Whoever thought of repurposing industrial-looking cinder blocks to create unique designs was brilliant! Check out these quick and easy DIY pieces for your home! 

In my own little world of Bethany, I get a thrill when people take objects and repurpose them (use them for something other than what they were initially intended). A good example is the first thing I see when I walk into my grandparent’s eclectic home. My south Texan grandpa loves hunting, so the antler rack on his wall acts as a station for holding his cowboy hats. It’s charming to me.

I’ve been doing some research and I believe that the use of cinder blocks has been widely undervalued. Cinder blocks can easily be repurposed for so much more than they were originally intended for! These concrete bricks have the wheels in my head spinning. I’m thinking about all the things I need in my new house (storage, bookshelves, entertainment center, etc.), which can be easily and affordably created with these hunks of ingenuity. I’m seriously so excited about the possibilities! From shelving units to backyard parties, prepare to have your creativity sparked by these cinder block projects!

The Cinder Block Shelf

When I was little, my family lived in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Beneath our historic home was a very large half-finished basement. My mom created a playroom for me and my 6 siblings. We had hammocks, air hockey, and a bunch of our toys on a cinder block shelving unit my mom had created. This is the only time I’ve ever seen one of these in a home. Anyway, it was the perfect space to organize our toys and worked wonders for many years; it even ended up in my teenage bedroom, where me and my sister used it to display our “really coolknickknacks.

Here are some pictures of how adults have used these handy planter blocks to create some really eye-catching cement block shelves in their homes!

Cinder Blocks Bookshelf Furniture with Finished Wood Books Abstract Art Dining Room Table

Via CCS Architecture

Isn’t this a great idea? You can design it to be any height and depth. It fits perfectly on the wall of this office. I love the way they left room to have a divided shelf at the end of each board. Adding a wood stain is a great way to create warmth and a finished-look to these cement block planters.

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Cinder Blocks Shelf with Decor Items Artwork Wallpaper White Walls Wood Floors

Via Remodelista

I love the accent colors in these block planters. I think this is a really cute idea for a shelf or even a bench in a mudroom or entryway. Painting them all the same color is a good way to make everything look uniform. This is an easy and fun way to add accent colors into a space with leftover paint! I love how the paint brightens up these concrete block planters. This is definitely one of those DIY concrete projects I would add into my own home!

Cinder Blocks Shelf behind Couch in Living Room with Wood Floors Mark Twain Painting

Via desire to inspire

I’m totally caught up in the design of this shelf! I’m definitely all about it! The thick dark pieces of wood make it look rustic and sturdy. I love the variety in materials as the wood is mixed with the concrete cinder blocks. I also prefer dark wood to lighter, so this shelf has my full approval. Perfect addition to this masculine living room!

Cinder Blocks Layers of Cinder Block Shelves with Knickknacks Pottery Artwork

Via Organic Authority

I hope you’re loving this eclectic design as much as I am. I mean, what better way to display your cassette tapes? This is a fun piece of furniture and feels so incredibly artful. I love that the designer left the bricks untouched and added so many layers. This would be perfect in a kitchen as well, a great option to display some shabby chic dishes and decorations. This is by far my favorite of the cinder block shelf ideas I have, mainly because of the many layers! I love the creativity here, who knew a shelf could be so fun?! This concrete DIY is definitely one to try out!

Cinder Blocks Shelf with Black Jars Pillows Wood Floors White Walls

Via LidenSkapelse

This slated cinder block shelf adds a very minimalistic element to this living room. Though I personally prefer darker wood, this is for all of you who enjoy lighter colors and fresh designs. Isn’t this shelf perfect for a living room? I’m thinking it belongs in a bright beach house right off the shore. Place it against a wall or as a creative coffee table and you have a unique and useful piece of furniture.

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Cinder Blocks for our Entertainment

Cinder Blocks Entertainment Center with Colorful Books Plant Decor

Via New Zealand Design Blog

The beautiful bright and fun colors really stand out to me in this handy entertainment center! And I love how this cinder block bookshelf looks like a real shelf. The addition of a bottom board is a great idea for creating more of a unit look. Remove the baby head candle (which is just a little too funky for my taste) and I’m all about its decor and usefulness!

Cinder Blocks Shelf with Photo Boxes and Succulents Guitar and Hardwood Floors

Via Homedit

As a singer/songwriter/guitar-picker, I like this because of the instruments. Honestly, I think it would be a great addition to a music corner or room. Fill the shelves with music theory books, old records, and sheet music and this would be a lovely cinder block bookcase for any musician on a budget! And, if you start running out of space, you can easily keep adding shelves! Neat, huh?

Cinder Blocks Shelf Entertainment Records and Electronics Wall Art Turntable

Via FlatFair

I love this crafty way to display records and electronics. Perfect for entertaining, I think this cinder block shelf does its job! This shelf provides a home for records, which isn’t easy (you record owners know this!). Records are so large it can be hard to store them on a shelf that isn’t deep enough. I am still into the textures and designs concerning the wood and concrete mix, everything blends well!

