We’re rounding up and narrowing down our top 4 fun summer drink recipes. Give these a try this summer, we promise you won't regret it!

Alright, alright, alright, it’s officially summertime here in the South and with sweltering temps comes swelling hair. I can’t fully explain to you what this 94 degrees and 100% humidity is doing to me, but my haircut (chop) that was once really cute has grown in circumference by at least double. Maybe triple!

Anyway, now that I’ve complained a little, I’ll get on with it. Let’s get down to business—this post is not about me, it’s about you and your summer entertaining! What is the one thing everyone looks forward to when attending a party? Food and drinks! Sure, everyone really wants to be social after a long work week (!!!), but the thing that really gets them to RSVP is the excitement over not having to cook on a Friday night or argue with friends/fam about where to go to dinner, i.e., where to sip on that happy hour cocktail. The solution to your invitees’ problems becomes your house. Of course, this isn't a problem for you because you LOVE to entertain...just go with it.

To make the planning process go much smoother, I am here to make your (the host or hostess) problems mine. Someone’s gotta do the leg work for this thing, right? I am going to give you four easy cocktail recipes that are sure to be loved by all.

#1: Live it, love it, G&T it!

Fun Summer Drink Recipes Gin and Tonic G&T Lime Cucumber Refreshing Beverage

Via Drizzle & Dip

Ice, gin, tonic, lime, and if you’re feeling adventurous: a cucumber. There isn’t a better drink to drink. It’s not just the #1 most delicious drink recipe on here because it’s my favorite. I’m not biased!! If you’re a real G&T aficionado then you’ll know all about this bad boy, if not, ask your grandpa. He’s probably thrown one back a time or two. Bottom line is they are refreshing and delectable all at once (aka the advantage). The disadvantage is that they are best served in individual glasses. Check out this recipe for the best ever gin and tonic!

#2: Summer Ale Never Fails

Fun Summer Drink Recipes Summer Beer Ale Limeade Lemonade Vodka Cocktail Punch

Via Louisville StyleBlueprint

Do you like beer? Do you like vodka? Do you like limeade? If you mentally answered yes, no, or maybe to these questions, this libation will tingle your taste buds! The vodka will be masked well so don’t worry about it tasting too strong if you use cheaper vodka. It comes off a little sweet (due to the limeade) so it won’t hurt the taste if you add a little more beer/vodka. Watch out for this one because it’s known to be very strong! These party drinks are yours for the taking... or should I say, drinking!? Find the recipe here.

#3: Let's Get Ready to RUMble

Fun Summer Drink Recipes Pineapple Mint Punch Garnish Cocktail Beverage

Via Love Food Eat

Typically I’m not much of a rum type of gal, but this Pineapple Mint Punch is delicious! It entails more than just mixing things together, but when everything is said and done, it’s worth it! (Plus, it looks pretty!!) Simple syrup (homemade), fresh pineapple, mint, club soda, a couple limes, and, of course, the rum, make up this sweet concoction. This can be easily filed away under awesome party cocktail recipes, as it can be prepared in large batches!

#4: Mule Monday...

Fun Summer Drink Recipes Blackberry Moscow Mule Recipe Copper Mug Fruit Ginger Beer

Via Cake n Knife

...And Tuesday through Sunday. You get the pitcher (haha?). The classic Mule is one of my favorite dranks to drank and not just because of that fantastic copper mug. Side note: in case you didn’t know this about me I really like copper... so much so that I wrote a blog post on that too. Ya know, when in doubt, blog it out. Or something. Now, back to what this post is really about. If you’re not afraid of ginger, vodka, or perfection, then the Blackberry Moscow Mule is a spin-off from a classic cocktail recipe that you’ve got to try. It’s a little different than a regular Moscow Mule. Why, you ask? The trick to this guy is the addition of muddled blackberries. Y U M. Put that fruity spin on this ginger delight and call it a day!

Stay cool this #summer w/ the best #drink #recipes around! Don’t worry, we’ve made you a #list!

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Cocktails, mocktails, libations—the list of drinks goes on and on. So much so that it’s hard to keep up with them all. Let’s not forget to drink water and stay hydrated because between the sun and the Summer Beer things tend to pass out. I’m kidding. Everything in moderation, folks!

When y’all try these I’m requesting feedback! I want to know the ins and outs, the ups and downs of which one of these festive cocktails was your favorite or if you already know which is your fave (because you’ve already had one of them), I want to hear about that too! If you loved them all, perhaps a cocktail menu should be set in place for your up and coming soiree! Let me know your thoughts by sharing and commenting below.

**I know I said top 4 fun summer drink recipes, but I couldn't help but include the Strawberry Gin Smash from The Kitchn featured at the top too! Here are the links to all the cocktail recipes just in case you missed them: Gin and Tonic, Summer Beer, Pineapple Mint Punch, and Blackberry Moscow Mule.