As the year progresses, decor trends pop up. My favorite so far speaks to me because I already decorate this way! So, let’s take a look at some jewel tone decor!

Hello, wonderful readers! I hope you are all having a wonderful year so far. The New Year has been here for a while and decor trends have popped up and taken hold. So, what awesome decor trend has 2017 brought us? Several, actually! But today I only want to talk about one. It’s my favorite trend for the year and honestly it’s because I already decorate like this! Today, I want to show you guys the awesomeness of jewel tone decor, and how to add these vibrant yet not too bright colors to your home!

Jewel Tone Decor Living Room Library with Vibrant Blue Couch Bookshelves Area Rug

Via DecorPad

To start off, what are jewel tone colors? Well, they are the deeper blues, magentas, purples, emeralds, and golds you’ll be seeing throughout this post. Think of the normal rainbow of colors, but steer more towards the cool side of the spectrum, and mute it just a smidge and, bam, jewel tones. These are the colors I have decorated with for years and it’s so awesome to see them being loved by everyone! This living room here really shows off how rich a jewel tone room can be. Also, I kind of want that couch in my life. It’s got to be great to flop onto with one of the books from the shelves and just read the day away. That sounds amazing!

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Jewel Tone Decor Vibrant Pillows and Throws in Neutral White and Wood Living Room Abstract Oversized Mirrors

Via Decoist

With colors as rich as jewel tones, it may seem easy to overwhelm your decor. If you aren’t into painting walls or adding large jewel toned furniture pieces to your home, why not just add some throw pillows and blankets? These pillows here in this jewel tone living room add a pop of vibrant color, without being too in your face. Also, the added blanket and even the pot for the plant on the table in jewel tones really bring the space together. Subtle, but still lovely! That’s what I love about jewel toned interiors. You can go all out, or super subtle, and they all look gorgeous!

Jewel Tone Spaces Decor Neutral Bedroom with Soft Accents Wood Floors Round Mirror

Via Lonny

If you want to go a little further, the best way to create a jewel tone color scheme is to add navy. Hello, gorgeous neutral. My mom always said navy was a neutral, and uses it as such in her own decor. Recently, I have begun to adopt that mentality, and I even have plans to reupholster my couch in navy fabric (whenever I get to it). It will really help the deep jewel tones in my living room pop, like they do in this bedroom. The magentas and blues look awesome when paired with navy! Also, fantastic idea with the abstract painting on the wall. You can totally make something similar with paints, or even melted crayons for some fun DIY jewel toned art!

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Jewel Tone Decor Bedroom with Teal Painted Walls and Purple Door and Goldenrod Bedding

Via Urban Outfitters

You don’t have to have a bunch of colors to get a jewel tone space, or stick with just blues and purples either. This jewel tone bedroom shows you that! The jewel tone teal walls, the purple door, and the golden bedspread make for a lovely, rich jewel toned bedroom. I for one absolutely love those teal walls and really want to be able to do that at some point, and with the added brightness of the goldenrod bedspread, it’s heavenly. And I didn’t even notice at first that there was a purple door in the background until I started writing and honestly it may be my favorite part of this room. I’m not sure, though, because it’s all awesome!

Jewel Tone Decor Teal Painted Walls in Eclectic Living Room Wall Art Throw Pillows

Via One Kings Lane

Maybe you want a jewel toned space, but you like the decor you already have. Well, paint the walls in jewel tone paint colors! The added emerald in this room helps create a jewel toned look, without going into the rest of the decor. How awesome is that? I love how this mixes decor styles in a way that will let people keep the decor they want, and still experiment. Plus, I am all about painting walls cool colors, and this is a cool color! Actually, this whole room is just cool. The art is awesome, and I love the couch. Everything is so eclectic and fun!

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Jewel Tone Decor Purple and Blue Bed and Bedding in Ombre Purple Room with Turquoise Curtains

Via Decoholic

This is a gorgeous example of how really into it you can get. Not only is this bed jewel toned, and full of blues and purples, but the walls are too! And, it’s not overwhelming! The secret is the colors themselves. They are vibrant, but muted, so not only are they soothing and can be used in large quantities, they are great for bedrooms. I mean, just look at this space. How great would this be to wake up in every morning? Between this bedroom and the teal one, it’s a toss-up as to which is prettier. But I’m going to say they both are because I love them both.

Jewel Tone Decor Vibrant Boho Style Pillows on Silver Couch in Dark Gray Room

Via Achica Living

This is totally the space I want in my home, down to the awesome silver lamp. Along with navy, silver and gray are fantastic neutrals to add to jewel tone decor. Just look at how it makes the vibrant colors of the jewel tone pillows pop! Also, I love the eclectic style and patterns on the pillows. Definitely going for a chic boho look with the jewel tones here, and it’s stunning. This would also work in a navy based room, a crisp white space, and even a darker black walled room. Any of those would make the jewel tones shine!

There you have it! Some awesome ways to take your decor and make it jewel toned! What did you guys think of the color scheme? Would you do jewel tone home decor? Let me know what you would do in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this post with all your friends and family. And, as always, stay creative, my friends!

**Featured image via Shop Room Ideas