Don’t overlook these important kitchen design essentials when creating your dream kitchen! 

When thinking of ways to decorate the household, ‘the heart of the home’ or kitchen is rarely a part of the equation. Think about it, we all spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen. From preparing meals to family gatherings - it sets the tone for so many important memories. Whether you’re the household chef or you just like to chow down, everyone should appreciate what happens in this part of the home.

You’re probably wondering, “How on Earth can I make my kitchen look stylish?" It’s a great question and there are a billion answers. There’s no need to go over EVERY possible option, but with a nice foundation your kitchen will look and feel like a culinary retreat.

First things first, you need inspiration for some awesome kitchen design essentials. It doesn't matter what it is, but that's the starting point for any interior. You can being with your favorite colors, patterns, or fabrics. Just make sure you have a clear idea of what you want. Once you have a style motif, you can start to design your kitchen and the fun begins!

Kitchen Design Essentials with Blue and Orange Moroccan Mosaic Tile Backsplash Kitchen Design

Via Renew Kitchen & Bathroom Resurfacing

Kitchen Design Essentials 1

A daring backsplash works wonders for a stylistically bare kitchen. Nearly any material can be used to add visual appeal. Tile, wallpaper, stone, brick, glass, and metal are some of the most popular options. You can also play around with bright colors, fun patterns, and mosaic designs. A super easy way to add a personal touch is to accessorize the countertop with appliances and cooking utensils when designing a kitchen. Covering a little counter space will keep the backsplash from looking overly flashy.

Kitchen Design Essentials Intricate Tile Design in Browns and Tans on Cream Tile Backsplash in Rustic Kitchen

Via Zillow

You don’t even have to go with bright colors to add a little pizzazz to your backsplash. You can use neutrals, like in this gorgeous rustic kitchen here. This kitchen design could also be gorgeous in wood. Can you picture that against the granite countertops and stainless appliances? I can, and it’s all beautiful. Cool backsplashes can look elegant, whether they are in colors or neutrals, or made from wood, wallpaper, or tile.

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Kitchen Design Essentials White Kitchen with Colorful Tile Countertop Kitchen Design

Via desire to inspire

Kitchen Design Essentials 2

Dress up countertops with colorful tiles, laminates, or natural materials. Similar to using a backsplash, you can choose just about any design. Keep in mind that you can always find appliances and accessory pieces to compliment your space, so don’t shy away from what grabs your attention.

Kitchen Design Essentials Colorful Glass Countertop Streaked with Light and Dark Blues

Via In My Interior

Speaking of colorful countertops made from other materials, check out the awesome glass countertop on this island! I love the modern look this countertop gives this kitchen. And those streaks of blues within the glass? This type of countertop would definitely update a kitchen in no time flat!

Kitchen Design Essentials Kitchen with Dark Accent Pantry Door and Rustic Décor and Pale Blue Island

Via decor8

Kitchen Design Essentials 3

If you want to add extra energy, then painted surfaces are the way to go. Try refinishing basic pieces like cabinets, islands, doors, and shelves. This is definitely one of the easiest design essentials that requires remodeling! One or two solid colors is easy and fashionable, but you can always go the extra mile and add a few lighter or darker shades as well.

Kitchen Design Essentials Bright Yellow Lower Cabinets with White Counters and Shelves and Yellow Barstools

Via The Kitchn

I just love a yellow kitchen. Yellow instantly brightens up a room, and you can totally see that in this kitchen here! It’s inviting, happy, and all around fun. Just a few coats of paint and presto change-o, you have a bright, new kitchen! Of course, you don’t have to do yellow. There are many colors that are great for kitchens. Reds, blues, greens, and even oranges can look great. Have fun with it!

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Everyone should be able to make their home feel like it’s a representation of those living in it! Yet, occasionally there are restrictions that don’t really allow you to make permanent or even semi-permanent adjustments to your home. For those living in apartments, condos, townhomes, duplexes, etc. - these last 3 kitchen design tips are rental property friendly!

Kitchen Design Essentials Light Blue Colorful Kitchen Appliances and Wood Countertops

Via Freshome

Kitchen Design Essentials 4

You can always liven up your kitchen with colorful appliances. It’s best to start with smaller pieces that can be easily replaced like a toaster, blender, or coffee maker. They don’t all have to be the exact same color. Feel free to mix and match with 2-3 shades. Don’t forget that you can always upgrade to larger appliances, such as a stove or refrigerator once you're comfortable with the idea.

Kitchen Design Essentials Seafoam Green Fridge in White Kitchen

Via Interiors by Studio M

I have always been a sucker for a mint and red color combination, especially in a kitchen. It’s so retro, I love it. This kitchen here is just amazing. The retro fridge in that perfect, glistening shade of mint, paired with that red and black striped area rug. I can’t get over how wonderful this is. Seriously. Retro, colorful appliances are definitely one of my favorite kitchen essentials. Sign me up!

Kitchen Design Essentials Light Kitchen with Decorative Display Plates with Number

​Via decor pad

Kitchen Design Essentials 5

Decorative plates are a creative way to add an artistic touch to the kitchen. There are so many ornamental pieces to choose from today. You can make a plate display above cabinets or even on a bare wall. Florals, abstract designs, geometric prints, and pictorials tend to pack the biggest punch.

Kitchen Design Essentials Colorful Decorative Multi-sized Plates Displayed on White Wall

Via Dwell

I love the look of colorful plates displayed on a wall like this. It’s simple, yet eclectic. For some reason, I think of Alice in Wonderland tea parties when I see these types of displays. Plates are pretty easy to mount onto walls, and there are even racks you can buy to place your plates on if it makes you more comfortable.

Kitchen Design Essentials White Kitchen with Blue Dishes and Floral Decor on Open Display Shelving

Via the Inspired room

Kitchen Design Essentials 6

Utilize open shelving by showing off patterned and colorful wares. Maybe you collect souvenir mugs, have a great selection of metal cookware, or an impressive assortment of spices. It’s a stylish way to show off your favorite functional pieces.

Kitchen Design Essentials Functional Copper Pot Display in French Rustic White Kitchen with Island

Via Homedit

One beautiful way to upgrade your kitchen is to design kitchen decor that’s not only pretty, but is also functional, such as hanging your pots and pans from the ceiling like in this kitchen here. The dishes then become part of your decor, and you never have to worry about trying to find that one pot that always escapes when you need it. They’re all right there in a nice, tidy area. Plus, this type of decor makes your kitchen look very lived in and comfortable!

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**Featured image (L to R): Cococozy and House Beautiful