What do you get when you mesh industrial elements with country decor? Some pretty fantastic rooms! Join me as we check out industrial country decor!

Hello! So for those of you who don’t know, I grew up in a very tiny farming community in South Texas. Not surprisingly, the decor in our house falls into the rustic/country category. I’ve always had a soft spot because of that, but it was never really my thing personally. I like things that are a little more edgy, a little more punked out, if you will. But, even though my style is different, I am always drawn towards rustic and country decor. It’s probably the whole nostalgia thing, and the fact that my mom keeps adding in awesome elements to her home, like this super awesome shelf that she recently installed. Guys, it looks like mesquite wood, and has wraparound shelves on the columns. It’s fantastic, and I was able to help decorate them! Score!

Since I’m always looking at country style home decor, I just can’t help liking it, even if I won’t be decorating my own home in this style. So, when I came across industrial country decor, I was in love. Let me walk you through why I am absolutely head over heels with this edgy take on country rustic style.

Industrial Country Decor Cozy Neutral Living Room with Industrial Style Lamps

Via SimpleandCozyLifestyle

I just love this cozy living room. It definitely has that country-fied relaxation feel going on. The plush, button tufted couch with knitted pillows and a fur throw is calling for me to curl up right there and take a nap. But, check out all those industrial decor elements! The tables, the rods above the windows… And can we take a second to talk about that gigantic yet awesome floor lamp? I am in love. There’s something about the gears on it that make me so happy. It’s spunky, and frankly I need it in my life, STAT.

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Another thing I love about this room is the color scheme. I normally decorate with black furniture and colorful accents in jewel tones, but something about this soft neutral room speaks to me. It’s just cozy looking, and really shows off the dark industrial accents! It’s just a great blend of the two decor styles.

Industrial Country Decor Chic Dining Room with Candles Exposed Brick Walls and Rustic Chandelier

Via Ideal Home

This is the type of dining room fit for a family! So much space, so many chairs. Everyone will have a spot at this awesome rustic table. I love the industrial scheme that’s going on around it too. The wrought iron chandelier with candle shaped light bulbs is a perfect mix of both worlds! If I was to implement this style into my life, I would have to have that chandelier. Wouldn’t it look awesome with that lamp from the living room?

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But back to the dining room. I love how it perfectly balances industrial style and country elements. The fresh flowers definitely scream country, and work well with all the industrial decor lighting! And is that an exposed brick wall in the back? Oh, I love those so much. They’re just gorgeous, and totally industrial! Did you notice the ceiling? Pretty sure that’s rope, which is kind of fantastic. Another awesome mix of both industrial and modern country decor styles!

Industrial Country Decor Rustic Kitchen with Weathered Wood Island and Industrial Metal Coil Stools

Via Shelterness

I mainly picked this kitchen because oh my gosh those stools! Metal decor has always been a favorite of mine (again, probably because of my mother’s love of rustic metal stars, horseshoes, and various other country decorating items, and the whole steampunk movement) but this takes it to a whole new level of epic. Like. Whoa. I’m seeing both country and industrial home decor styles within these simple coil stools. But they are amazing next to that distressed island. Also, can I geek out for a second on the amount of counterspace this industrial country kitchen has, and then how huge that island is? Seriously, this is the kitchen island people dream about! So awesome. And the addition of those bold light fixtures adds another fantastic bit of industrial flair to this wonderful vintage kitchen decor.

Industrial Country Decor Bathroom Sink Made from Wood and Iron Chains

Via Decoholic

I’ve seen some pretty awesome sinks in my time (okay, mainly while searching for blog ideas) but this one takes the cake. That is a giant piece of gorgeous wood. I absolutely love its distressed nature. Maybe it’s like a piece of wood recovered from a fallen tree, who knows? All I know is that it is gorgeous. That faucet seals the deal on the country aspect of the decor, but what about the industrial side? That’s definitely shown through the chains holding up the sink, and the exposed pipes underneath. What a great way to use the space like that. You’d lose the impact of the wooden slab if you had cabinets underneath to hide the pipes, or even just a stand. By leaving the pipes exposed, this bathroom decor went from country to industrial country in no time flat!

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Industrial Country Decor Rustic Bedroom Color Scheme with Theatre Track Lighting Shelving and Fake Exposed Brick

Via Decoholic

Hold up. Okay, the theater nerd in me is geeking out over here. Are those theater track lights on the ceiling? Yep, they are. Oh man, this is definitely the bedroom I would want. Mostly because of the lighting, but also because of that fake exposed brick. Is it painted or wallpaper? Either would be awesome! I have always loved the look of exposed brick, however it’s not easy to find or install. But this? Totally easy to manage. It’s a great industrial interior design element. Plus, I love how it kicks up the look of the dark gray walls, and then the added wooden elements take it to a whole new country chic level. I am in love with this design style! Also, can I take a second to mention the awesome shelving in this room? Either of those shelving units would make a great and easy DIY industrial decor project!

Well there you have it, folks! A look into what happens when you mesh rustic country decor with industrial elements! Which part was your favorite? I really love that floor lamp in the living room! Let me know your favorite in the comments below, or if you have any ideas on how to mix these styles together! Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family. Stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via Ideal Home