These tiny artwork drawings are so realistic it’s hard to decide whether they’re photographs or hand drawn! 

It’s when I come across art like this that it makes me really wish I had the talent to draw! An art student at University in Switzerland named Johanna (@jackdevilart) is the artist of tiny drawings that look so real it gives us chills. The crazy thing is that these monochromatic characters are all smaller than the pen she uses to create them. Let’s take a look!

Artwork Drawings Small Art Tiny Audrey Hepburn Dancing Dance Draw Creativity Pen to Paper Black and White Johanna jackdevilart

The details included in Johanna’s drawings are achieved with the help of fine-tipped pens and sharpened pencils. How does she do it? I don’t know, but I’m more than impressed!

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Artwork Drawings Cool Guy with Sunglasses by Johanna jackdevilart Monochromatic Hyperrealistic Drawings
Artwork Drawings Old Fashioned Lady Woman Striped Dress Proper 50s Leave It To Beaver Housewife Fashion Inspiration Johanna jackdevilart

Johanna draws everything from animals to insects to human portraits. No matter what she chooses to draw, her bold silhouettes are always eye-catching and oh-so realistic! Without her tools of trade next to her drawings, no one would ever guess just how small these amazing drawings really are!

Artwork Drawings Hairstyles Art Creative Updo Braid Girl Woman Pen Ink Small Pictures Real Life Realistic Details Johanna jackdevilart

I don’t know how she does it, but the details look so real-life I can barely handle it. Her talent is not something that should go unnoticed! You go, Johanna! Hmm...wonder what she’ll come up with next... Let me know what you thought of this hyperrealistic artwork by commenting and sharing below!

**All images are c/o @jackdevilart. Thanks to Sara Barnes at My Modern Met for bringing Johanna and her artwork to my attention!