. After doing tons of laundry one day, I realized that it’s time to get rid of some of the clothes that I wore in high school because literally, they’ve been just sitting in my closet for years waiting for someone to wear them again. Well, that someone isn’t me unfortunately because like most, my taste in fashion in high school is different than my taste in fashion in college and post-college.

I definitely was way more into trends when I was in high school. Also, I had a huge thing for cowboy boots back in the day. I literally wore them every day. My cowboy boots are collecting dust at the moment. Gone are the good ol’ days when I loved two-stepping, ripped denim, and my good ol’ boots.

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Don’t get me wrong, I still definitely like distressed jeans and I do rock my cowboy boots when the time is right, but that style just isn’t my taste anymore. Whenever I actually decide to dress in something other than workout gear, I like to draw my fashion inspiration from fashion moguls like Olivia Palermo, Victoria Beckham (just to clarify, not the 90s Posh Spice, but the more recent chic Victoria Beckham), and Grace Kelly.

Iconic Fashion Grace Kelly Black and White Photo Black Leotard Tulle Skirt


What these three fashion icons have in common is how effortlessly pulled together they always look. Having an iconic fashion look isn’t staying true to the trends, but rather staying true to what is timeless and looks best on you. I’ve been really diving into a lot of fashion blogs and I’ve found that styles that are characterized as “classic” or “chic” often have a few common characteristics. Care to learn what they are? Good. I was hoping you would!

Iconic Fashion Olivia Palermo Floral Dress with Long Sleeves


Chic is all about staying timeless, classy, but still true to yourself. Let’s take a cue from one of my favorite fashion icons, Olivia Palermo. In the image above, Olivia is rocking a stunning long sleeve floral maxi. Gorgeous, right? In this dress, Olivia is totally being bold with her print and color choice, but still staying classic because of the fit of the dress and its elegance. When I see a picture like this, I think iconic. Why? Because iconic clothes don’t follow the trends—they make the trends.

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Iconic Fashion Fab Friday Icons Jackie Kennedy Black and White Photo Sunglasses

Via Simplifying Fabulous

Oh, Jackie. Goodness, this style queen still has a ton of influence in the world of fashion today. The way she dressed was fresh, timeless, and oh-so elegant, don’t you think? Shall we do an outfit breakdown? For starters, those sunglasses have been in style over and over again for ages. They’re endlessly chic and are simply the perfect accessory to complete Jackie’s iconic wear. Second, that trench coat! I’ve read before that a well-fitted trench coat is an ultimate must for a perfectly chic and timeless closet. Jackie’s definitely got that going on.

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Iconic Fashion Dior Ballet Skirt Sarah Jessica Parker Oscar Dresses

Via Movietube

Goodness gracious, let’s talk about this stunning gem for a bit, shall we? Alright friends, I’m absolutely in love with this gown! The tulle skirt! The beading! Ahhh, it’s just so stunning! I pulled up this image for you because of the timelessness of tulle. With any good blog post, I always do my homework before I share with you guys and I was sweetly surprised with the iconic dress look of a tulle ballerina-esque skirt. These three words are super iconic: Dior. Ballerina. Skirt!

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Iconic Fashion Marilyn Monroe Ballet Skirt  Glamorous Photo White Dress


Of course, I had to throw a little Marilyn in this post because she’s definitely a beauty and style icon for sure. I figured it’d be fitting to showcase her in my new favorite iconic trend: tulle ballerina skirts. She’s lovely, isn’t she? The simplicity of the tulle and just the dress over all is breathtaking. I could go on and on about this photo but I think it’s time I end this blog here. There are tons of other iconic fashion looks that I could share with you guys, but I’m on a deadline. I hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to share! ‘Til next time, friends!

**Featured image via Glamour