IKEA furniture is not always the most glamorous furniture on the marketplace. However, with IKEA hacks, you can make any piece beautifully fit your home.

IKEA is easily one of my favorite stores. Every time I go to IKEA, I reserve a whole day. Not that I literally tend to spend an entire day at IKEA, but I leave the space available to do so. Why? Going into IKEA with a time limit is just too stressful for me! Walking through IKEA is like an adventure. You never know when inspiration might strike!

I think what I love most about IKEA stuff is the versatility. Most people write off IKEA furniture as things that only college students should own. Just because something looks simple in the showroom, doesn’t mean you can’t make it your own once it’s at home (and put together). And that’s where IKEA hacks come in. Even if the off-the-showroom-floor version of an IKEA piece of furniture doesn’t fit into the decor of your home, there’s no need to worry! With a little DIY skill and some creative inspiration, you can make your standard piece one-of-a-kind! Still don’t have any ideas? Don’t worry; I’ve gathered up some of the best IKEA hacks on the internet just for you.

FYI: an IKEA hack = any modification or repurposing of an IKEA product (definition from Eric Strong.)

Sometimes, the simplest projects are the best IKEA hacks. I readily admit to eyeing IKEA’s Strandmon chair for quite a while now. It’s just such a beautiful chair! However, Kenz at Interiors by Kenz took this chair one step further into greatness: she turned it into a rocking chair! It may seem like an easy IKEA chair hack, but the results are totally worth it.

Think #IKEA furniture is dull? Think again. These IKEA hacks can make a world of difference. #DIY

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I’m a bit of a sucker for mid-century modern design. This IKEA nightstand hack from Karisa at Remodelaholic is no exception! All you need to take this standard IKEA Tarva nightstand from plain to pretty is a little paint, stain, and a saw. Trimming an angle off of the legs really solidifies this design as mid-century modern. Remodelaholic has the step-by-step instructions on how to make your own!

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If you like mid-century modern style, here’s another project for you! Sindy from Ikea Hackers shows off her beautiful new mid mod sideboard. With a few pieces of stained plywood and feet, she changes this standard bookshelf into a sideboard. Her original project used an Expedit Shelf Unit, but IKEA has replaced those with the Kallax series. While not exactly the same product, the same principles still apply! Isn’t this just a gorgeous IKEA bookshelf hack?

One of the most common hacks I’ve seen on the web is creating the look of built-in bookcases with the Billy series from IKEA. This version of the Billy IKEA hack, from Gwen at The Makerista, is one of my favorites. She uses two different sizes of Billy bookcases in her project, along with lots of trim and caulk! And if there’s one thing I have learned about DIY projects, it’s that you always need caulk! 

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Here’s another Billy bookcase IKEA hack! Unlike the previous bookshelf hacks, this project was made with the shorter Billy bookcases. While Courtney (from Golden Boys and Me) doesn’t have process photos of this project, I love that she has very specifically listed out what was purchased for this project and how much it cost! If you’re interested in recreating this hack, I highly suggest checking out her blog post.

Everyone loves a good farmhouse table, but we don’t necessarily like the price of one. That’s where this brilliant IKEA table hack comes in. Monica at East Coast Creative found a way to combine two Ingo tables from IKEA to create her very own farmhouse table! I have to say… I love it. Her DIY benches are a great addition.

If you’ve heard anything about IKEA hacks, I’m sure you’ve seen Eric Strong’s amazing IKEA bed hack. Strong made this extreme IKEA hack from two Kura beds (one just for parts), a Trofast storage system, and a Besta bookshelf. What you can’t see in this photo is the secret room underneath (accessed be pulling one of the books on the bookshelf). He explains his creation in his YouTube video much better than I ever could. You won’t regret watching the 8+ minute video, trust me. Strong’s creation is ingenious.

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I do not have words to properly describe this IKEA stool hack. Andreas Bhend and Samuel N. Bernier took the parts from a few Frosta stools and created a foot powered bike. And they even made instructions!

Honestly, writing this post makes me want to go to IKEA… and I don’t even need anything! So what do you think? Are you scrambling to get to IKEA now or already have a piece you’d like to transform? Don’t write it off as just some cheap IKEA furniture, make it new! Did you have a favorite project? Don’t forget to comment and share. I’d love to hear some IKEA ideas from my fellow fanatics out there!