You know you can have an indoor herb garden, or grow veggies indoors. But did you know you can even grow your own indoor trees? 

Hello again! You all already know I am a huge proponent of plant decor. I just really love plants, okay? If you could see my apartment and patio, you might mistake it for a nursery because I have a plethora of plants! I have, of course, my herb garden, some flowering plants, a horde of indoor succulents, and a tray of propagating succulent leaves slowly growing babies for my new succulent gardens. Yeah, I have an obsession with indoor plants. Another group of plants I have added, that I am very excited about, I actually learned about while researching plants for my other plant decor blogs. I know the title gives it away, but I’m excited and I want you to be excited too! So, what new plants does Julie have in her apartment? *drumroll* Trees!

Yes, I have small trees in my apartment and on my patio! “How?!” You may be exclaiming, “Trees get really big! And they need a lot of sun! How can you keep them in an apartment?” Oh, my friends, I am going to share that knowledge with you today. You see, the cool thing about trees is they can only grow as big as their roots will let them. So if they are planted in a pot that drains, and pruned as needed of course, they can be as large or as small as you want them to be. You basically have two rules to follow with these trees. First, keep these babies by a window that gets ample midday sun. And, second, give your trees a nice soak, when you put your finger 1 inch into the soil, and the soil feels dry, typically about once a week. Follow those rules, and you’ll have happy, healthy indoor trees. If you aren’t excited about having real trees in your home just yet, wait ‘til I tell you that you can have real fruit trees indoors! That’s right. You can grow your own fruit! Today, I’m going to share with you some spectacular indoor fruit trees that you can keep in your home, and literally reap the fruits of your labor. Ready? Here we go!


Indoor Trees Dwarf Pomegranate with Fruit Clay Pot Planters Plants with Fruit

Via Living Room Gardener

I bet you didn’t know there’s actually a specific variety of pomegranate that is built for container and indoor living, but there is! It’s called a Dwarf Pomegranate (Punica granatum, for those who want the scientific name!), and they can grow up to about 3 feet tall. They’re perfect as potted indoor trees! It takes a while for these plants to fruit, but once they mature, you’ll have so many poms to eat and it’ll be wonderful. You can also find pomegranate bonsai trees, which have smaller fruit and also take up much less space. Either type of tree would work for indoors. I myself have a Dwarf Pomegranate tree, and I can’t wait until it starts fruiting!

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Indoor Trees Potted Apple Tree Yellow and Red Apples Patio Garden Plants with Fruit


My best friend recently bought herself a dwarf Fuji apple tree online and is going to keep it indoors. She’s really excited, and I am too because I am totally going to try some of those apples when it gets to growing! It’s got a lot of nice little buds and leaves, so hopefully in the next couple of months, she’ll have some apples! There are many varieties of apples you can buy as dwarf indoor fruit trees, and they grow like these here. Straight up, like an arrow. Their shape really makes them cool indoor trees, right? I think they are precious, and I may add one to my huge collection of plants very soon! There is also a bonsai tree variety, but again, they make small fruit. I personally like the idea of larger apples to munch on, what about you?

Lemon or Lime

Probably some of the easiest and best indoor trees you can have are lemon and lime. Both can be small trees, as can be seen with that adorable little lemon tree, and can also produce a lot of fruit. They’re both also the most common indoor trees because of their size, and the size of their fruit. I kinda want to add a lemon tree to my indoor garden slash house that I am creating, because I use lemons in a lot of baked goods, desserts, and drinks. Have any of you had fresh squeezed lemonade made from lemons that were just picked from the tree? There’s nothing like it. I swear, fruits taste like 92% better when they are freshly picked, and are even better when they are home grown! Just the idea of indoor citrus trees makes me happy, and there are lots of different varieties of citrus. If you aren’t a lemon person, limes are cool too. You can buy a key lime tree like the one pictured, and use those limes to enhance the taste of your beer, or to make key lime pie!

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Indoor Trees Orange Tree in Bright Pot on Table by Window Plants with Fruit Growing Citrus

Via Apartment Therapy

Orange trees are something I definitely want to add to my apartment! I love oranges. Blood oranges are my ultimate favorite, and maybe I can find one to grow myself! But, in all reality, there isn’t an orange I don’t like. Well. Except the color. I’m not a big fan of the color orange. Just the fruit. But these puppies grow nicely indoors. I kinda enjoy how they put this tree into an orange pot. I find that super clever, because you’ll always know which is your orange tree! I love using orange juice and zest in my scones and desserts, so I would love an indoor orange tree. To those of you who like orange juice, you could literally wake up, and juice an orange you just picked off your tree to have with breakfast. How cool is that?


