Lego photography, or Legography, is the art of using Lego minifigs as your photographic subjects. Photographers all around the globe are joining the trend. 

The world of photography is constantly growing. Companies are always coming up with ways to improve camera technology. Between GoPros, the resurgence of the Polaroid, and now, quality cameras in cell phones, anyone can fancy themselves a photographer.

Everyone may have the capability to take photos; however, it still takes a certain skill to take a good photograph. Insert the latest trend for amateur and professional photographers alike: Lego photography (or Legography)! I fell in love with Legography after seeing it for the very first time. There’s just something fantastic about seeing Lego minifigures interacting with everyday objects.

French photographer Sofiane Samlal (also known as Samsofy) took the featured photo (titled “Arséne”) and the following three.

Lego Photography Legography Samsofy Construction Crack Concrete Jackhammer Hard Hat Nikita Sofiane Samlal

Image c/o Samsofy

Samsofy began his career photographing extreme sports in urban areas. After the birth of his son, Samsofy quit working to care for the baby. However, like any good artist, Samsofy couldn’t stay away for long. During his son’s nap time, he would create little Lego universes and photograph them. Now, it’s grown into his full time job! How cool is that?!

The above photo, titled “Nikita,” shows a Lego minifig in construction gear. Clearly she didn’t actually make the crack in the cement, but giving her a jackhammer and pairing her with the crack certainly makes it look like she did! Taking an everyday object, like a crack in the ground, and making it art with the simple addition of a Lego figure just blows my mind.

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Lego Photography Legography Samsofy Magneto Xmen Mutants Wolverine Coffee Spoon Marvel Comic Magneto 2 Sofiane Samlal

Image c/o Samsofy

On his website, Samsofy says he likes “the customizable option that lego offers and the infinite possibilities it allows.” I can’t really blame him there! There aren’t many other photographic media that can prove to be this humorous! After all, in what other context would you see Wolverine wrapped in a spoon, suspended over a cup of coffee by Magneto? You wouldn’t! Not unless Ant Man managed to turn everyone tiny like him!

But really, can you imagine Michael Fassbender standing on a pile of crackers?! Too funny!

Lego Photography Legography Samsofy Superman Street Grate DC Clark Kent Sofiane Samlal Man Of Steel

Image c/o Samsofy

The Man of Steel! Or is he now the Man of Plastic? Regardless, he’s a strong little fella! This photo, titled “Clark,” is so simple it’s almost comical. But that’s what makes it amazing. Samsofy has taken the simplest of objects and given them a whole new life through his photographs. His creativity seems to know no bounds. For more of his Legography, head to Samsofy’s website. You won’t be disappointed.

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Andrew Whyte is the next featured photographer. The next four photos come from his series entitled “the Legographer.” Starting in August 2012, “the Legographer” was a 365-day project. Every day for an entire year, Whyte took a photo with his Lego minifig. Nowadays, Whyte still carries his Lego minifigure in his pocket at all times so that he can snap a picture whenever the moment is right. Just maybe not every single day.

Aside from the fact that Whyte portrays his minifig as a photographer, my favorite aspect of this series is that every photo is taken on his smartphone. Every image is taken, processed, and shared right from Whyte’s phone! How cool is that?!

Lego Photography Legography Photographer Andrew Whyte Beach Rain Wet Water Pebbles Camera Legographer Against the Elements

Image c/o Andrew Whyte

This first photo is titled “Against the elements.” A good photographer is always prepared, regardless of stature! And like any good photographer, this little Legographer has his poncho ready for a rainy day at the beach!

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Lego Photography Legography Photographer Andrew Whyte Crab Sand Beach Run Danger Camera Legographer Risk Assessment

Image c/o Andrew Whyte

As with any occupation, there are some risks. Sometimes the subjects don’t want to be photographed! In this shot, titled “Risk Assessment,” Whyte depicts the lego photographer running away from a cranky crab! This is also one of the few shots where you get to see the minfig’s face.

Lego Photography Legography Photographer Andrew Whyte Climb Fence Train Metal Rust Danger Camera Legographer Vantage Point

Image c/o Andrew Whyte

This little lego cameraman goes to extreme measures to get his shot! This shot is aptly named “Vantage Point.” Just like the little guy, Whyte has also gone to extreme measures for his work. He’s laid on the ground (with people gawking at him in the streets) to get the right angle and even missed appointments to capture the sunset at just the right moment! Whyte is one dedicated photographer.

Lego Photography Legography Photographer Banana Fall Slip Andrew Whyte Camera Legographer Yell Ow

Image c/o Andrew Whyte

"Yell Ow!” is the title of this last photo… and appropriately so! I can only imagine trying to photograph that camera lego flying! If you want to follow more of Andrew Whyte and his little Legographer’s journey, check out their Facebook page.

Lego Photography Legography Star Wars Stormtroopers Mouse Battery Computer Batteries Stormtrooper Apple Galactic Empire

Via BuzzFeed

I couldn’t find the photographer of this last photo, but goodness is it funny! Those little Lego Stormtroopers are taking apart that poor mouse!

Like I said before, I love seeing these tiny little guys interacting with real-world objects. The creativity of it all is just astounding. If you’re interested in trying your hand at Lego photography, take a look at this helpful article on how to photograph a Lego.

Now that you’ve seen the glory of Legography, what do you think? Will you start taking a Lego minifigure on all your adventures? If you do (or have), please share! I’d love to see your Legography. Don’t forget to comment and share!

**Featured image c/o Samsofy