Fairy tales aren’t just for the books these days. Use this unique fairytale home decor to bring your home to a whole new, fun dimension. 

Growing up, I always had a huge imagination. I would get all my stuffed animals together and pretend that I was a queen and needed my animal friends to help me collect rare gems that would keep my kingdom safe. Sometimes, I would pretend that I could fly and I always dreamed about flying in the sky and touching the clouds. Flash-forward many years later and I’m still dreaming and I still have a noggin overflowing with imagination.

Recently, I happened to come across an amazingly fun project, DIY cloud lanterns, by Michelle Phan. It set my mind racing with tons and tons of ideas for creative and unique fairytale-esque home decor ideas. It’s safe to say friends, that I’ve been inspired! Today’s post will be all about whimsical home decor ideas that will make you feel like you're living in a fairy tale. Just to clarify, this post isn’t only for the kiddos, it’s totally for adults, too!

Castle in the Clouds

Fairytale Home Decor Cloud Lamp DIY Cotton Balls String Lights Bedroom Night Light

Via Rebloggy

I absolutely adore this DIY cloud lamp idea. My whimsical side would love to put this hanging lamp in a kid’s room or nursery. Who am I kidding? I would seriously love to put this in my own bedroom! I mean, come on, how rockin’ is this fairytale bedroom idea?

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Fairytale Home Decor DIY Cloud Lamp Cotton Balls String Lights


As hard as this project may look, it is, in all actuality, seriously easy. Try it for yourself and you can make your fairytale bedroom (or living room, or dining room, or secret princess cave) feel extra enchanting. Also, for all you glitter lovers out there, throw a little white glitter on this and at night when these lamps are lit-up, they will look extra fun and sparkly! Check out this quick video from nousDECOR.com and you'll see how easy this project really is! If you want another great cloud lamp tutorial, check out this one here!

Fairy Doors for Our Fluttering Friends

Fairytale Home Decor Fairy Door DIY Wood Chair Hardwood Floors

Via Kate's Creative Space

Fairies totally exist, right? Joking, but I remember growing up always wishing I was a fairy. I was kind of obsessed. I had the fairy wings and everything—plus, being a fairy for Halloween was always my go-to costume. I think this DIY fairy door project is absolutely adorable and perfect for the quaint at heart and all the Tinkerbell lovers!

Fairytale Home Decor Fairy Door DIY Supplies

Via Kate's Creative Space

Seriously, guys, I have all the easy DIY hook-ups for you today because this fairy door project isn’t hard to do either! If you go to your local craft store, you can look for doll house supplies and whip up your fairy door as easy as pie. Now that we know how to make fairy doors, the next thing we need to figure out is how to turn into a fairy. Just kidding, but seriously, how cool would it be if we could turn into fairies?!

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A Bed Canopy fit For a Queen

Fairytale Home Decor Princess Canopy Christmas Lights Fabric Draping Bedroom

Via Brit + Co

I know the photo above seems like it’s a bed canopy for a little girl because well… this bedroom is a little girl’s. But I promise you that bed canopies absolutely work in adult bedrooms, too. Bed canopies make me drool (not literally) over how pretty and ethereal they look. Add some Christmas lights and presto, you have the most enchanting, twinkling bed ever. There’s just something about Christmas lights that looks so whimsical and so fitting for fairytale decorations.

Side note: one time I baby sat a little girl and when I put her down for bed I saw that she had a bed canopy with flowers glued to it. It was the most precious thing in the world. I was slightly jealous because I kind of wished I had had a bed canopy like that when I was little. Not that that’s weird or anything… a college student being jealous of a pre-schooler.

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Fairytale Home Decor Bed Canopy Hang Out Area Floor Fur Throw Pillow Cozy

Via Handmaid Tales

Here’s another great example of how you can use fairytale decor, like a bed canopy, to decorate your home. I think this would make a pretty sweet hangout for those late nights that you can’t seem to go to bed. Imagine reading a book in that cozy little corner. How cute would that be? This would be perfect for any fairytale interior design.

Stained Glass in the Enchanted Castle

Fairytale Home Decor Stained Glass Magical Fairy Cave Indoor Plants

Via Bored Panda

Does anybody else remember watching Beauty and the Beast and seeing all the pretty stained glass windows? I sure do! Stained glass is so pretty. Whenever I think about it, I think of churches or old castles.

Fairytale Home Decor Rainbow Stained Glass Door Stairway

Via BuzzFeed

I have a growing preference for contemporary, eclectic decor. As much as I like things to be orderly, my artsy side tends to always come out in my home decor. What I’m trying to say is that this rainbow stained glass door is so me. It feels like something that is slightly more modern, but at the same time, you can totally envision it inside of some kind of castle. I think it’s pretty cool. Did I mention how much I love the colors stained glass projects when sunlight shines through?

A Chest Ferrr Yeerr Booty

Lastly, how could I talk about fairytale decor without mentioning something about pirates? I think, when it comes to fairy tales, there usually is some maiden to be won or some treasure to be found. Let’s not forget that there is always a happily ever after too! Anyway, going back to treasures, with every treasure, there is always a chest! Chests are a great way to add style and organization to your fairy tale home.

Fairytale Home Decor Furniture Chest Rustic Wood Pillows

Via Decoholic

I think this is an awesome up-to-date version of a treasure chest. It’s fun and rustic. I could totally see something like this in my own home. I kind of wish this whole chest and pillow set up was in my bedroom currently. It totally matches my decor!

Well, (whoop) there it is. Those are all the fairy tale inspired decor ideas that I could come up with. Seriously though, who wouldn’t love waking up to a home that felt like a fairy tale? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like an enchanted king or queen one day with all this fun fairytale home decor? I think so. I hope you do too! 

Thanks for reading! Let me know your thoughts about these home decor ideas in the comments below. And, if you have more fairytale home decor ideas, let me know as well. Don’t forget to share this post with a friend! Until next time, friends!

**Featured image via Decoist