Plants offer a ton of opportunities for the design of a home. Check out these planters for the home that you will adore! 

For some reason, I’ve decided I will have a green thumb if it’s the last thing I do, and so, a plant was born. I began my research on the important aspects of having plant life in the house, such as how they will make it look, how much time they’ll take, if I can leave them alone, how often do they need to be watered, etc. Many of the same things that I’m sure cross the minds of those who are looking to become pet owners. Once I realized I thought I could manage the incredibly large responsibility of becoming a plant owner, I began to look up the fun stuff, i.e. planters. Naturally, it is unnatural to overlook the design aspect of flora and what it can do for your home. We all know that having nature around us is fantastic, so it’s a no brainer to add plants into your home decor! And so, I decided to compile a few ideas, in blog form nonetheless, so you can put them into practice in your home too!

Planters for the Home Pots Entryway Lamp Light Fixture Staircase Floor Mat Square Pots Greenery Flowers

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I suppose the best place to begin is where all first impressions happen: at the front door. This makes me want to write a new lyric for that famous 90s song “Baby Got Back” by Sir Mix-a-Lot. It would go something like “I like big pots and I cannot lie.” I haven’t really thought it through all the way yet. I'll keep working on that one. 

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Unlike my song rendition, planters are a hit. They’re great because they take up the perfect amount of space and they look good (think outside home decor). The symmetry is just awesome. Without these plants, this porch would just look okay. Now, it looks completely and totally epic. Planters are awesome. Plusssss, you can plant pretty things in them without the disadvantages that sometimes come with planting indoors.

Planters for the Home Hanging Succulents Ribbon Greenery Plants Water Sun Window

Via Adventures in Cooking

Moving indoors. I picture this situation hanging in my kitchen near an open space or window. Hanging succulent terrarium? You got it, dude. Can’t go wrong with these little bubbles of fun and if you could, they would be considered the right kind of wrong and you should get them immediately, if not sooner. Plus, succulents are wonderful little plants to have indoors. They can be pretty easy to care for, and if you give them lots of sun, they’ll grow great! And in these little hanging terrariums, they’ll just look gorgeous and catch the light in a glorious way. I love hanging glass terrariums.

Becoming a #plant owner has its perks. Leave them alone, barely have to feed them... #bestpet

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Saturday, November 5, 2016
Planters for the Home Copper Hanging Plant Succulent Terrarium Hang It Up Plants

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Following in its footsteps is an amazing air plant arrangement. I like this hanging planter lots too and not just because it’s copper! That’s just an added bonus. It adds a nice brightness to the terrarium, don’t you agree. Also, I love air plants. They’re ridiculously easy to care for. Like, anyone can keep these puppies alive. If you want a plant, and are weary about killing it, try an air plant!

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Planters for the Home Funny Pots Gold Glitter Gnome Embrace Messy Hair I Will Survive

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Sometimes the only way to not kill your plants in pots (accidentally of course) is to clothe them with words of encouragement. This is both for them and you because who are we kidding...we need to remember to “embrace messy hair,” and having reassurance that “I will survive” always helps too. I think you could also have one that just says “grow” since this is what we all really want from our plants!

Side note: As the years go on, my birthday list keeps getting more and more ridiculous and by that I mean expensive, so maybe I’ll just keep it simple this year and ask for a little gold gnome. I can dig it.

Planters for the Home Mason Jar Herb Garden Rosemary Oregano Cilantro Copper Wood Plank

Via Camille Styles

My wants and needs for a green thumb really started because I like basil and cilantro, with the occasional mint sprig. This form of container planting took a plank o’ wood and mason jars and planted inspiration in me. I may actually follow out my hopes and dreams of cooking with fresh herbs. This would be such an easy DIY project to make from reclaimed wood and mason jars. Gotta love mason jars. Maybe a vegetable garden will be my next endeavor (read: victim).

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Planters for the Home Mid Century Pastel Planters Cactus Cacti Plants White Rock Pretty in Pink Spray Paint

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And now for the finale: pretty pastel flower pots. You can totally DIY this thing! Pick up some old clay pots and spray paint, get to work, and call it a day as it sits to dry. Easy, peasy. I think this would look great in the house or on the back patio, depending on what is planted in it. In all reality, it’s easy to change where they go and what goes inside of them, so if something isn’t working for ya, pick it up and switch it up! P.S. this is the perfect DIY opportunity for repurposing those old pottery pots into recycled planters that are to die for!

Plants are a fantastic option to bring life into any environment, whether it be indoors or out. They look great and are easy to maintain. Well, for some. I have friends who are physically incapable of being plant owners. It’s like a suicide mission for the poor plants. But, never fear! There are tons of plants out there, and you can find one that meets your needs, whether you need a low light, hardy plant, or a full light flowering plant that won’t die. You just gotta look!

I want to know what your favorite plants and planters are and I’m also all wanty for some good tips on gardening/growing plants at home! Any suggestions will be taken to heart, I pinky! Share, comment, you know the drill!

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