Have you always wanted an indoor garden? Here’s your chance! These indoor gardens are perfect for any size home and a super fun way to add lots of plants to your space!

Hello, everyone! It’s been too long since I've written a post about plants. I have plant decor on my mind again. Partially because I’m thinking about how I would decorate my future house, but mostly because I have spent a lot of time at a local yoga studio that has a ton of plants. I mean, it’s heavenly. I want to add more plants to my home, and probably will soon, and I’m just thinking about how I would do it. I don’t have a ton of space, per se, so I’m always interested in space saving ideas. Today, I have a bunch of super cool planters and terrariums to show you! Here are some of my favorite indoor garden ideas.

I absolutely love this ladder covered in vines! Can that be a goal of mine? Okay, it is. I want a ladder I can cover in vines. Talk about an easy indoor vertical garden! The vines cover the ladder, and when you move, you just take the ladder as is. Perfect. I also love, love, love the hanging planters. I think they are just too cool. Perfect for those who have very little extra space for plants! Plus it gives a great mystical forest kind of vibe and I totally dig that. I have been meaning to install some hanging terrariums or planters, but haven’t yet. Maybe this indoor garden inspiration will finally push me to do it. They are pretty!

Indoor Gardens DIY Glass Jar Terrarium with Moss and Orchid

Via WooHome

I have always thought plants growing indoors look wonderful in glass jars. There’s something about that terrarium look that I just love. And I love plants, too, so it’s kind of a double whammy there. Some plants do great in this sort of environment and some do not. If you want to make something like this for your small indoor garden, make sure you know if the plants you have will be okay in this type of environment. You can put succulents in them, but it’s not good for them. Plants like green ferns, moss, and orchids are best suited for these! Plus, if you do pick plants like these, you’ll really emulate the look above, and it’s just so cool. Almost science-y, in a way, because of the ‘specimens’ in the jars!

Indoor Gardens DIY Fairy Garden Planter with Home and Ferns

This is just too cute. Perfect for homes with little kids! I love this little fairy home, and I love the addition of a tiny little doll. That’s definitely Belle though, but hey, she’s tiny like a fairy so I can dig it (I’m not sorry for the repeated use of this pun). Personally, I would probably use some of my superhero figures (because that’s what I have) but it would still be adorable and kind of nerdy. These little indoor plant pots are easy to put together, and easy to care for! This would also be a great way to show off some of those succulents you have, or any other small plant. The only thing with this, though, is you can’t let your plants get too big. But, that gives you the opportunity to propagate them and make more indoor gardens!

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Indoor Gardens DIY Box Garden Planters Apartment Plants Gardening

I just love the look of these box planters. I know they take up a little more space, but don’t they look awesome? These would be great for those who have a little more space and want their plants at ground level. You could even build these up into stairs or platforms if that is better for your space and your plants. I like this idea mainly because it gives that look like this inside garden is actually an outdoor garden, but with the versatility of raised beds. I dig it (pun most definitely intended)! I would either create my own boxes, or use wine crates in my grow room. If you wanted, you could even paint the crates to add a whimsical look!

Indoor Gardens DIY Pallet Planter with Many Plants Hanging on Wall

Always loved recycled pallets, so of course I love this! I kind of want this in my home. Think of all the indoor garden plants that you can put into this thing! They’ll grow and weave around through the wood and I love the mental image in my head. I love how it’s hung from a chain. It gives it a cool, almost industrial look. Speaking of that, this could totally work in an industrial inspired space! Just stain the wood a little darker. I also really have a thing for that giant metal spoon. I don’t know why I love it. It’s just awesome. Back to the planter… It’s very cool and would be a very easy indoor plant setup to DIY!

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Indoor Gardens Open Shelving Shelf Unit With Potted Plants

Via WooHome

The final indoor garden idea that I liked was this beautiful, yet simple shelf planter. Totally something I have pictured putting into my home before. I love the wonky, mismatched crates that are a part of this shelf, and of course the multitude of plants in, on, and around it. I think this would be a great DIY that you could make from pieces of wood, old drawers, or even old crates! 

Man, I have lots of ideas on this one! I usually add plants for indoors in and around my books on my shelves, but haven’t created a shelf just for plants. I love the idea, and definitely will be putting this together whenever I move into a bigger space. Actually, I’ve been meaning to downsize, so maybe this is inspiration enough for me to cut down on my belongings so I have more space for an apartment indoor garden! I really like this idea!

That’s all for now, folks! What did you think about all of these interesting indoor home garden planters? Would you put one in your home? Would you rather buy a planter or terrarium, or DIY them? Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family! And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image c/o Scott Webb on Unsplash