You might not feel like cutting a rug, but by the end of this blog post you’ll want to start layering rugs! 

Hello! HOW DID JUNE ALREADY HAPPEN? My life is filled with list after list after list—many of which have to do with what the kids call “adulting.” That’s right, peeps. I’m what Dr. Seuss would call an outdated child and that’s got me wishing for a timeout or nap or something! I recently graduated and moved, and now I'm spending my time thinking up all of the things I want to do to the interior of my new place (when I’m not working, of course!). Let me just say, it IS going to be awesome.

I’m not scratching all of my furniture and doing the whole blank slate situation because I tend to only buy furniture and accents I like enough to keep around for a while. But, there are a few things I’ve invested in that I really like, but have grown tired of with my current decor. One item being this fabulous sheepskin rug I have. Yes, I said fabulous! Just because I’m bored with it doesn’t mean I don’t still love it, because I definitely do! It really stole the show in my old room and everyone crushed on it every time they came over. Sheepy just needs a new place to lie down! I got to thinking of where I should put it in my new place and by thinking I do mean Googling/Pinteresting. Then it hit me like a ton of colorful rugs—I’m gonna layer it!

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If you know me at all, you probably know that I like to rearrange furniture and swap out decor accents frequently because it starts looking “blah” to me after a while. Layering rugs is a refreshing way to repurpose what I already have...which I love! To get a better visual of what I’m going for, take a look at this nursery below and pretend that it’s, well, not a nursery. Just look at the floor! Adding a larger area rug beneath my sheepskin will add just the right amount of texture to my new living room.

Layering Rugs Sheepskin Overlapping Area Rug Living Room Carpet Nursery Chandelier Modern Chic Home Decor Interior Design

Via Refinery29

Once I saw that, I went on a bit of a tangent and started looking at other ways to layer rugs and what layering can do for the inside of a home. Long story short: it does a lot! Since I’m going to put it in my living room, I’m going to take full advantage of pattern play and texturization. Take a look at the way the sheepskin below slides right under the coffee table, on top of that cool jute area rug! I see patterns, I see texture, I see my future living area. Bonus points because had I not seen this layering trend before I probably wouldn’t have been able to use my rug since it would be too small. The larger one really gives me an opportunity to have my rug and use it too!

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Layering Rugs Jute Area Rug Big and Little Living Room Gray Couch Blue and White Vase Wood Coffee Table Accents Home Decor

Via The Fox & She

Sheepskin Only is not a rule that applies here. This concept works for just about any style, size, or color rug you might have. There’s enough layering to go around! In fact, one of my favorite ways to do so is by coloring inside the lines...or edge of the larger carpet. 

Layering Rugs Tassels Black and White Area Rug Blue Colorful Carpet Light Hardwood Floor Squares Navy Rocker Rocking Chair Eames Home Decor Modern

Via Hellolidy

Lots to love in this inspo-filled pic! For starters, the hot pink table legs bring out the tiny specks of the same hue in the carpet. But further than that, the blue rug really stands out and ties the navy rocker in with the rest of the room. This is the perfect duo to mix and match—especially because both have areas on them that are light and dark.

Layering Rugs Hyde Layered Rug Living Room Home Tour Interior Design Decor Accents Carpeting Flooring Options

Via MyDomaine

On another note, if you have any cowhides laying around, now is the time to seek them out. I’ll tell you why: they are thin and therefore easy to slap on top of some other kind of floor covering. Hides have no linear shape which is another benefit to layering cowhide rugs...I think it would be really cool to customize this look using a feminine Moroccan patterned area rug, either in a blue, turquoise, or pink color, and layering a hide on top. As I search for the shag and hide I’m in the market for, a mix of the pic above and the one below are what I’m looking to make happen! Imagine the odd-shaped cover layered across the light blue rectangular throw. I’m talking the best of both worlds over here! Don’t worry, I’m going to make that combo happen in my life and I’ll share pics when I do!

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Layering Rugs Plush Blue Dyed Sheepskin Rug Moroccan Patterned Rectangular Carpet Hyde Animals Texture Interior Design Home Decor

Via Apartment Therapy

The chances that you already have some rug-type-thing in your home are pretty high. This approach is an easy way to upcycle the look you already have in a way that will splash some fun on your floors! If you’re anything like me, incorporating new trends in your house is a hobby—especially if that means using what you already have in a new way!

Step on it! Layering rugs is a trend you don’t want to pass up!

Posted by FurnishMyWay, LLC on Monday, June 20, 2016

Just like a cake, a rug is better when it’s layered! What do you guys think about this rug on rug decorating? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments! Wish me luck on my Moroccan rug search...let the hunt begin!

**Featured image via HGTV