Indoor Trees Fruiting Mulberry Tree with Fresh Mulberries Plants with Fruit on the Ledge

Via Logee's

I don’t know how many of you have had mulberries, or have even heard of them, but I love these things. They’re a tiny berry, not unlike a blackberry, and they have a sweet yet mild taste. We had several of these when I was growing up. I have fond memories of getting home from school, grabbing a bowl, and going straight back outside to pick mulberries to snack on. Those trees are long since dead (sad, I know) and I have missed having mulberries. I started hearing about growing trees in pots over Christmas break, and on a whim I looked on Amazon to see if maybe, just maybe, they had mulberry trees for sale. Surprise! They did! So I ordered tiny mulberry trees for my dad and I to grow indoors. Mine is in my living room, and Dad keeps his on the kitchen island, where both get lots of sun. These adorable little things were delivered to me in my mailbox, and they were about 6 inches tall. These trees are awesome because they produce a lot of berries, and they can grow anywhere from 2 to 20 feet, depending on if they are in a pot being pruned or allowed to grow freely in the ground. I’m going to keep mine around 3 feet, when he gets that big. Right now, he’s at about 9 inches and has, like, 10 small leaves. He’s so cute.

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I know these next few technically aren’t trees, because they’re bushes, but they are also fruiting plants, so I mean, I had to add them in too. Plus, you need these fruits here for yummy smoothies! These next indoor fruit plants need a good amount of sun, so keep them in a place where they can get sun during the middle of the day, like near a window.


Indoor Trees Blueberry Bush with Ripe Berries Growing Blueberries in Containers or Pots

Via The Self Sufficient Living

Blueberries are like mulberries in the sense that they will continue to grow until they are pruned. They also kind of grow everywhere, as seen above, but the more area they take up, the more berries you get! I was surprised that I could grow blueberries, because I so did not think they could grow in Texas. But, I should have known, you can grow anything if you keep it in a pot. I have one currently growing, and I should have blueberries from May to June! Different varieties of blueberries have different growing seasons. Some have berries in May, others don’t have ripe berries until August. So, figure out when you want blueberries and pick a variety that ripens then. Or, have one of each and have blueberries all summer long!

Did you know you can grow indoor trees in the comfort of your own home (even if it's an apartment)? You do now!

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Indoor Trees Blackberry Bush with Ripe Berries Green Plants in Clay Pots Gardening Tips


Blackberries are another fun indoor plant to have. They, however, like to have some sort of support, so either have a tomato cage or some stakes in the pot for your plant to latch onto so it grows upwards. Mine is all twisty, and it’s growing like a weed! Recently, it had this gorgeous light pink bloom right on the top. There are also many varieties of blackberries to buy, but one I recommend for indoor use is a thornless variety. This way, you don’t brush up against it and accidentally stab yourself. Plus, thornless blackberry bushes are usually smaller in size, so it won’t get as big as other blackberry varieties.


Indoor Trees Raspberry Bush with Berries in Container Plants with Fruit Growing Raspberries

Via The Naptime Chef

The last indoor fruit plant I am going to recommend to you is a raspberry bush. I love raspberries, and I really love them in smoothies. Since I have all of the berry plants listed here, I’m going to have some pretty epic smoothies this summer when they all start fruiting, right? Raspberries are also similar to blackberries in that they like support, so again, use stakes or a cage to help them out. You can also buy thornless varieties as well, and I would just do that so you don’t have to deal with thorns. I mistakenly bought one with thorns, but they are tiny right now so they don’t bother me all that much. This is another plant that you may have to prune after a while to keep it the size you want, but it’s also one of the slower growing ones. No matter what size you want your plant, you’ll still get lots of wonderful tasting fruit!

Well, there you have it, folks! Some of the best fruit trees (and bushes) you can keep apartment-sized and still have real, edible fruit! Just remember, your trees will grow bigger or smaller depending on how big or small your pot is! Please share this post with all your plant or fruit-loving friends and family, and don’t forget to comment and tell me your favorite fruit in this post, or if there’s one I didn’t mention! Happy planting, my friends!

**Featured images via Pepper and Katherine Murphy