Who knew that knitted food could look so cute AND delicious? These knit foods are made by textile artist and model maker Jessica Dance. 

Hello, everyone! I hope you all have been well, eating lots of good foods, celebrating holidays with the family, and enjoying the New Year. I have a special treat for you guys today. You all know that I love crafted items, especially textile handcrafts, and of course I love food. So when I come across anything that combines these two categories, you know I have to write about it. And, when it’s a combination, like this awesome knitted food, then I definitely have to share it with all of you. Today, let’s venture into the world of knitted wool meals made by Jessica Dance.

Knitted Food Knit Beans and Toast with Coffee Ketchup Knife and Fork

To give a little background on this, Jessica Dance is a knitter and food stylist who created these knitting projects for various food spreads in different magazines. How awesome is that? I love the variety of foods she has in these meals, from breakfast to dinner and even snacks and appetizers. I love the detail on this one because of the beans. I crochet these tiny little octopi and snowmen that are less than 3 inches tall, but I have never made anything as small as beans! These had to take so long to make, and I kind of love that there are so many of them.

Knitted Food Knit Breakfast Plate with Eggs Meat and Mushrooms with Coffee

This breakfast plate looks good enough to eat! I love the mushroom, it just looks so real. And the marbling of the fat on the bacon? I applaud Jessica for her attention to detail on the food, even down to the mug of coffee and the toast, because it’s all knitted. It so doesn’t look like it is, but that is all definitely knit food!

Knitted Food Knit Cheeseburger and Fries Ketchup Mustard Salt and Pepper

I thought the burger itself was awesome because of the many layers that are within it, but I gotta hand it to the fries on this one. There are so many, and they’re really well made. All they need is a little container of ketchup to dip them in and they’re almost perfect enough to eat. Except that they are inedible knitted fast food and really shouldn’t be eaten at all. But, aren’t they incredible? The detailing on the pickles, the container the fries are in... I’m just awestruck by Jessica’s creativity and detailed work on all of these woolen foods.

Knitted Food Knit Dinner Plate with Sausage Peas and Potatoes Ketchup Mustard Salt and Pepper

This knitted meal reminds me of dinners we used to have a lot when I was little. Fresh made sausage from the farm, mashed potatoes, and peas fresh from the garden. Oh, I miss that a lot. One day I will have a garden big enough to grow everything I need, but until then I can look at cute knitted meals like this that remind me of my childhood. Also, can I note that the plate and silverware are also knitted? I find that to be completely awesome and a detail that I’m glad was added into these knitted meals.

Knitted Food Knit Cheese Spread Grapes Blue Cheese Cheddar Swiss

I did a double take when I saw this one. This cheese spread does not look like it’s knitted. I really thought this was an inspiration image for a set of knit cheeses, not the actual display of knitted cheeses! And the added grapes are too cute. You gotta have grapes with cheese, right? Maybe also a few glasses of white, or a plate of cold cuts of various kinds. I would love to see more of this one or more added to it, because this one is hands down one of the best cheese spreads I have ever seen.

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Knitted Food Knit Chocolate Bar Wrapper Squares Art Artwork Knitting

I can’t get over how cute this chocolate bar is. I love that it has a wrapper on it as well. I wonder if the wrapper actually slides off to reveal the entire chocolate bar. That would be absolutely awesome, and I would totally buy something like that to keep around. I don’t need it, or course, but how cool would it be to have a knitted wool chocolate bar hanging around your desk, or in your kitchen or bedroom? I would probably set it on my dresser with all of my stuffed animals. Hey, they gotta eat too, right?

Knitted Food Knit Donut with Frosting Strawberry Icing Artwork

I saved my favorite for last. I mean, come on, this is a donut that is knitted, and it has a cute bit of pink frosting. I would love to have like a whole box of these sitting out in an office because I think it would be both hilarious and just fun. Because what office doesn’t have a box of donuts sitting in it? Maybe this will remind people that they need to pitch in and help bring enough donuts for everyone in the office!

What do you guys think about these knitted foods? They’re pretty incredible, inedible works of art. Which one is your favorite? Would you ever make or buy something like this? Let me know in the comments below, and share this post with your knitting or food loving buddies!

**All images c/o Jessica Dance