Cinder Blocks in the Bedroom

Cinder Blocks Bedframe Tiled Floors Native Textiles Patchwork Flooring

Via Homedit

I love the little glimpse we get of this minimal bedroom. I feel like you would stumble across this traveling through South America. The raised bed with cinder blocks is so simple I just can’t get over its design. The use of the wood pallets is also a great repurpose! I am a huge fan of this simple cinder block bed frame! Very green, and really adds to the bohemian look of this bedroom!

Cinder Blocks Bed Lifted on Cinder Block Bedframe Furniture with Brick Wall Design

Via Design Sponge

I have definitely lifted my bed on cinder blocks in the past! It’s an amazing fix for a small room that needs more storage. I used cinder blocks and bed risers under my last bed. (I had to do a little hop to get onto it!) I had a queen size bed in an 8x11 room. It was such a tiny space that I had to be able to store plastic crates under my bed just to have a place to put my stuff! Anyway, though this isn’t that tall, it reminded me of my experience. Love the creative shoe holders; especially if you lose your shoes under the bed anyway!

Cinder Blocks Painted Bed Frame Minimalist Bedroom with White Bedding

Via Designtripper

This is another great idea if you don’t have any bedroom furniture but don’t want to place your mattress directly on the floor. I think this is a great fix for the just-starting-out newlywed couple or a college student with roommates! The one thing I would recommend would be to make the cinder blocks even with the mattress; not to stick out like these do. If they stick out, I think it’s safe to say it’s a stubbed toe or busted shin waiting to happen!

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Cinder Blocks Bed Raiser with Feminine Bedding Purple Flowers Wall Art

Via Design Sponge

I love this mix of industrial cinder blocks with feminine bedding. There's something about its juxtaposition that I enjoy. I get a very hipster vibe from this room and I love it! I love the decorations; they are minimal and different, yet they mix perfectly and make the space look rich. I think the creative use of cinder blocks to raise the bed is the perfect fit for this space!

Cinder Blocks Bedside Table with Books and Plants White Bedding Black and White Rug Hardwood Flooring

Via Dwell

Perfect for a studio apartment or white-washed room, I love this idea! Starting off, so many young adults haven’t collected the furniture they will eventually obtain, and I think this creative design is the perfect solution until they do! Plus, you can make this as tall or short as you need, and I love versatile decor like that! And that spotlight utility lamp? Perfect for the industrial look!

Cinder Block Outdoor Furniture

Cinder Blocks Raised Table on Porch Trees Patio Furniture DIY

Via The Horticult

I love having an entertainment space in my yard. It has been important to me to create a relaxing space since I’ve been out on my own because I love to entertain and create an environment that is fun for my friends and family to be in! This DIY concrete block porch adds a creative design that will definitely seat a bunch of friends and be the center of good conversation. I can picture sitting outside, playing guitar, having dinner, or conversing over a drink with friends on this unique porch!

Cinder blocks are the affordable furniture solution you may not have considered!

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Cinder Blocks Bar with Pallets Wine Glasses Potted Plant Lantern Outdoor Furniture DIY


I love this idea (I love all of these: hence the overuse of the world love!)! This bar could easily be created with cinder blocks (the kind with the hollow space inside) or concrete bricks/stepping stones as seen here. Either way, this would be the perfect bar to set a bucket with iced drinks on for a warm summer afternoon. Folks, this is a creative and affordable piece of furniture for your back porch!

Cinder Blocks Outdoor Cushioned Bench Plants Patio Furniture DIY

Via The Garden Glove

This is an indestructible DIY outdoor bench for your front or back porch. Once you add cushions, you won’t even know you’re sitting on concrete! This is a perfect fit for a busy family with growing kiddos. But be warned, you probably won’t want to move it once you build it (at least for a long time), so if you’re like me and constantly move around your furniture, pick a solid spot for this one!

Cinder Blocks Outdoor Bench with Padding DIY Backyard Furniture

Via Lena Sekine

Okay, last idea for the day! This cinder block bench is definitely my favorite! It seems to be a little easier to move around and probably more affordable (less bricks!). I found this short tutorial on YouTube for a similar bench. If you’re interested, watch how to make it here.

Via Garden Time TV

I hope you're excited about all the new ideas you've gained on how to repurpose cinder blocks! I know I am! I'm thinking I will definitely be making a dark stained wood shelf and an outdoor bench for my home in the near future. Have you ever used cinder blocks for furniture design in your home? If not, do you have any ideas for what you would like to do?

As always, share this with all your design-loving buddies. I think it's sure to be a problem solver for those looking for the right piece for their home. Thanks for stopping by!

**Featured image via Remodelista and New Zealand Design Blog